Monday, December 6, 2010

My Apologies to Thanksgiving

I have been a bad blogger lately for a few reasons. Firstly, because I haven't significantly blogged in a WHILE. Reason: everything I've been doing that is blog worthy has been a surprise for people so I couldn't blog about them! With some birthdays passing and the holidays approaching I will be able to start blogging about things again (slowly but surely).

Secondly, my blog is guilty of the one thing that bugs me the most around this time of skipped right over Thanksgiving!

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and the December holiday season. Elf was on TV yesterday and I was so excited! I love seeing the lights go up and the trees in people's windows. The city put snowflake lights on the lamp posts by my building and that makes me smile. I really enjoy holiday songs and carols....but only AFTER my absolute favorite over.

It just makes me sad when people skip right over Thanksgiving to start celebrating the holiday season (this includes music, decorations, and OVERBOARD shopping (aka being 100% done weeks before Thanksgiving)).

Anyway I feel sort of guilty that it's now Christmas season and I didn't blog anything about my beloved Turkey Day.

(Sidenote: This is probably where my friends and family are rolling their eyes thinking "Oh geeze she has gone overboard...feeling GUILTY towards a HOLIDAY...where does it end!?!?!")

ALRIGHT alright.....I'll revise my statement: Anyway I feel sort of guilty hypocritical that it's now Christmas season and I didn't blog anything about my beloved Turkey Day. So before I even say the C word one more time...I would like to quickly share thoughts from my Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun this year! My parents and sisters did something different and had dinner with one side of the family and dessert with the other! That wasn't the only new thing this year. Milo got to join the Turkey Day festivities instead of having to stay home. I have to say for 98% of the festivities I was really very proud of him. He behaved really well even with driving between two houses and seeing tons of new people (and a few dogs) that were all brand new to him. During dinner he even stayed out of the dining room and took a nap! The last 2% of the evening he got a bit scared when my little cousin Gianna joined us toward the end of the evening...but we will work on that!

We also had 2 (very) new babies to celebrate this Thanksgiving! My cousin Tobey and her husband Ceaser brought their 1 month old baby girl Alegra to celebrate! She is such a beautiful and calm baby (even with all the craziness in our family)! I was so excited to meet and hold her for the first time! My other cousin Lisa, who lives in San Fransisco, also had a baby during Thanksgiving week! Her, her husband Alex, and their super new baby boy Max video chatted with the whole family on Thanksgiving! I cannot wait to eventually meet baby Max in person (crossing my fingers for next year)!

This year I am thankful for many things:
  • My wonderful supportive family and friends.
  • My awesome mutt Milo who just gets funnier, cuter, more loving, and more mature every day.
  • Being able to stay in my city apartment even with all the craziness of finding roommates this summer and fall. 
  • My job and the security it provides. 
  • All the people I work with that make going to work a pleasure every day. I am really lucky to enjoy my job and my work environment as much as I do.
  • And finally, the various setbacks I had this year taught me valuable lessons that I will take with me into the future so I am thankful for them as well. 
And with that, I will move on from Thanksgiving...and I promise my favorite holiday a proper post next year....

Now, in the spirit of allowing the Holiday Season to begin immediately after Thanksgiving, I thought it was alright and appropriate to quickly share my guest blog post about my holiday wish list on my friend Rebecca's blog, I Wanna Be A Domestic Goddess. If you are looking for great gift ideas this holiday season, she is doing a week full of "Holiday Gift Guide" themed posts as well as having a bunch of various guest bloggers giving their very own wish lists. I have already gotten tons of ideas for gifts from her posts! She finds the coolest stuff so be sure to check it out!

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  1. I am also thankful for your mutt Milo and YOU!!! Thanks for the cute holiday wrap-up.
    Love you!