Saturday, April 30, 2011

Laura Loves {April 2011}

Its that time again! Time for another round of things I LOVE! Last month I introduced “Laura Loves” and I’m excited to say that I’ve found even more things to love in April! So without further ado…
Here are the things I loved in April!

Thai Fishermen’s Pants

pants2  Red Pant
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My good friend Nick just got back from teaching in Thailand recently and home with him he brought me the perfect gift! These Thai fisherman pants! These pants are a bit odd looking at first. They have a WIDE waistband with just two ties attached to the back. Oh and they are one size fits all. How? Once you step into the pants with the ties in the back, you fold the excess cloth together and then knot the ties around your waist. Then fold over the large waistband and waaa-la! The most comfortable pair of pants ever! And they have a pocket! Thanks for my new favorite PJ pants Nick!!!

Back in March, my blogging guru friend Rebecca, wrote about her love of this little gem for one of her “Fab Find Friday” posts. The technology looked tempting, but the price was a bit high for me (and I was nervous I would forget to use it). After my friend Shirin and sister Leslie joined the FitBit bandwaggon I started thinking more seriously about it. Once it was integrated with Runkeeper, I was hooked and I finally ordered one.


I absolutely love this thing. It tracks my steps, distance, calories burnt, activity level, and quality of sleep for any given day. It can also “record” specific activities for you so you can see how many calories you are burning, say, on your commute to work.

But what makes this thing truly awesome is the website, where you can connect with friends, set goals, log food, log your weight and measurements, log other activities that aren’t recorded well as steps, and see almost any graph you could think of! I have been really successful with it so far. The best part is I have discovered what motivates me to get out and move…graphs and data!

Eagle Cam
Get an 24/7 up close look at this Bald Eagle nest in Iowa where there are 3 eaglets growing up really fast! They hatched at the beginning of April and are huge already! Ummm hello…baby eagles...need I say more??!?!

Streaming live video by Ustream
And if you look in the links below the streaming website…you can watch the YouTube videos of the hatches!  

YouTube Channel - RealityChangers
This father/daughter singing duo is cute beyond words. This month they started something they wanted to call “Music Sundays” but they haven’t posted again recently. I first fell in love with them a few weeks ago when my old friend Amanda posted this video on her blog:

But this next video was their first post for “Music Sundays” and I love it too…Jorge has a wonderful voice and Alexa is just the cutest thing…and very good at remembering her parts of the covers they sing!

You can find their YouTube channel here (RealityChangers).

Milo Loves – Chuckit! Whistler Ball
Milo wanted to join in the fun this month as he has found something he really loves in April! He and I have always enjoyed Chuckit! balls. Not only are they bright and noticeable, but because they are made of rubber they are much easier to clean and aren’t as tempting to chew up as standard tennis balls.

Chuckit! also has variations on their standard balls. In my Christmas Wish List I mentioned that Milo would love their Erratic Ball which will bounce in unpredictable directions. The other day, at PetSmart, they didn’t have the Erratic Ball…but the Whistler Ball. I decided to get it for him and this past week we tried it out.

whistler ball
Milo loved this ball! Normally he will fetch a few times and then lose interest and leave the ball for me to go pick up. But the Whistler ball was different. He carried this ball all over the park, lie down with it, fetched it every time. I was walking around the park and he would carry it next to me as we walked. He would only put it down for me to toss it again. He carried it around almost the entire time we were at the park…and we were there for about an hour.

IMAG0630  IMAG0625

I have no idea if it was the color, the slightly different shape, or the whistle sound it makes when it flies…but Milo has never had this long of an attention span for a ball before. We will definitely be getting a couple backups.

That’s all I have for April! Now Milo and I are off to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL spring weather!


  1. love those pants - had a similar concept pattern in my drexel days. the eagles are great - did mama eagle actually spin her head around 360*??? the fit bit sounds great but i've lost so many pedometers i'd be afraid i would loose that too.
    when r u coming for a visit we all miss u!!!
    ok lets try this again - anon - a.mik

  2. I think you should get another Fitbit. Even if you buy two, it is cheaper then a gym membership!

  3. For those who don't know I lost my fitbit (I think at the park) the same day I blogged about this :( I will prob look one more time again today and then order another...its expensive but its really been working well for me