Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Photo Scrapbook: Fall 2010 & Winter 2011

Something funny happens when you start a blog – you start taking a LOT of pictures…all the time. Pictures of random stuff that you wouldn’t have normally taken because “HEY! I can blog about this!” Something funny also happens when you don’t usually post more than once or twice per don’t always blog about the things you took pictures of. Combine those random blogging pictures with a new phone with a great camera (love my Droid Incredible!!!)…and you’ve got dozens of random snapshots…all intending to be shared…but too random to make into a nicely put together album.

I decided I’m going to share some “best of” random photos on my blog! The plan is to show off some photos (or events) that I was hoping on talking about on the blog…or maybe just random photos that I like and want to share…and that way blog entries that never came to life….can at least be shown in snipits of pictures!

I will do this more often than every 6 months so there should be less photos next time…but I just got this idea so this post might be a bit long! But pictures are fun right? Enjoy!

July 2010

I found this tie of the Presidents being sold at one of those mobile souvenir stand near the White House……I could be wrong…but I don’t think they know how to spell some of the names...oh and also it’s a bit out of date.


September 2010

It is rare that Milo falls asleep with his tongue sticking out…and gosh I love it when he does….its too cute!


October 2010

During my trip to South Carolina to visit Cody, cotton was clearly in season down south! You could see it all along I-95 and they were selling cotton bouquets in Charleston!

3    4

At work that month…a mariachi band showed up at work outside the cafeteria…they were dancing and singing and it was quite loud…and pretty random. I have some video but…maybe I’ll share that at a later date.

7    6

A few weeks later, we went out for Danielle’s birthday to a very fancy bar called The Gibson. Totally lit by candles…made for some pretty drink pictures.

IMAG0307  IMAG0304

While we were out the next evening…my new phone jumped out of my hands…and CRACKED! I was so sad….(no worries it has since been fixed…haha very recently…yup I’m slow).


That was sad…but Milo’s perfect expressions of sleepy comfort...always make me smile again!


What else makes me smile??…SUPER random mugs at the office of course!!!


Oh yea…and my family coming to visit on a beautiful October weekend for Rally for Sanity! We had a great time biking around the National Mall (using Capitol Bikeshare) and just people watching. Oh and I took one of my best pictures of the Washington Monument too….

12   13

November 2010

We had a health insurance fair at work before open season and I got a MetLife Snoopy!!! Which obviously reminded me of my college roomie Meghan who works there now!


I wrote a post for my birthday which featured a picture of my family’s traditional birthday cake! This is the box mix my family ALWAYS uses for that cake…no other mix is quite as good.


This fall, it was gorgeous out almost every single weekend….I couldn’t resist taking some pretty fall pics while out with Milo at the park!

17   18

I got to see Rachel Ray live at the Cooking and Entertaining Expo with my pal Shirin! (She is a bit hard to see on the stage in this pic of course)…Shirin wrote more about it and has more pictures in her cooking blog! And look Rebecca! There were Whoopie Pies!! Smile

 19   IMAG0348

December 2010

Shirin and I decorated our own cupcakes at an event hosted by Georgetown Cupcakes! We even met the owners who are on the TLC show! They were so nice…they let us decorate and take home another dozen! The moose cupcakes were the red velvets!!! (AKA my favorite Smile )

20   21

Milo got sick right before Christmas and we went to the vet. He had symptoms but wasn’t ACTING sick…while we were waiting in the exam room for the vet he was VERY interested in the animal sounds outside the door….and did the cute dog concentration head tilt….a bunch of times…


Our division at work had a holiday door decorating contest for the holidays…my branch is pretty busy at the moment and it sort of got built into our design. My coworker, Natalie, and I made cartoon elves of everyone in our branch…we had a “Project Yeti” across the way throwing project snowballs at us that were hitting the wall above us….and then a decorated holiday tree and a naughty & nice list (we were mostly naughty of course because that is funnier)….

23   24

Over the holiday, my sister Linda got us all tickets to go see a local production of Joseph and the Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat! (A family favorite)…


January 2011

Rebecca and I were lucky enough (well she was lucky…I wasn’t as lucky but lucky to tag along) to score some tickets to the a special advanced screening of No Strings Attached. It was put on by 94.7 Fresh FM and CityShopGirl. It was a really great time and a pretty funny romantic comedy! To be honest, its hard for Natalie Portman to do wrong by me...and the very funny Mindy Kaling was in it too so…yea I enjoyed it haha. We had a ton of fun…and we got a goodie bag with a bunch of well…goodies…a mini movie poster…free popcorn…and some Georgetown Cupcakes! Oh…and best part of a private screening?? No previews!!! Smile You can read more about the event on Rebecca’s blog!


My favorite DC cupcake shop Red Velvet Cupcakery had a special Oatmeal cookie cupcake for a few days this month….it was YUMMY!!! Hey Dad…we might be able to join baking forces and attempt these next year!


Early February 2011

Milo enjoyed Puppy Bowl 7…I sort of thought this pup had some Milo traits (with shorter hair)…it says he is a “shepherd mix” which goes along with my theory that Milo has a some German Shepherd in him….hmmmmm. Meanwhile I made my first successful batch of deviled eggs to compliment Shirin’s tons of food at her Super Bowl Party. I was really excited to use my colorful egg serving plate!

32   34

And for good measure….some more awesomely cute pictures of the mutt…not sure if you can tell…but he really loves his Nylabone.

31   33

Oh….and this last two were taken tonight while I was finishing this post….not sure if you can tell….but I really love my Milo <3.

IMAG0471   IMAG0473


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