Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Great Friends Make For Great Weekends

This past weekend two weekends back was pretty darn epic (also…I’m a slow blogger). I had a bunch of friends coming down to visit for both a concert and just for fun! Some for part of the weekend and some for just a day! I won’t lie to you when I say I was a bit nervous going into the weekend with all the coordination of plans and people coming and going….but the weekend could not have turned out any better!

The long weekend started on Wednesday with the arrival of my world traveling pal Nick (who got me the amazing Thai fisherman’s pants). With only a week left until he was going to leave home (again) to start graduate school in Seattle…he came down to DC to check out the Glee Live concert with me! Showing up early…we took the mutt on an evening walk around the Capitol…and then he did an excellent job entertaining himself as I had to leave him for work the next day.

However the following day after work, my college roomie Laura drove all the way down from NJ to join us for Glee Live! That night we met up with Danielle to go to the concert! We don’t have any pre-concert pics with Danielle…but here are a few from the Metro on the way to the concert!



Glee Live 2011 was a great concert! They chose some great songs and the cast of the show is seriously talented. Here are my (very unfocused b/c I was far) three favorite parts of the concert! First, when Amber Riley {Mercedes} and Naya Rivera {Santana} sang “River Deep Mountain High”…


Naya Rivera {Santana} doing Valerie…


AND…when Kevin McHale {Artie} got to get up and dance in Safety Dance! He is such a great dancer and usually stuck in the wheelchair for his character! (This was his “dream” to dance)…


Also I have to note that while they all have great voices…including as Lea Michelle as expected…Chris Colfer {Kurt} has an amazing live voice! I was really also impressed with him. Honestly, the only complaint that I have about the show is that I think they could have performed for a bit longer! They all have AMAZING voices and they put on a great show. But because they have duets and solos…and don’t play instruments…I feel like they could have gone a bit longer. But if my only complaint is how short the show was…then I guess it was good right? We loved it and had a blast!


After the concert we stopped at one of my favorite spots in DC…Red Velvet Cupcakery! Laura & I tried the special Chocolate Covered Strawberry cupcake and it was YUMMY! And of course I got some Red Velvet to take home!


The next morning, I acted like a crazy person as I suggested to Nick and Laura that we go hunt down my favorite food truck, CapMac! They were in Dupont Circle and both Laura and Nick were huge sports heading out to find them with me! But once they had the mac and cheese…they agreed it was totally worth it!


Laura got the Weiner Mac which was their Classic Mac with caramelized onions, hot dog, and crunched up potato chips on top!


Nick got the standard Classic Mac and I went for something new and got the Goat Cheese Mac which was really really yummy!


That afternoon Nick had to head out to visit some friends in Baltimore…so Laura and I caught up on one of our favorite summer shows…So You Think You Can Dance! Later that night, my other college roomie Meghan came to visit! She got in later in the evening but we still got to grab some great margaritas at Tortilla Coast and then hung out and played a round or two of Rummikub before heading to bed!

Saturday we got up and it was sunny and pretty hot…but we decided to use another one of my favorite things in DC…Capitol Bikeshare! Laura and Meghan were such great sports and we rode through the heat…around the Capitol and down the National Mall.


We tried to stop at as many landmarks as we could. You can see a map of where we rode here. Not included in the map is our walk to the Vietnam Memorial and Lincoln Memorial.


NOTE: We fully support wearing helmets while bike riding! But Meghan and Laura didn’t have any for the day…and I wore mine on the streets but it was so hot (check out Meg wiping her head!) that I took a helmet break when riding on the National Mall! I promise we were careful!

I actually noticed something interesting that I hadn’t noticed before near the White House…the official “Point For The Measurement of Distances From Washington on Highways of the United States.” This is also known as the thing that a lot of tourists set their cameras up on to take a picture of themselves and the White House! Just goes to show you can always find something new to see in DC…even if you have seen the main monuments a bunch of times!


We asked someone to take a picture of all 3 of us in front of the White House…what resulted was a pretty good but abstractedly crooked picture…haha it cracked me up! Also I just realized we were in sort of in light red, white, and blue!


We got a LOT of exercise…and even though it was hot it was a great way to see as much of the National Mall as possible. After riding we were exhausted…but there was still a lot of day left!

Later in the afternoon we met up with another one of our college roomies, Jennifer!! We had late lunch at Good Stuff Eatery! Unfortunately, she couldn’t stay much after because of other weekend plans! I hope we can get together with her and her cute daughter Evelynn soon!


That night we decided to attempt to host a game night. Unfortunately not a ton of people were available…but my friend Sam came out to hang with us! We played our roomie favorite Rummikub and then one of my other personal favorites (and maybe Sam’s a bit too), Just Dance on Wii! There was a lot of crazy dancing…and perhaps a little trash talking…but we had a ton of fun!

As you can imagine though…after a crazy day of biking, eating, and dancing…we were beat and so we headed to bed and slept VERY WELL! Meghan and Laura each had to head out early in the afternoon...and so my crazy busy long weekend with friends came to an end. I had so much fun with everyone and I hope everyone enjoyed spending time in DC!!! It was really an awesome weekend!! Thanks to everyone who visited!!! Come back anytime!!!

Also thanks to Laura & Meghan for letting me borrow some of their pictures for this blog! All the photos in this post have been a combo of our three cameras! Smile

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  1. The candids of me on the bike are funny. Also, I completely missed the "Point For The Measurement of Distances From Washington on Highways of the United States". I knew when we were there you were studying that...I was probably too exhausted to pay much attention to what it actually was! That's very cool. I wonder if there are other ones, like Baltimore or NYC!

    I consider it a perfect weekend - so glad I came and thanks for having me :)