Monday, July 25, 2011

Caught in a Storm {Monday Memories}

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One spring/summer day many years ago…my dad decided he was going to take my sisters and I on a bike ride along the canal near my home in NJ. The plan on this sunny day was to ride about 3 miles to a park, have a picnic, and then ride back for about 6 miles total. Now a days that doesn’t seem like a long ride…especially to Dad, who does lots of longer rides with pals now (at a much older age). Considering I was about 8, Leslie about 6, and Linda about 2…this was a decently long ride for us.

Canal Bike Ride

I’ll give you a moment to laugh at my super high socks……all good? Okay…..See that pink bike in the middle? Yup that was my brand new Schwinn bike. I learned to ride a bike without training wheels on the bike with the flower basket that Leslie was riding…but I had recently moved up to my first mountain bike. The big condition of me having a nice new bike? I must ALWAYS take care to put it away in the shed. My parents warned me that “If it gets caught in the rain it will rust!!” ::cough cough:: SCARE TACTIC ::cough cough:: In other words, it was my responsibility to take care of my new bike…and I took that to heart!

It was a beautiful day! We got to the park…had a great picnic…and then started heading back. Suddenly, as we were heading home, an unexpected afternoon thunderstorm hit! It was a very loud storm and it was getting closer and closer! My dad was counting the seconds between the lightning and the thunder to figure out just how far away the storm was…and it was moving fast. We were surrounded by tall trees and water…and riding metal bikes! To Leslie and I…my dad just seemed to be riding faster and faster away from us! I remember yelling to Leslie, “Linda is soooooo lucky she is on Dad’s bike!”

As we were trying to catch up to Dad in the pouring rain…Leslie misjudged a puddle and fell! I stopped to help her and yelled for her to hurry because we had to catch up to Dad!

It turns out…Dad wasn’t trying to ride faster than us to leave us to fend for ourselves…he was trying to find a good clearing away from tall trees for us! Once the storm got too close for comfort…he stopped the bike…got Linda out…took the picnic blanket out of his backpack…and we all huddled close to the ground away from the bikes under the blanket until the storm passed. Now…we used to love sitting out on our covered front porch watching thunderstorms…but this experience was a bit different…this storm was close, loud, and scary! But I was also quite worried about something else:

“Dad?” I said as we were huddled under the blanket.

“What’s up?” he replied.

“If my new bike gets rusty…will you and Mom be mad at me?”

He just laughed at me because obviously my bike in the rain at this moment was not my fault….and of course it would be easy to dry off before it got rusty!!

The storm passed as quickly as it came and of course it turned out we had stopped pretty close to the car! We got to the parking spot in about 5 minutes…if only we had realized that when we were panicking about the storm. But getting caught in the storm made for a very memorable bike ride!

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  1. I remember sitting at home listening to that storm and feeling confident that Dad had you all under cover....but I was thinking of a building and not just a blanket. Yikes!