Friday, September 30, 2011

Laura Loves {September 2011}

I must say I have had a pretty awesome September! I’ve gotten way more settled into my apartment, had a great housewarming party, and even got to visit my graduate school to do a presentation at my old department! The only downside of this month has been the crazy amount of rain! I am hoping that October brings sunny fall weather similar to last year…but before we say a final goodbye to rainy but awesome September…lets go over some of the things I’ve loved this month!

While I was doing some last minute shopping for my housewarming party, I found a gorgous bouquet of white lilies! I got the bunch for my apartment and it made the place smell so wonderful for the party! I fell in love with lilies a few years back and I have actually had my eye out for a nice bunch for my new place and was so happy to find them! So this month I just needed to mention that I love lilies! :-)


Seasame Street Does "G"lee
Sesame Street usually keeps up with pop culture and I often enjoy the skits they do with celebrities. But this latest video really got me! They did a spoof on Glee! If you have ever seen Glee…this sketch is pretty spot on haha I love it! Enjoy!

Weird Fountain
I’m not really sure how I feel about this fountain in terms of “Laura Loves” but it has me sort of fascinated…and I love that at least. Apparently this fountain can tell when someone approaches it for a drink and will slowly reach down and pour the person water…weird right? Watch the video and let me know what you think!

Samsung Charging Station
While I was waiting for my flight this past week I came across a few of these fancy new charging stations scattered around the terminal by the gates. I actually had been considering charging my phone for a bit before my flight since I got there with some time and my battery has been just slightly less than stellar after having gone for a swim earlier this month (honestly I’m really thrilled it survived)…

This charging station is pretty awesome….it has a total of 6 power outlets, 2 USB outlets, and 4 micro USB outlets…a total of 12 outlets all for charging devices. It also has a touch screen where you can check the local weather, news highlights, and even play a few games while you wait for your device to charge. It even has a table that goes around along with a little mini shelf near the micro USB outlets for phones to rest.

I’m someone who usually looks for an outlet in the airport I thought this station was so cool! I have been in some airports where outlets are few and far between…and even when you do see one…it has to have an opening! I’m not ashamed to admit that I have sat in the hall near the bathroom in order to use my laptop during a long layover…

Samsung Mobile Has Installed New Charging Stations At Washington Airport

I hope to see these stations in more airports…so I can be sure to find a seat further away from the bathroom and still use my laptop…

Geographer Hudson

I have been reading the blog Blue Eyed Bride for a while now. Rebecca showed me her blog when she threw a crazy perfectly organized Green Eggs & Ham party for her then 1 year old Hudson! It’s fun to follow her since she lives in SC where I went to grad school and roots for the Gamecocks! I often recognize the places she talks about in her blog!

Hudson is now 2 years (and almost 4 months) and he is VERY impressive at US Geography! She put a video up on her blog {here} of Hudson completing the Melissa & Doug USA Map puzzle…and I can’t tell you how impressed I am. I must have watched this video 3 or 4 times at LEAST. Hudson is able to locate and name states from a pile of puzzle pieces and then put them accurately into a puzzle that is recommended for a child double his age! He isn’t perfect at it but his skills are beyond impressive (plus and when he mixes things up it’s just plain cute)! I love it!

I was thinking of embedding the video here but I thought it would be better to send you over to her blog to read her post and watch the video. Here is the link again! Go watch!

Well that is all I have this month for Laura Loves! You can check out past months {here}…and be sure to tune in at the end of (a hopefully sunny) October for more Laura Loves!

Monday, September 26, 2011

First Blog-aversary!!

Today marks the first anniversary of this little blog!!! A year ago I wasn’t quite sure if I would even last a month blogging let alone a whole year! Along the way I’ve realized that I can keep up with a blog find things to write about! Who knew? Some of the posts have been more entertaining than others…but I think this little blog has been a great way to update friends and family from all parts of my life what is going on with me currently.

Thanks to everyone who has kept up with this little piece of the internet over the past year! And if you just started reading recently…here are some of my favorite posts and features from my first year!

I started to blog with this post.

Then my confessions from a little trip to the grocery store seemed to to make readers laugh!

In November, I started a new birthday tradition!

Later that month, someone searched for “how to turn a lamp shade into something nice” and was probably disappointed to find this post.

In January I began my mission to be an Oscar Snob! And it was so great to reconnect with the movies and have reasons for my Oscar opinions…I plan on doing that again this year!

I began the monthly feature Laura Loves!

I started taking Milo on longer walks….and it began a great spring/summer of weight loss!

I began my first weekly feature Monday Memories…and it has provided me with the year’s most successful post!

I attempted to blog daily last week as a preview for Fall TV…and I know that I will only do that once a year from now on! Daily blogging was HARD!

And to this day…I have not written anything on my “About Laura” page….after a whole year…it is probably time to do that!

I hope people have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing! I can’t wait to see what this coming year of blogging has in store! Thanks so much for reading!

Friday, September 16, 2011

What I’m Watching on Weekends {Fall 2011}

The weekend is pretty slow for TV…except Sundays! So I decided I’m going to lump Fridays and Saturdays together with Sunday. So let’s check out what is in store for the DVR over the weekend!


Fridays on TV are all about trying out new shows. I get sort of nervous for shows slated for Fridays because they don’t really have a great chance to get good ratings since most people go out instead of watching TV…I always wonder if they take DVRs into consideration nowadays…anyway here is what my Friday lineup looks like…

tv fri

Pretty boring right? Ok well let’s chat about Grimm!

