Monday, July 11, 2011

Castles in the Sand {Monday Memories}

Welcome to Monday Memories! I really love seeing old photos or home videos of friends and getting to see what people looked like when they were young or hearing about the fun memories that go along with great photos. Sometimes home videos or personal photos are just plain funny! Each Monday I will share a old photo or video that goes along with a personal memory! Click {here} to see past Monday Memories!

This week my family is on vacation all week at the beach!! I am LOVING it since I haven’t actually taken a week off at the beach in a really long time. We actually used to do it all the time. We would go to either the Jersey Shore (Ortley Beach, Lavallette, Wildwood Crest, Ocean City, LBI) or Delaware, or even Cape Cod! My mom used to really like to switch it up and go different places each year.

My personal favorite things to do on the beach are boogie boarding, playing in the waves, and looking for pretty shells in the morning.…while my Dad shares in the joys of boogie boarding and waves (passing the love along to my sisters and I )….he has another favorite thing to do at the beach…

Dad's Castle Cape Cod

My dad loves to build sand castles! I recently found this picture of one of his castles in Cape Cod. Actually this one was supposed to be a lighthouse (note the white thing on top). He has done other things besides castles as well…but a castle was probably the most common.

His sand castles were sometimes simple, sometimes more detailed, but they always always have a moat…and usually a bridge. This beach in Cape Cod didn’t have big waves but when we would be at the shore in NJ or Delaware, he would build at low tide…and make a path for the water to eventually enter the moat…and then eventually the water would wash the whole thing away…sort of sad but watching to see how it “melted” away was also part of the fun. For this moat in Cape Cod he supplemented with seaweed.

My dad is a perfectionist…and he will spend a LOT of time on his castle…each flip of the bucket is inspected before he moves on. He always uses a little shovel to do the small details. All edges need to be nice and straight. Notice the steps on the side of this lighthouse.

I remember always having toys at the beach. Even when we got older a bucket and toys were a necessity because Dad needs them for his castle! Since we haven’t taken a week off for the beach in a while, this year our sand toys are limited and we think some may have gotten lost. Last week, Mom saw a nice set at Costco and contemplated buying them for Dad!! We decided to just pick some up when we got down to the shore. I may do an update post on what castles he makes this year!

That’s all for now! I’ll be back next Monday with another Monday Memory!

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