Friday, April 29, 2011

My Take on The Royal Wedding

Everyone is talking about The Royal Wedding. My friend Rebecca (among many others) has referred to it as her Superbowl, while other people are discussing how fascinated they are that people even care. There are also the perfectly neutral...who then still get suckered into conversations about the wedding by one of the two extremes.

I'd like to share how I feel about it. On a scale of (1) "We are free from England I must not care in protest!" to (10) "OMG IT'S A REAL LIFE FAIRYTALE!!!" I fall somewhere around a 6 or a 7. I do...I care about the Royal Wedding. I don't care enough to be taking off of work. I do care enough to be recording the coverage on my DVR to watch at home. I don't care enough to have been watching the entire week of TLC specials. I do care enough to have realized they were on.

The odd thing about that I can't quite put my finger on what really makes me excited to watch the wedding (unfortunately not live...but on one of 2 channels I'm recording it on (hey...I like options)).

Tonight there was a Royal Wedding special (of course) on ABC before my usual Thursday night primetime lineup. Please note I had to watch all my TV tonight because I didn't want the DVR to be too full to record all the coverage! (I care that much). In the special, they talked about how Prince William loves the feeling of Kate's "normal" family...and I felt relieved for him. They talked about how Kate is just perfect to be a princess and how the Royal family adores her...and I was excited for her. They talked about Diana and how she would have loved Kate...and I got sad.

I remember the day Princess Diana died. I was in middle school. My family had recently moved and we were sitting in our living room talking when someone called to tell us to turn on the TV because Princess Di had been in a terrible accident. We watched that news coverage in disbelief for a long time. I remember my parents really liking Diana. I remember her two sons, one two years and one two months older than me...and feeling so sad for their loss. I remember watching her funeral and being amazed at their composure.

They aired a lot of clips from Dianna's life and specifically the Royal Wedding around that time. I remember seeing how grand it was...being amazed at her huge so much of the world had watched. My mother talked about how she had watched and remembered it well. I hadn't been born yet. I've never seen such a widely televised wedding...which admittedly is also part of the reason I care. That only seems to happen every 30 years.

But mostly, I think I care about the Royal Wedding not because I'm a girl who dreams of finding her "prince," not because I want to see Kate's gown, not because I ever had a huge crush on Prince William, and not because its THE THING to watch tomorrow. I think I care about the Royal Wedding because it feels like a happy ending or happy new beginning for a generation that had a lot of pain and sadness in its formative years. A generation that is close in age to me. I honestly think I'm mainly happy for William...and I would like to witness his happiness at his wedding. I think, in some way, I sort of hope to replace the image of a sad young William walking so nobly behind his mother's casket...with happy William married to his very own "princess charming."

Alright and I also admit in general the idea of a "Royal Family" and all their rituals has always sort of fascinated me... but mostly its because of how I feel in the prior paragraph.

So...I hope I can resist video clips online at work tomorrow ... but I definitely won't be getting much exercise Friday afternoon because I will be landing on my couch to watch my hours of recorded coverage ... because yes ... I care about the Royal Wedding.


  1. Great Blog! I need a box of tissues to dry my happy tears. Your blog has touched my heart! LOVE YOU TONS!!!!

  2. I totally agree Laura. I wasn't in love w/ the obscene coverage prior to the wedding, but I definitely DVR-ed the entire thing and watched it back this am. It was so beautiful and seeing William so happy made me happy. What a happy ending for him :)

  3. omg there was a week of TLC specials? I wish I had TLC!