Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So I Started to Sew...

About a year and a half ago, my old roommate showed me how to make a really cute quilt for my friend’s baby. Her and her mom are awesome seamstresses and quilters and she did a great job of showing me the ropes. Since then I’ve made a few more of those quilts for a few more babies and started to get curious about exploring other smaller projects. I invested in my very own sewing machine and my sister, Leslie, has gotten me some awesome sewing books and really nice sewing sheers for my birthday and the holidays. So to make good on those gifts…I started finding some projects to sew!


Triangle Neck Pillows

My coworker, Natalie, showed me this cute neck pillow pattern. I decided it would be a perfect side gift for each of my grandmothers for the holidays.

PC220266   PC220270
These neck pillows are cute and comfortable and come together really quickly. I made my first one in just over an hour! Since the only things I had made before were the complicated quilts that take multiple weekends….you can imagine that making something so fast was a bit of a shock for me!

After the neck pillow I was a bit hooked on Sew4Home. They have a ton of cute projects to try with great instructions! They also respond to questions about each project really quickly in case you need any help. The rest of the things I’ve made recently have been from their website…but Leslie I PROMISE there are a couple of projects in the Amy Butler book I’ve got my eye on!

Retro Style Apron

My friend Shirin has been wanting a cute apron…especially with all the cooking she does for her blog! So for her birthday I told her I’d make her one and let her pick out the fabric! I found the perfect retro apron pattern and she found inspiring fabric!

P1310004    P1310006
P1310009    P1310008

The detail in the apron made me a bit nervous. Especially with all the turns for the bias tape and the frilly bottom section. It took a lot of attention to detail but it wasn’t as scary as I thought. I even had enough fabric to put extra pockets on the reverse “back” side. The hardest part was turning the corners with the bias tape and getting the frilly bottom to line up evenly and correctly. My only complaint about the pattern is that I think the top part is a little narrow and I would make it a little bit wider next time. But I think the fit works perfectly for Shirin!

Plastic Bag Holder

For a long time I have been wanting for one of these plastic bag holders to keep my grocery trash bags from being an eyesore. When I found the pattern for it I had to try to make it myself!

P2020477   P2020480

This was really pretty easy to make and I got it the whole thing done in one night. Its currently hanging in the front closet…but I hope to find a place out in the open to hang it for decoration too at some point! Especially being Portuguese, its lucky to have roosters in kitchen décor.


Sewing Machine Cover

I also wanted a cute cover for my sewing machine (the plastic one it comes with isn’t exactly the prettiest thing). Of course I found a tutorial on Sew4Home! (These pictures are small because they didn’t come out so great haha so don’t worry you aren’t missing any real details…they’d just be fuzzier).

IMAG0455   IMAG0459
I modified it a bit so that it had an opening to access the handle in the back of my machine. And since my machine isn’t super boxy, I didn’t put the pocket on because I think it would get weirdly baggy with stuff inside. I may reconsider and add it later.

Cat Toys

Right before Valentine’s Day, Sew4Home got me again with these super cute heart mouse catnip cat toys! One of my best friends, Paul, and his fiancé Grady have 2 cats (UT and Cooper) so I had to send them these catnip toys for Valentine’s Day!


I thought this would not only make a cute gift but be a great way to get rid of some leftover fabric (recognize them?). But these toys were much smaller than I thought they would be from the pictures! It was really hard to get the tail to come out the middle of the “v” in the tiny heart. I also thought it was hard to get the curves to look smooth with the small shape and my hand sewn sections were a bit obvious. But they still came out pretty cute and I hope the cats enjoy them! Next time I would consider enlarging the pattern slightly…but not by much. They still need to be small enough for the cats!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day…I got this really cute Hershey Kiss candy bowl with pretty flowers from my parents! They always make me feel super loved!

Thanks Mom & Dad!!! LOVE YOU!! Smile


  1. Retro fabric are amazing. I hope I can be as talented as you are in working with Fabric

  2. My friend, you are so inspired...heart mouse catnip toys!!! I love them !

  3. Laura, we love that you made and shared with us FIVE Sew4Home projects!! They turned out beautifully. Nice fabric choices.

  4. I guess you didn't get my other comment... You're fabulous and I love all the beautiful things you've made. The neck pillow you gave me is doing double duty... with my IPad... yes it helps to hold it up for me ... when I'm relaxing in or in bed... GO GIRL. Excellent work ~~~

  5. Can you post pictures of the quilts you've made too? Those are the best. Considering having a baby just to (hopefully) receive one of those awesome quilts!

    (Now I'm thinking maybe you have blogged about them already? Or maybe I've just seen them all on FB?)

  6. @Meghan I actually haven't posted pictures of any of the quilts anywhere because usually I wanted it to be a surprise for the next person who got one. But I think I will put a post up soon now that I don't have one in the works....