Thursday, June 30, 2011

Laura Loves {June 2011}

I cannot believe how fast June has flown by! I even thought to myself for a second, “Oh no! What did I love this month?!?!” But turns out I had saved an ongoing list throughout the month as usual…I was just so all over the place that I forgot…phew! So without further ado…here are the links, items, and other random things I loved in June!


It’s June…I have to give a shout out to daylight! The summer solstice happens in June…the longest day of the year. It has been daylight until around 8pm here in DC and its not REALLY nighttime dark until 9pm. I can’t tell you how different I feel about my day when there is so much sunlight. In the summer, when I come home from work, I feel like I have time left in the day. Long walks with the dog are enjoyable, I can go for a jog and still have time to let Milo play at the park afterward, I can run a few errands and not feel like its REALLY late. In the winter, when I leave for work in the dark and get home in the dark, I feel like there is no day after work (even though there is the same amount of time). It definitely affects my mood, I feel bad for the dog, and I feel like there is no time before bed. It seems like it takes daylight forever to get here…and then it goes away all too soon! June 21 has now come and gone…the days will slowly get shorter…but I’m glad I still have the summer to appreciate the sun!


Literally Unbelievable Blog

If you haven’t heard of The Onion (or The Onion News Network)…you should make yourself familiar or you may end up on the blog Literally Unbelievable! For those who don’t know, The Onion is a fictional news source that makes up headlines that mock real news stories. They often touch upon hot topics or politics and sometimes their headlines can sound initially like real headlines. Most people start reading the news stories…then realize it’s The Onion…and have a good laugh. There are some people, however, who don’t realize either 1) that the headline/story is from The Onion or 2) that The Onion is 100% fictional.

Put these fooled people on Facebook…and you have a lot of funny reactions to stories that they “literally can’t believe.” Most people are sort of just baffled…but others are VERY mad about the “news” and they want all of Facebook to know it! Literally Unbelievable takes these angry posts…and shares them so we can all enjoy! I think its funnier than The Onion…how angry some of the people get about the fake news! I can’t stop reading! I love it!

Cookie Necklaces – Idea Layer Cake Shop

A few months ago, my mom pointed me to a cute online baking shop called Layer Cake Shop. It has a lot of unique food colorings, sprinkles, cookie cutters, and other fun cute things for all your cake making needs! We recently got Rebecca a gift card to the shop as a thank you for baking us Whoopie Pies each week! I haven’t yet had a need to purchase any items from them but believe me when I need a weird food color I will be checking there first!

What I actually love though is {this idea} from their blog! I found it after buying the gift card! This cookie necklace is so cute and seems like the perfect activity for a little girls birthday party! It would be a tasty treat but also the perfect thing to take home! If I have a daughter I am definitely trying this…if I don’t ever have a daughter…one of my sisters/cousins will let me try this I’m sure Winking smile.


Petite Lap Giraffe

I’m not sure if you have seen the DirectTV commercials that feature a character that basically has every luxury in the world. In one commercial he has someone weight lifting for him (that transfers into his muscles)…in another he has a gold bar remote control. Both commercials feature his pet…a petite lap giraffe! It even gives him kisses!


Turns out you can watch a live feed or should I say “live feed” of the bull petite lap giraffe Vladimir on the farm! You can see photos and the above mentioned commercials on other parts of the site…and you can even be put on the wait list to get one! I am currently number 1,173,131 in line for one! I can’t wait! I figure by the time my number comes up I’ll have saved enough money! Winking smile.

Yes. I know its not real……some things are just amusing!

Crystal Light – Mocktails

Geeze this month’s Laura Loves is seriously lacking in personal pictures! Well don’t worry I have a couple for ya! Two days ago I was strolling around my local grocery store when I happened upon something I just had to try! (Note: Yes, the discovery of this item was directly caused by my grocery problem.)

Crystal Light has created a line of “mocktail” flavors! Honestly, I would have hesitated more on trying them if one of the flavors wasn’t MARGARITA! Hellllllooo! I love margaritas so I had to test this out!


As soon as I got home from the store, I got to work making my low calorie margarita (each 8oz serving of Crystal Light only has 5 calories!!) Each packet will make 8 cups of the drink. Since my pitcher is big, I decided to make 2 batches in one!

The verdict is….well firstly it is a fun bright color…but its also pretty darn good! Obviously with all the stuff mixed into a real margarita it is hard to get the flavor perfect…but at the same time for a flavored water drink…this was pretty impressive! I really found myself wishing I had a little bit of salt around my glass! I don’t even think it would be a far stretch to just mix some tequila right in there if you really wanted to!


I actually tried the drink when I only had one packet mixed in at first…it tasted a little on the lighter side but I actually really liked it that way. I think I may try to stretch the rest of it out by doing that…but I could see some people thinking that the flavor isn’t strong enough using double the water.

I also had my roommate try it…and she was surprisingly pleased as well!! So at least I know I’m not crazy! I found out on the Crystal Light Facebook Page that they are only available for the summer! I will be stocking up! Here are the three flavors:


I really would love to try the Mojito…and I’m going to stock up on the Margarita. This cute blog noted that they are great as an alternative to alcoholic beverages at parties for those who can’t or don’t choose to partake! She even made popsicles out of them! So cool!

Well…that’s all I’ve got for this edition of Laura Loves! Got any questions or comments about items? Let me know in below! As for me I’m going to finish my Margarita Mocktail and head to bed! Tune in July 31 for another edition of Laura Loves!

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