Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Obsession Confession: Calendars

Every year around November I start getting really excited. It’s the time of year when the bookstores start pushing the next year’s calendars. It’s the time of year when that temporary calendar store in the mall opens up! (Or at least it’s the time of year that I really notice these things). I love seeing what new calendars are coming out. I start thinking about which calendars (yes plural) I want to buy and enjoy over the next year.

My name is Laura and I’m obsessed with calendars. Page-a-day calendars to be precise.

The excitement builds for me because I make myself wait until January 1 when they immediately go on sale for 50% off. But January 1 is the limit for my waiting for two reasons:

1) All the good calendars go fast!
2) I just can’t wait too long into the year for my new calendars!

Anyway, I’m finding that in the past few years, the good calendars are going faster and faster :-/. I may have to break down and buy one before the new year next year if I see one that I REALLY want. This year…I was excited by a few, but there weren’t any that I was specifically looking forward to. But of course, as soon as I got back to DC after the new year…I ran out to find my calendars!

Now I was all set with my wall calendars. I got two for Christmas. Both happened to be from my lovely sister Linda, although one (the Darts) was via our cousin grab bag!

Modern Family Wall Calendar 2011Darts! Calendar 2011

The Modern Family Calendar is on my cube wall at work and I LOVE it! It has a page for all the adult characters and couples with some of their funniest lines! And by the way, if you don’t watch Modern Family, you should! It’s a really great mockumentary sitcom! And you don’t need to watch it in order to understand what is going on. Each episode pretty much stands by itself! I think its my favorite show on TV right now! (I have Season 1 if anyone wants to borrow it!)

The Darts! Calendar looks like tons of fun. Each page is a new type of dart board with different targets to try to hit with the magnetic darts that come with it! I have the perfect place on my wall for this calendar…..but I accidentally left it in NJ. I will be sure to hang it as soon as my mom mails it to me (or I get home to retrieve it). Sorrrrrry Linda!

Very happy with my wall calendars, my first trip to the bookstore I was looking for page-a-day calendars. In the past I have been drawn to puzzle calendars such as Sudoku or Scrabble word puzzles. However I always remember how I fall behind and save the puzzles to do later and then the pages pile up. I also usually like the ones that are activity based...I was given an origami calendar one year and was really excited about it. But then it turns out I either wanted to save the cool origami, or save the patterns that I wanted to try later…and then found I was saving things that I really didn’t need. (Don’t worry I’m not a hoarder…I have since thrown them all away).

Because I know of my page-a-day saving habits, I decided not to allow myself to get a calendar I would be tempted to save something from….or calendars that required a lot of puzzle thought because I’d save those to do later too. This meant that I was sort of limited…to cartoons…or daily advice/tips/jokes…or maybe a daily picture?

I was fine going in looking for cartoons. Personally I got into page-a-day calendars with The Far Side calendar. I used to get that calendar each year…until they stopped publishing it. I have gotten other “fun” calendars since then…but I was ready to try a new daily cartoon.

I found these two calendars and brought them to work:
Argyle Sweater: 2011 Day-to-Day Calendar   Dog Cartoon-a-Day: 2011 Day-to-Day Calendar

I thought I might enjoy The Argyle Sweater because it’s a single frame cartoon much like The Far Side. The Dog Cartoon-A-Day choice I thought I might appreciate being a dog owner myself. But I have to tell you…as the days went by…I wasn’t all that pleased with either of these calendars. The dog calendar isn’t too bad (not great) but I was pretty disappointed in particular with The Argyle Sweater. Maybe its my sense of humor…but it is just not nearly as funny to me as The Far Side. Long story short, my calendar addiction this year was not satisfied…I soon found myself in back on the hunt!

Last week my friend Shirin and I went to see The Black Swan. We had some time before the movie and there was a bookstore so of course I had to go check out the calendars. I found two calendars that I really liked. One I had passed up before, and one that I hadn’t seen at all yet. And while they both broke some of my earlier rules, with my lack of success with the cartoon calendars, I allowed myself to break them.

The first:

Tangram Magnetic Puzzle-a-Day Calendar
Tangram Magnet Puzzle-a-Day Calendar: 2011 Day-to-Day Calendar
With this calendar, I broke the rule of no hard puzzle type calendars because I will get behind and want to save them for later. I decided to break this rule because I came to realize, I missed the puzzles. This is also an easy puzzle to take random quick breaks to solve. (Unlike a word puzzle or sudoku where you don’t want to loose your train of thought). I also thought it was really neat that there was a magnetic board to stick back a few pages and you can do the puzzle right on the calendar! Since having it about a week I have to say that this is one of my favorite calendars that I’ve had. I don’t spend TONS of time on the puzzles, and there are a nice variety of colors and difficulties. I also think it might be a fun set of magnets to have at the end of the year to play with in my cube! A+

The next:

Sewing CalendarSewing: 2011 Day-to-Day Calendar
I hadn’t seen this calendar during any of my previous calendar hunting. But I have been getting into sewing with my new machine and I thought it might be fun to see new cute projects to try throughout the year. It broke one of my rules in that I know I will be tempted to save the projects in this calendar to try later. But the great thing about this calendar is that its one page every 3 days. It feels more like a cute sewing book that I bought myself than a calendar. Its not like silly origami instructions that I wanted to attempt…these could be potential gifts! I promised myself I’d try to get myself to toss the ones that I know I probably won’t ever make. I’m really pleased with this calendar and I think it was the perfect choice for my desk at home! A+

To be honest…I decided to look up the 2010 version of this calendar on  Amazon. I thought maybe if it was really cheap…ya know because its way out of date…I’d buy it to look through for other projects (hoping that they wouldn’t repeat a lot year to year). Turns out….this calendar gains value as the year increases…its so unbelieveable…check the price out for yourself! Here is the link: 2010 Sewing Calendar (and be sure to click on the link for the 8 used ones to check those prices out too hahaha) UNREAL RIGHT???

I failed to mention that I have two work pay period calendars on my desk wall at work, I have my work email calendar for work meetings, and I like to keep my Google Calendar up to date (because I can access it on my phone)…..soooo that brings me to a total of 10 calendars???? Yea I might have a problem….but ya know I don’t typically have THAT many calendars. I sort of feel like giving myself too the rules to follow lead me to two calendar duds…..next year I’ll keep the rough rules in mind….but I’ll let myself get the calendars I feel drawn to as well.

Does anyone else have a calendar problem like me? Anyone have any great calendars this year to recommend? Anyone a fan of The Far Side and know of a good replacement cartoon? Just want to comment on the prices of the old Sewing Calendars?? Leave me some fun comments!

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