Monday, July 4, 2011

And The Rocket’s Red Glare! {Monday Memories}

Welcome to Monday Memories! I love seeing old photos or home videos of friends and getting to see what people looked like or hearing about memories that go along with great photos. Sometimes home videos or personal photos are just plain funny! Each Monday I will share a old photo or video that goes along with a personal memory! Click {here} to see past Monday Memories!

Happy Forth of July!!! I am currently having an awesome holiday weekend with my sister Leslie! For the holiday, we are going to enjoy food and games on the National Mall with Milo & other friends…and then top that off by hanging out for some great fireworks!! Its one of my favorite things to do in DC each year…

But ten years ago in 2001…I was 16 and living with my family in New Jersey…and we decided to go to a local (large) park and shoot off toy rockets!! We actually took some home video of the event with our then new light weight camcorder! Now…my family is a little…well…kooky…and we couldn’t just take plain boring video of this event. My Aunt Joan decided to play the role of “Rea Porter” – commentator. She did interviews of those doing the launches (which required a push of a button) and provided general commentary and direction. I played the role of the camera man for most of the day so I am not really seen in these clips (although I can be heard).

Leslie and I spent a few hours this weekend editing some of the fun moments of the home video together.The original video is much much longer…but we only picked a bit…our family can be pretty big cheese balls…but I hope you enjoy watching the recap version we put together!


July 4, 2001–Rocket Launch

My youngest sister, Linda, was so tiny! She was 10 at the time…while she was then the shortest launcher of the day…she is now 20, in college, and taller than me!

My Dad’s personal favorite part of this video is how in all the launches you can see everyone lean back in unison as the rocket goes up! The best one is when our dog Torre gets up to watch the rocket too!

Leslie was a big goofball back then and was constantly coming up with random little bits to “fade into” or “fade out” from…(aka “checking out the view”).

This was a really fun day and we were all just being goofy and joking around. We had a great time shooting the rockets (I think we did about 6 or 7 total) and it goes down as one of my more memorable Forth of July celebrations.

Do you have any great Fourth of July memories? Feel free to share in the comments. I hope you have a fun and safe Forth of July!!! I’ll be back next Monday with another fun Monday Memory!