Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mom, Me, and Milo!!!

This past weekend my mom came down to visit Milo and I for a three day weekend! We had quite the eventful weekend starting on Saturday when we attended National’s Pups in the Park! We had an absolute BLAST! There were tons of dogs at the park and they had a whole 2-3 sections blocked off for fans with mutts! We saw little dogs with Nat’s hats on sitting diligently watching the game…we also saw a HUGE Bloodhound/Mastiff mix! The stadium had a whole part of the stadium blocked off with water bowls, a “relief station” made of sod, sample tables, and picnic tables so you could eat with more freedom away from your seats with the mutts!

Milo had a blast as well! He met so many dogs and was really well behaved. First…he sat in front of his seat and watched the game.


But then he really wanting to meet all the dogs walking by us in the aisle! He figured out he could lie down by my feet and watch and smell as they all walked by…he was being so sweet!


Unfortunately it wasn’t the most exciting game…the Nat’s lost 1-0 and the only run was a solo homer. But I think Milo and I will try to attend more Pups in the Park games this year!

The next day Mom & I went to Eastern Market. She got a pretty sunhat and we had hot dog pretzels for lunch! Then she took a Capitol Bikeshare bike for a joyride back to my place while I briskly walked the dog home…

IMAG0656   IMAG0657

That night we had a really yummy tapas dinner at Zaytinya! Every single thing we ordered was delicious…especially the lamb chops! For me the surprize of the dinner was liking the asparagus dish we ordered. But I’m not sure it beats out one of my favorite of their dishes, the fried eggplant! Tapas are so much fun as you get to just order a bunch of stuff to taste and try a bunch of different plates! But I think we will have to go back again because there were definitely items we didn’t get to try and wanted to! Of course we topped dinner off with some of our favorite cupcakes from Red Velvet! :-)

That night, since we were both not working the next day, we went to a late showing of Bridesmaids!

Bridesmaids Poster
I personally enjoyed the movie...for the most part…there were a few scenes that went just a bit over the top for me (and I'm sure for my Mom)...but overall I think it was good, entertaining, and I enjoyed the story line. I happen to like Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph and I thought they were both really good. And I really felt for Kristen's character. Overall it was fun and funny and I’d proabably give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Monday, we both had taken off of work, but we mostly relaxed, caught up on Modern Family, and went to one of our favorite places, Costco! Unfortunately, after shopping it was time for Mom to hop on her train back home :-/.

But we had an awesome weekend and I can’t wait to do it again!! Thanks for coming Mom!! :-)


  1. You forgot to tell them about our two handed parcheesi game. I think it may have been the very first time I beat you at that game.
    Yes it was a great weekend. I also got a kick out of the fact that every time it rained, we were inside.

  2. Sounds like a weekend to remember!!