Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reaction Buttons....Woof!

Still relatively new to this blogging thing, I just recently discovered a cool little feature that I wanted to alert everyone too! Now, on the bottom of each post, you should see little check boxes with different "reactions" next to them. If you have a reaction to any of my posts go ahead and click the appropriate box! Check one, check a few, check them all if you want! Tell the truth, be funny, be sarcastic...whatever you like! I can't see who checked what...I (and everyone) just get to see the tallies for each reaction!

I can have all sorts of reactions there but in playing with the settings, if the list goes onto the next line, its hard to see all of the options. Right now I have it set at the following 7 reactions:
  1. Fun!
  2. Yummy!
  3. Bleh!
  5. Interesting
  6. Meh
  7. Woof!
I'd like to make the reaction buttons permanent shortly....but I'd love some feedback/suggestions on what those permanent reactions should be! If you have any suggestions for different reaction buttons let me know in the comments below! Or if you like them how they are let me know that too!

Oh and if you like go back and "react" to my past posts!! I'd love to see the tallies!

Enjoy! :-)

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