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Reunion Week! {Monday Memories}

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This past week was an exciting week of reunions! It all started two weeks ago when my friend from grad school, Yuling, contacted me telling me she would be stopping in DC on her drive back down from her internship in PA to start school in South Carolina! She let me know she was going to be in town a few nights and would really like to meet up with Sam and I for dinner! Yuling, Sam, and I had close desks our first year of grad school and then shared an office our second year!

Our first year of graduate school, Yuling would always chat with us and while she was working on her English…she’d show us some Chinese too…on top of introducing us to plenty of Chinese customs and food! :-) She was always so nice and probably one of my favorite people that I met in grad school.


When Yuling called we were excited for our reunion the following week…but we knew we’d be waiting until the next Tuesday or Wednesday. However we got a surprise reunion THAT Friday! Our friend Cody called Friday morning saying she made last minute plans with a friend to drive up to NYC and was going to be coming through DC!! Cody and I couldn’t meet up for lunch (the downfall of not really working IN the city) but she decided to hang around until the evening to meet up for dinner!

Cody was one of my best friends in grad school. Cody is from Romania but had been in the US teaching high school math for 3 years before coming to USC for grad school. Her, Sam and I were pretty fast friends and the three of us were close for the rest of graduate school…so we were really excited to get to have dinner with her on Friday night!

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So on Friday night…Cody surprised Sam at his place while I was at work and then when I got home she was one of the first friends to see my new apartment! Then we went out for dinner and margharitas before her and her friend made their way up to NYC. The visit was waaaay too quick but it was really wonderful to see her!

The next week we were able to meet up with Yuling on BOTH Tuesday night AND Wednesday night! Tuesday we met at my place and then went to La Tasca in Alexandria. We shared a tasting menu of tapas and a paella and it was sooooo good! I have really been loving tapas…especially with a group! You get sort of a family meal feel from it since you can share all your small plates and you get to have a bunch of different things. The food was great and of course we had great conversation. It was so great to catch up that Yuling wanted to continue our reunion Wednesday night! We decided to meet at Sam’s apartment and try a Thai place down the street. The Thai place had pretty good food…but the waiter was…in a word…intense. But we had a great time chatting about life and all the good times in the past.

It was so fun to catch up with friends from grad school…it makes you realize how fast the past two years have flown by!! I hope we all get to catch up again soon!!! :-).


In true stat nerd fashion…they are wearing our Stat Club T-Shirt from 2009 which states:


For all you non-statistics people out there that translates to “Probability of Awesome Equals 1”…aka…basically a 100% chance of being awesome…and I would agree with that!! Thanks for checking in with us ladies! I can’t tell you how great it was to see you both!!

Monday Memories might be taking a break next week….to allow me to focus a bit on new blog features Winking smile….exciting right!?!?!….But the memories will be back up soon so stay tuned!!

UPDATE: Yuling sent some pictures from our reunion! (Unfortunately our visit with Cody was so quick we forgot to take some pictures :-/)


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  1. Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold!