Monday, August 15, 2011

It’s Birthday Season! {Monday Memories}

Welcome to Monday Memories! I really love seeing old photos or home videos of friends and getting to see what people looked like when they were young or hearing about the fun memories that go along with great photos. Sometimes home videos or personal photos are just plain funny! Each Monday I will share a old photo or video that goes along with a personal memory! Click {here} to see past Monday Memories! You can also see past photos (and bonus photos) from Monday Memories {here}.

This past few weeks have been crazy hectic with moving and while I’m not fully recovered…I did get my internet all set up and that means Monday Memories are back! The beginning of August has brought back a similar memory for me for the past few years! Let me preface this by saying that my group of college roommates (who you may recognize from earlier this summer!) all have birthdays in the same half of the year (between August & December)!. The first birthday of every school year (although school hadn’t started yet) was Jacqueline on August 2nd. It was like her birthday started off “birthday season.”

One year the group of us got together in Wildwood to celebrate Jac’s birthday down the shore! Her family had a condo down there and the group of us all met to enjoy a long birthday weekend! We had a blast! Two of my favorite roomie pictures of all time came from that weekend.


Unfortunately, while it is one of my favorite photos, our one roomie Jennifer hadn’t arrived yet at this point. She was coming up from Maryland and were were anxiously awaiting her arrival! We had a blast that weekend spending days on the beach and evenings celebrating Jac’s birthday! This is my other favorite picture (which includes Jenn! YAY!)


Now, contrary to what it looks like in the photo above, we celebrated Jac’s birthday in other ways as well! Another great moment of the weekend was the awesome ice cream sundaes we had! (Jenn was I think on her way this night…but Jac’s friend Annika was there to celebrate too!)


Please note Laura’s HUGE banana split (on the right) in the next photo…


Yup….she finished it all! She was a beast!!! It was crazy!


(If you’re wondering how she ate that thing and has such a great figure…the secret is Division I Swimming! hahaha)

That weekend we had tons of fun playing miniature golf, enjoying the beach, shopping, encountering “interesting” people, and I personally got over some personal fears of mine!! Oh and I believe I also taught the roomies a few simple household tasks that may or may not have involved a plunger…I believe that is when they decided I was “the handy one” hahaha.

Anyway, Jacqueline, I hope you had a wonderful birthday this year as well!! But I know we will always look back at this birthday down the shore as the ultimate kickoff to “birthday season!!”

Check back next week for more Monday Memories!!


  1. ahhhh <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Awwwwww....such amazing memories! Thanks for the birthday wishes. This year was a fun one, as well, but not as much fun as celebrating with you of all on my 21st! Miss you girls lots!!!!