Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Laura Loves {August 2011}

Is August really over already?!?! The months just keep going faster and faster! Well with the end of August…it is time for another edition of Laura Loves! To see things I’ve loved in past months, go {here}!

Taxi Magic App
The other weekend a few friends and I attended the Chesapeake Crab & Beer Festival at the National Harbor. Since my new apartment was closest to the festival (and we all planned on partaking in the beer tasting) my friends parked here and it was my job to call a cab to drive us to the festival! As I was looking up which cab companies served my area I came across a cab company that encouraged the use of the Taxi Magic App.


I downloaded the free app to my Android phone…put in my zip code…and the app showed me all of the taxi companies that served my area. In the list, it had a button to quickly call any of those companies right away. That sounds really simple, but it gets even better! There was one company totally registered with Taxi Magic…and for that company I could make the reservation straight from the app! You know you can do this because it says “book” next to the listing instead of a phone button (see screenshot below). I could ask for the cab right away or make an appointment for the future! It asked me if I want to save my address so that I could quickly call a cab in the future as well!


But wait…it gets even BETTER! Once it calls you a cab, it shows you via GPS exactly where your called cab is on its way! So its really easy to see when its about to arrive! We saw that the cab was downstairs and sure enough there it was waiting for us…and we hopped right in! Better yet…this cab took credit cards! Makes paying SOOO much easier!


This app made making plans that day super easy and painless. In the past (to me at least) I have always felt like looking up and calling a cab company has either taken forever or has been unreliable…particularly in the city where anyone can just grab your cab. I love how you can actually see where your cab is and that it is on its way!

This app will work in any city to quickly link you to local cab numbers, but in order for the GPS thing to work the cab company has to be registered with Taxi Magic so there might not be a service that is in your area yet. I still think its pretty great if you travel to a new city and need cab numbers! You have them all in one place and can call each with one button! Great app…and free on android…I definitely recommend it!

Man Think Tank
Recently I found this video which describes what might go through the mind of your average guy on a first date. You may recognize Matthew Rhys if you watched the ABC show Brothers & Sisters…but he is great in this video…along with the special effects.

I was going to embed the video right here on the blog…but there are a few bad words and since it’s the male mind on a first date a few taboo subjects as well…I just wanted to warn everyone before they just clicked “play”…it might not be super safe for work (ie…headphones) just due to some language and topics…but I still think its pretty funny and wanted to share! Enjoy {here}!

CorningWare Bowl/Mug
I’ll admit that this item is sort of half cheating. I have loved this item for longer than just this past month…but I have been using it A LOT lately. I’m talking about this CorningWare 20oz mug with lid.


My mom gave me this bowl a little while back and I LOVE it! It is perfect for warming up soup in the microwave. It will fit a standard Progresso can perfectly and the lid is really tight. In the morning I open a can of soup, pour it all in the mug and seal it. I trust the lid to even just toss the full mug in my purse! When I’m ready for lunch I just open the blue tab on the top to vent…and stick the whole thing in the microwave! If I don’t want to finish the whole two cups…I just reseal the lid and put the whole thing in the fridge! It heats evenly…vents well…and the mug handle makes it easy to carry downstairs to lunch! I actually probably need to buy another one or two…my ONE gets a LOT of use…it could probably use a break!

Rummikub on Facebook
Anyone who knows my family well knows that we LOVE the game Rummikub. I have played this game for as long as I can remember! It’s a family favorite! Recently…they made this game available on Facebook…and I have not been able to stop playing! As one of my all time favorite games, I love that I can play Rummikub with anyone anytime!

The game can be a bit confusing at first but its based on the card game Rummi. You have to make groups of tiles that are runs (1-2-3-4-etc) in the same color or groups (the same number) in different colors. The melds have to be at least 3 tiles long…and once they are out of peoples hands you can move the tiles around to try to get the rest of your tiles out. The first person to get rid of all their tiles wins!

I’d love it if anyone wants to come play online with me! I love that you can find your friends and play with them! It’s a fun game and I’d be happy to tutor anyone in it online…or in person!! You have to trade in “credits” to play…but they give you a daily bonus of credits around 7pm each day…so you can stock up if you just log in each day….you also don’t give up credits for games that you win…and you can earn more credits by playing with friends! So log in and join me! Smile

Milo Loves ~ Our New Porch
Milo has really loved our new apartment…but this definitely his new favorite area…


We have both been LOVING the new apartment as well…but we are still working on putting it all together…I will share more as we get more settled (and hopefully I’ll be blogging more too!).

That’s all I have for this month! Laura Loves will be back at the end of September!

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