Sunday, July 31, 2011

Laura Loves {July 2011}

July has been one of those months that oddly goes both fast and slow at the same time. Its gone fast in terms of fun with friends and family but I have also been excited for August 1st to come so I can start moving into my new apartment! But August is now upon us so it is time to recap things I’ve loved in July!!! You can go back and check out what I loved last month {here}.

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs

This month my family and I were on vacation at the Jersey Shore! Before vacation, my sister spotted these great Tommy Bahama beach chairs at Costco. We each decided to buy two. (This is the best stock photo I could find for you to get the idea {Photo Source})

TB Chair

I am head over heals for these beach chairs. They have 2 storage areas in the back…one regular zipper pouch and one that is insulated to be a cooler. They sport an adjustable head rest, have 3 reclining positions and even have the ability to lay flat. The bar in the back used to lay flat can also double as a towel rack when sitting upright. There is a pocket on the arm with a cup holder and a little pocket to keep a cell phone. However…my absolute FAVORITE feature of these chairs is that you can wear them as a backpack!!

My sister brought my set of 2 down to visit for July 4th! We headed to the National Mall to watch fireworks and used these chairs to carry our drinks, some fun and games, some dog stuff…and of course our seating! We were carrying quite a bit besides what was in the chairs as well and walked about 20 minutes to get to our spot on the Mall…but the chairs never felt heavy!! They were great! I will say though that I learned not to use the cell phone pocket on the arm….I forgot my phone was in there and it fell out when I moved the chair. Fortunately a very nice man had picked it up and got it back to me!

We had all four of our chairs down at the beach and we loved them! Every day we would pack up our own chairs to bring to the beach. And as other people struggled to carry their chairs…we would just have them on like backpacks…arms free to carry an umbrella or boogie board! I was even able to put my towel in the seat so I didn’t have to carry that as well! I love these chairs and I still see them at Costco for $25 each…worth every penny!!


Daily Grace

I just recently discovered the YouTuber DailyGrace and I am really enjoying watching her videos each day. Grace is a young improve comedian based *I THINK* in New York and she puts out YouTube videos 5 days a week! She has them up first thing in the morning so it has become one of my favorite ways to start my day! (Nothing like a good laugh in the morning). Recently she taught viewers how to make her own creation: Sweet Weenies!

I can’t decide if she is joking or not but I THINK these things might have actually surprised her and turned out good….I’m thinking I’m going to try them out when I have a housewarming party! Don’t worry I’ll make regular appetizers too!! Winking smile

Vera Bradley Desktop Wallpapers

I remember Vera Bradley literally blew up in college and was the “cool tote bag” to have for school. I always thought they were pretty but a bit expensive for what they seemed to be and so I sort of resisted the trend. My sisters have fallen in love with Vera Bradley bags and lately they have started to grow on me more and more…especially when on sale. I purchased my very first Vera Tote about a month ago while on clearance and I’ve really liked it….but that is not what I love this month…

While looking at the new Fall 2011 colors online I discovered this downloads page of the Vera Bradley website! I love the desktop wallpapers they provide!! A lot of them are great wallpapers because they only have a hint of the pattern you love while giving you a nice solid base on most of the screen so you can see your programs and folders! I have used 2 of them at work already and have bookmarked the page for when I feel the need for a change!

Also…as a sidenote…I really love the new pattern Safari Sunset….I MIGHT have to check out a bag in that pattern when these colors go on sale!!

Summer TV

My summer TV is in full swing! I am always a bit sad when my regular full season favorites end for the summer in May but come June/July some of my favorite shows that are only on in the summer come back! My top summer shows are Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance.

Now…some say Big Brother is garbage but my sister and I really love the show. I think its fascinating seeing how people almost have to play a game of “chess” with each other while having absolutely NO privacy locked in a house for 3 months. They have absolutely no contact with the outside world. They aren’t allowed to write anything down…and there are cameras on them 24/7. Pure recipe for paranoia and drama haha…but also some cool game strategy! In fact you can even subscribe to the live feeds so you can actually watch the contestants all day if you want…the show is filmed as its aired and the “eviction” shows happen live! (I don’t subscribe to the feeds but I’m considering it for next year…there are a lot of things you don’t see on the show!) I just think it is fun to see how people play this survivor type game in this situation. The best part is…its on 3 times per week!! (Which actually winds up not seeming like enough!) Its only the 4th week in the house so there is still time to watch what happens. It airs Sunday 8pm, Wednesday 8pm, and Thursday 9pm on CBS!

So You Think You Can Dance on the other hand is winding down and is only two weeks away from the finale! If you don’t watch this show….it is really impressive and finally got an Emmy nomination for Best Reality Competition series. The dancers for this show are unbelievable and a lot of the choreographers are amazing! Put those things together and you get a lot of amazing and entertaining pieces! Each show also provides an array of styles including hip hop, contemporary, ballroom, jazz, broadway, and sometimes even bollywood! Each week one guy and one girl get eliminated based on viewer votes as well as judges decisions…until the finale when we find out who wins the title of America’s Favorite Dancer!

Also a bonus….is the host Cat Deeley! She is such a great host! She seems to really care about the contestants, keeps the show moving, and is always on point! She also does her own styling!! So talented! She finally got an Emmy Nomination for Best Host this year which is well overdue!! I’m rooting for her during the Emmy’s!

Here is one of my favorite dance pieces from the show…with my personal favorite dancer Melanie!

There were a lot of things I’ve loved this month but I have to keep this one sort of short…lots more packing to get to! But on a fun note…my sister Linda is here and we are going to the Celebrity Soccer Challenge today to see Mia Hamm!!! (We are huge fans). I hope we can meet her!!

I’ll be back at the end of August with more Laura Loves!


  1. "And as other people struggled to carry their chairs…we would just have them on like backpacks" THATS SCHADENFREUDE, making me feel glad that I'm not you