Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Crap #4 (But #1 for the Blog)

I have a slight addiction to a website called Woot! The first step is admitting it, right? It's basically a one deal per day website where I find some fun stuff every once in a while. I’ve made some great purchases on Woot! I have gotten better in recent months about not buying too much silly stuff on that site, but approximately once a month they have what is known as a Woot-Off. You see usually, they only sell one item per day, but during a Woot-Off they sell a ton of items throughout the day for anywhere from one to three days! Its so fun to see what will come up next! But the best part of a Woot-Off? The Random Crap.

Random Crap (also known as the Bag Of Crap, or BOC) is the thing everyone is waiting for during a Woot-Off. It is in such high demand, that the servers usually crash a mere seconds after it goes on sale. Even the picture of the item admits it:

random crap
Photo from Woot! Website
What makes it so popular? The deal is, you pay $3 +$5 shipping = $8 and you get a few random items in a box. You are promised at least 3 items, but in “as is” condition. It's random crap. I love buying the random crap because 1) of course I fall for the demand making it feel like a prize even though I’m paying for it 2) the anticipation of what you are going to get is so fun…its like a game. I see the $8 as entertainment…it really does amuse me…plus it's hard to get them…so it's not all that often.

I have been lucky enough to get 3 BOCs since I started shopping on Woot! Today I got my third one in the mail and I wanted to share what I got. I plan on doing this for every BOC I get, and I will also use these posts to share some other “Random Crap” about small goings on in my life…seems perfectly appropriate.

BOC #3 – Woot-Off Oct 21, 2010

The box was pretty big! Approximately 12’’x12’’x18’’. I believe this is the biggest BOC box I have ever gotten!


Item #1 – Two 2010 “Fact or Crap: Music Edition” Page-a-Day Calendars.


I actually have the “Would You Rather?” edition of this calendar and it wasn’t all that great. I also got 3 more of the “Would You Rather?” calendars in my last BOC…guess they still have a bunch of these haha. Well there are still 2 months left in 2010 right?

Item #2 – Three Interval Lawn Sprinklers


Yea…I don’t have a lawn. Hey Dad…need more sprinklers?

Item #3 – One SNAP! Digital Camera


This item is brand new and sort of cool! I could clip it to Milo’s stuff maybe and always have a cheap camera on me to snap fun pictures? Hmmmm…it would be nice to not worry about my good digital camera hanging out in a bag with all his slobbery/dirty park stuff…skeptical about the picture quality…but that’s the fun of these things…it was only part of $8!

Item #4 – One Mosquito Shield


When I saw this I immediately thought if giving this to my parents because they have way more outdoor space than me. But THEN I remembered how useful this could be during softball season! I think The Maulers will be excited about this item!

Item #5 – Callaway PGA “Team Championship” Baseball Hat


Keeping on the softball theme…I actually don’t have a baseball hat for softball…and the sun on some of those fields is killer. I think this item is also going into the softball stuff.

Item #6 – PGA “Team Championship” One Shoulder Backpack


Every Woot! BOC has something that acts as the “bag.” I guess that is what this backpack is. I’m not a big golf watcher, but I have always kind of wanted a one shoulder backpack…so I’m sort of excited about this!

Overall I think this was a pretty good BOC! I got a few useful items, a few fun less useful items, and some crap! Great fun mix! I think this one was definitely worth the $8.

Laura’s Random Crap

In the spirit of the BOC, here is some “Random Crap” from my life (focus on "random"...not all of it was "crap" in a crappy way):
  • My parents, and sister and her boyfriend came down this past weekend to attend The Rally for Sanity. While the crowd tried to act very sane…the amount of people was “insane.” We really had a wonderful weekend hanging out together! I will most likely write a post about it.
  • I have been trying to toss my good friend Shirin a plug to her blogs in my blog, but I haven’t done it yet because I wanted to discuss it in a relevant way. Since I have failed at finding something relevant to write about so far…here are links to her blogs for now at least! Shirin, I promise to throw you a more relevant plug when I can! Shirin has 2 blogs; Shirin and the Songmeister and Diary of A Messy Kitchen. In the first she discusses her journey to conquer Art Garfunkel’s rather large reading list. In the second she discusses new recipes she has been trying (cooking & baking) in her new kitchen while giving the recipe, her review, and helpful tips for trying it yourself! I can’t wait to try a few of the recipes myself! They are both relatively new blogs so check them out!
  • I have a new roommate for the second time in 4 months. A lot of my October was spent trying to find someone once again. The roommate who moved in over the summer had a family emergency and needed to move home. I was very sad to see him go but I really hope the situation gets better soon. My new roommate seems really nice and I’m excited to get to know him!
  • Also this month my phone took a tumble and the screen was cracked on the sidewalk. It still works and I’m actually sort of getting used to the cracks, but I will be fixing it soon…just have to make a few calls and ask a few more questions.
  • I FINALLY got DC license plates on my car! I’m really excited to finally have gotten that done. It’s a task that has been sitting on the backburner yet nudging me for too long! I think my car looks so weird without the NJ plates…but I’ll get used to it haha…
  • I realized at the end of writing about my Bag of Crap, that the acronym is similar to a VERY common one at work. But I promise I didn’t make up BOC…most Woot! fans call it that as well!
  • One of my very best friends Paul got engaged this past month!!! Congratulations to him and his fiancĂ© Grady! I am soooo excited for you guys and I can’t wait to share your happy day with you next year! 
  • My mutt Milo has been acting less interested in his food lately and I’m a bit concerned. He does eventually eat it but he takes a few minutes to look at it and look at me and wander around before he actually eats. Part of me wonders if this food isn’t making him feel too good (for some reasons I won’t share with everyone). I did switch his food recently but he didn’t react this way right away. I am considering switching back to see if that changes things. I just hope he isn’t sick.
  • I have been using my Capitol Bikeshare membership and LOVE it! I will also be blogging about that at some point as well!
  • I was surprised with receiving Employee of the Month for September (given during October) for my division at work! I was really very honored and it was a wonderful surprise during a semi hectic month!
  • Now that Halloween is over…my absolute favorite holiday is coming up! Thanksgiving! I know some people like to skip over Thanksgiving to start with the winter holiday music and festivities…but in my mind right now should be all about Thanksgiving. I’m really excited to get together with my family to celebrate! Especially because I have a new baby cousin to meet! I can’t wait! She was born in October and she just gets cuter with every picture!
  • And now……….I am very much looking forward to a relaxing, happy, and calm November after the craziness of October. PHEW!

Well…that blog post full of Random Crap! I promise my next post will be much more focused on one (actual) topic! Smile

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