Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Random Crap #5

So I assume you can guess from the title, I have "won" (I know I know its not really winning if I pay for it) another BOC from Woot! If you aren't sure what a BOC is...see my first post about it! I decided to make it fun and do a blog post every time I get a BOC! So without further adu, here is Random Crap #5 and some random crap from me!

Ok one adu...I realized that I miscounted in my last blog post. It was my FOURTH BOC not third. So this is really my fifth BOC. I changed the past post title, but I didn't want to go change everything within the this is my general correction, and I apologize that I can't count even though I have a degree in math.......(yea I know)

Soooo now without further adu...

BOC #5 – Woot-Off Dec 1, 2010

[random crap[6].jpg]
Photo from Woot! Website

This was a pretty medium sized BOC. I didn't weigh it myself but the FedEx Tracking claims it was approximately 1.4lbs. The box was about 5''x9''x13'' and it was pretty light. 

There were only four unique items in this BOC....

Item #1 - Digital Photo Frame Keychain

Brand New! Holds 50+ Pics! Has a calendar & shopping list!!! Yea I think this keychain is a bit big for me....hmmmm who needs a stocking stuffer???

Item #2 - Universal AC Adapter for GPS Chargers

Another brand new item...I think this is sort of interesting. I very rarely use my GPS while not plugged in while driving. I'm crossing my fingers (well I'm fairly confident) that the name of this item is unnecessarily specific and perhaps it can be used on more than just GPS chargers. This would have been REALLY useful last year when I left my wall charger for my phone at home in NJ. Its definitely one of those things you don't think you need until you need it.

Item #3 - T1 Series Tech Light Tool Logic (2)

I honestly don't really get what these are except for red lights that have mini tools that come off and look like they can clip onto a belt or hook onto a keychain........well I did find one fun use for it....for about 30 seconds....

Side Story: Over Thanksgiving my family and I figured out that we could torture Milo with a lazer on the ground. It was hysterical but it drove him absolutely nuts. He would chase the light around the yard I might invest in one for the park. He never figured out where the light was coming from...but I think since this was only a regular red light it was easy for him to figure out.

Moving on!

Item #4 - Blingin' Clutch Purse - aka "The BOC Bag"

Ummmmm looks like I'm ready for any New Years Party! Actually looking at the colors...this purse MAY have actually worked with my outfit from a holiday party this past weekend...

Anyway...that was my entire BOC...not the best but not the as always!

Laura's Random Crap
Now for some Random Crap from my life!
  • It has been REALLY...and I mean REALLY...cold out...but I'm pretty sure the entire East coast is aware/suffering through this...including Florida.
  • The cold weather is making Milo stir crazy...I still go to the park with him...but the other day it was rainy which even he doesn't like....and even though he knew it was rainy...he wanted to go out constantly...and then want to go right back in...and was pacing around alllllll day...I feel bad for my pup in the winter :-/.
  • Speaking of the pup...he has started to howl in his dreams. Like seriously HOWL at the moon howl. He has never howled while awake, but starting over Turkey Day...he started having howl worthy dreams...and he woke me up doing it the other day...I really want to know what he dreams about!
  • I can't stop Facebook baby-stalking my two cousins for pictures...I LOVE when I get to see new pics of the new babies...they are tooooo cute! I also can't wait to see Alegra again over Christmas!!! :-)
  • My sisters are hysterical and left the best Christmas video for me on my Facebook wall...its honestly probably not funny to anyone else...but I LOVE it!!!
  • The Sing-Off makes me happy. I think (out of those left) I'm rooting for The Backbeats...I am really impressed by their singer Joanna and their beatbox girl Courtney! But overall they are all great groups!
  • My living room has had a makeover over the last few months. There is sooooo much more space than there was when I first moved in. The couch is the only hand-me-down piece left...but it has recliners so it can stay for a bit. My mom surprised me with the shelf lamp in the corner and the storage ottoman. I was nervous that the ottoman would crowd the space, but I think it works great as some seating on that side of the room for parties/games. Now I need things on the walls:
  • Yes...that is The Sing-Off on TV in that picture.
  • I have been doing a few sewing projects on my new Singer...I went back and forth between 2 pretty basic Singer machines...this one won my own personal Sing-Off (ba-da ching!)
  • I had such a great time at my friend Danielle's Holiday Party this past weekend! She makes a TON of wonderful food and hosts a lovely party! I can't wait until next year! Thanks for the food and fun Danielle!
  • I painted my nails what should have been a festive dark green. It was one of those colors where 1 coat doesn't look right but 2 coats makes it look black. I have gotten multiple comments on my "black" nails. I have a few colors that do the same thing. I recently thought of a possible solution...if it works I will be blogging about it.
  • Whenever I buy games for people as gifts (board/card/multi-player video) I always secretly wish I could try playing them. I love games. If I ever give you a me a favor and play it with me? Please please please?!?!?! My cousin Tobey learned this with my grab bag gift last year....still enjoying your Hyperslide Tobey?
  • I am really excited to get home for the Holidays! :-)

I could come up with more Random Crap...but I'm sure I've thrown enough at you for more official Random Crap from me until BOC #6!


  1. My kittens do that too (chasing the laser around). It drives them nuts, but then they get mad if you stop! So cute!!!

  2. What happened to my post? I enjoyed your random crap from life.