Monday, August 1, 2011

Mia's Memory {Monday Memories}

Welcome to Monday Memories! I really love seeing old photos or home videos of friends and getting to see what people looked like when they were young or hearing about the fun memories that go along with great photos. Sometimes home videos or personal photos are just plain funny! Each Monday I will share a old photo or video that goes along with a personal memory! Click {here} to see past Monday Memories!

This weekend my sister Linda and I attended the Celebrity Soccer Challenge which was a charity soccer event. Mia and her husband Nomar (Garciapara) hosted the event and competed on opposite teams of different celebrities to promote and raise money for The Mia Hamm Foundation which supports patients in need of bone marrow transplants and their families and the Children's Medical Center.

I plan on writing more about the event in another post very soon...but for Monday Memories I had to post this awesome video I found. Before attending the event I was looking at Mia's Facebook page and saw this video posted about her favorite Women's World Cup memory...does it sound familiar?? (Well...after the ad).

As I watched this video I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I totally expected her to say something like the record setting crowd for the final match that year, maybe a goal that really brought the team together, something another player from another country said to her...or even another Women's World Cup ENTIRELY!

But one of her favorite memories...was seeing all the families tailgating at the stadium...there to watch them play the opening match of the 1999 Women's World Cup in New Jersey. I think its is sooooo unbelievably cool that in a way my family is part of one of her favorite World Cup Memories. I couldn't help but share!

Monday Memories will be taking next week off due to a busy busy busy week/weekend of moving! But I will post about the Celebrity Soccer Challenge soon! We had a great time...along with more Mia excitement!! :-)


  1. I love this clip of Mia, How can I save it foever?

  2. Hopefully you can just bookmark this page of my blog...unless ESPN takes it down :-/...