Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun with Sparklers

My family was back home from a week at the shore last night…but we wanted to finish off our vacation by using some crazy long sparklers that my sister Leslie had purchased (in some other state…since they don’t sell anything fireworky in NJ). They were much longer than a typical sparkler and about half way down they would do this sort of cool popping thing for a bit.

We had fun experimenting with them and the longer shutter speed on my standard point and shoot digital camera. I couldn’t really totally control the shutter speed to the extent I would have liked…with it being an automatic camera…even with the nighttime feature it sort of figures out the shutter speed on its own. If it thinks it has enough light it will shorten it…at times that was frustrating but we managed to get some pretty good shots!

Mike & Leslie started us off…Mike makes very consistent circles haha and Leslie was the first one to be surprised by the “popping” section of the sparkler…I LOVE how it looked on camera!


Then Dad made a few attempts at making a lasso…but the camera shutter speed wasn’t cooperating…(time to save up for a digital SLR)…still made for some cool shots…


Here are Dad & my shots while the sparkler was “popping”…I really like the “rain” effect you get from that section…I think my back and forth squiggle shot was as it was transitioning back to a regular sparkler…



Mike had WAY more consistent circles than me!


The end of my sparkler kept glowing a bit longer than the others…which made for a pretty cool picture too!


Perfect way to end vacation…back to reality on Monday after a drive back to DC today!

UPDATE: You can see a few more attempts of these sparkler pictures {here}! Enjoy!

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  1. Milo and I enjoyed the light show. Thanks for posting the cool photos.