Sunday, September 26, 2010

Laura...The Blogger?

A few years back, I would have never even considered starting a blog. Firstly, I don't consider myself all that interesting. What in the world would I write about? My dad always talked about cool blogs with a purpose or a specific topic...I was just your average girl in school living a pretty average life. Secondly, (but perhaps more importantly) I have always HATED writing. Seriously, I procrastinated and avoided any writing assignments in school. I still sort of dread the writing of specs I'm assigned to do at work. I really have no idea how in the world I got up enough motivation to complete my master's thesis. Seriously...I have to look at it sometimes to prove to myself that I actually wrote something that long. So a commitment to writing a blog on a regular basis? Eh...not for me.
Jump to about a year ago, and I'm a super newbie at my first job after grad school. Now, where I work, there is a semi large learning curve in terms of actually getting involved with the daily goings on in the office. Needless to say I had a lot of free time that needed filling. I decided to play around with Google Reader and find interesting/fun blogs to read to pass the time. Someone pointed out that one of my coworkers had a blog, so I checked it out. I loved it! It had weekly features, but was also just about her everyday life. She made it so fun! She had been blogging for a few years and had a routine going. When I asked her why she started blogging, she told me that it was to update people at home about her life...and it turned into a great hobby!
In recent months I've started following a lot of random blogs (including video blogs), enjoying friends blogs, and have been surprised by a slight blogging itch that just seems to get bigger and bigger. I'd scratch the itch with the above main topic, average life, hate writing.
But then I realized...
1) Who cares if I'm not all that interesting...if anything I know my mom would love to read about what I'm doing on a regular basis. I enjoy reading my friends blogs about their adventures, maybe they will enjoy mine! Plus it would be a great way to share experiences besides just pictures.
2) Every example I came up with about why I hate writing were assignments. Thinking back, I have voluntarily picked up a journal or two in my day and while they never stuck for too long, I liked it when I did have that writing outlet. Also, if I recall correctly, I sort of enjoyed my freshman creative writing course (besides the deadlines), I assume because there was a bit more freedom within the assignments. And what got me through my thesis? The topic became interesting to was about work I was doing. I'm hoping this blog will show me that I don't hate writing, give me more confidence in what I write, as well as be a new hobby that my family and friends can enjoy along with me!
So here I am, starting a blog, about me living and laughing through life (with I'm sure a rant or two every once in a while), highlighting trips, activities, and fun that I have along the way.


  1. So excited LF! Will check this often. Detail your feelings on tv and farming ;)

  2. "I'm a young professional living with my mutt Milo in DC. Blogging about my life...and laughing ***along the way!"

    I feel like it should be "laughing along the way" or "laughing all along the way"

  3. I suggest talking about your contributions to the middle child syndrome

  4. You are correct, I would like reading your blog!

  5. Better yet - blog about being a first born, who only spoke in complete sentences from the gitgo, with an occassional "excuse me, excuse me" thrown in and who telegraphed her readiness to fall asleep in the car by signing to herself!! I'm available for background/research work any time (ie, I'll tell you "Laura" stories - but you'll have to let me squeeze your cheeks, and purse my lips and say "Your're sooo cute!!"

  6. I wanted to reply, "First!!!" but I see I'm like 8th!!! instead, booo.