Star Grimm ~ Premieres 10/21 9:00pm – 10:00pm on NBC

Grimm doesn’t premiere for a while…but the concept sounds kind of interesting. The show is about a cop who finds out he descends from a line of hunters known as Grimms who are able to see fairy-tale supernatural creatures through their everyday disguises. I agree it sounds a little crazy…sort of like some cop drama mixed with fairy tales? Maybe with a bit of a Buffy tone? I decided it was just crazy enough to try out…although it does look a bit scary!!! But with a completely open Friday night…what's the harm? Unfortunately it doesn’t premiere until late October…so Friday nights will be “catch up on the DVR” night for me for a while. Check out the thriller like preview for Grimm


SNL~ Premieres 9/24 11:30pm – 1:00am on NBC

There really isn’t any prime time TV on for Saturday nights…but there is on old favorite…SNL!! I enjoy watching SNL…its usually hit or miss and I don’t think it will ever go back to my favorite time in the mid 90s with Will Ferrell, Cherri Oteri, Molly Shannon, etc…or even the era of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. But I have to say I really like Kristen Wiig. I think a lot of people get tired of her playing a “weirdo” but I personally think that maybe they don’t notice how many other skits she does. I personally think she is really funny and really talented and one of the highlights of the show for me. I’m not sure who they are adding to the cast this year (if they are at all)…but I’m excited for it to come back. The season premiere is Saturday 9/24 at 11:30pm on NBC. Alec Baldwin will be hosting for the 16th time…which will give him the record for “most frequent host.” Currently he shares that title with Steve Martin at 15.


Sunday is my big weekend night of TV…filled with both old favorites and new shows! Check out the Sunday schedule below!

tv sun

The Amazing Race ~ Premieres 9/25 8:00pm – 9:00pm on CBS

If there is one reality show out there that I’d LOVE to be on it is The Amazing Race!! (Although I highly doubt I’m fit enough for it!)…This is one really great show. It takes teams of two in a race around the world. Each leg of the race there are challenges (both physical and mental) that have to do with the culture of the country they are racing through. The last team to finish each leg of the race is eliminated until there are only 3 teams left racing to the finish. I find this show so cool to see all the places they go and the challenges they have to complete. Its just a really great competition…one of my absolute favorites. Here is a look at the teams competing this season…

Star  Once Upon A Time ~ Premieres 10/23 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ABC

Once Upon A Time is another late-comer to the Fall season starting late October…and similar to Grimm it looks like it could be pretty weird…but I think there is a really interesting concept. Characters from fairytales are trapped in a modern day town with no recollection of their fairy tale past…I’m not quite sure what the goings on will be but I think it really could be interesting….or just be major overkill. But I really like Ginnifer Goodwin so I think this show has some potential…check out the preview below!

Desperate Housewives ~ Premieres 9/25 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ABC

Desperate Housewives is heading into its 8th and final season. I have to agree it is time for the show to gracefully depart. I really enjoyed Desperate back when it started but in the last few years it has gotten really nutty. I personally still enjoy it because I have grown to like certain characters…but I think it has passed its prime. We have a whole season to say goodbye to Wisteria Lane...and I’m hoping a lot of closure happens. I think it will be kind of a weird goodbye after so many years…but its definitely time. If you have never watched Desperate before I don’t think it is worth tuning in…but if you have…what do you think of the series now? The preview for the final season takes a look back at the past…and in a way you can kind of see how much crazier it gets…

Sister Wives ~ Premieres 9/25 9:00pm –10:00pm (I think) on TLC

I have really enjoyed the first two seasons of Sister Wives and I am excited for the upcoming installment. This is a reality show documenting the lives of Kody, his 4 wives (he is only married to the first wife legally), and all their children. I think this might be turning into a 1 hour show this year  but I’m not sure…the last few seasons it has only been half hour…but the seasons were also pretty short. Here is an ORINGIAL trailer from the series so you can get an idea…the first season focused on bringing 4th wife Robyn into the family…

During the last season, due to coming out in the open as polygamists on the in the first season, the family was forced to move out of state and out of their home they all shared into 4 separate (but close) houses. Coming up in the third season, Kody’s newest wife Robyn, is pregnant with their first child together. It really is fascinating to watch this family. I think they can be a bit hard to relate to in the romantic relationship part…but easy to relate to as a family who loves each other. I find myself rooting for them. They don’t seem to be the sort of colt type polygamists we can see on news stories marrying off girls at a young age to an elder who has 15 wives….this is a modern family dealing with modern issues…on top of the issues of being polygamists. I think this is a cool show…and I would recommend it…just for the sake of starting up interesting conversations. Below is the season 3 preview…

The Real Housewives of New Jersey ~ Its already on!! Sundays 10:00pm – 11:00pm on Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season is actually probably pretty close to being over (it started in early summer) but I think there are a few more episodes so I needed to include it in the scheduling. I really watch the NJ Housewives because I’m from New Jersey…I know its sort of a crazy show…but I think its funny and entertaining. I’m not even sure how it stacks up to the other Real Housewives shows because I only watch this one. If you are into this sort of reality TV…I like how intertwined all of these housewives are…and I have enjoyed this season how no one is really the REAL villain…(although Teresa has her moments) but I think everyone has looked both good and bad throughout the season and I like that dynamic. But in a few weeks this will be out of my Sunday lineup again until next summer!

Star  Pan Am ~ Premieres 9/25 10:00pm – 11:00pm on ABC

I am actually really excited about the new series Pan Am…I’ve been missing a good dose of a time period piece show…and I think Pan Am will fit the bill nicely. It will be interesting to see what story lines they come up with for the women flying all over the world. I feel like I haven’t seen Christina Ricci since Casper and Now and Then (if I recall correctly…she got to kiss Devon Sawa in both of those films…my 12 year old self is SUPER JELOUS)…and I think she seems to have the perfect face for this show. Something about the preview tells me I’m really gonna like it…but I guess we shall see…do you think you will be watching Pan Am???

So there you have it…everything I plan on checking out during the Fall 2011 Season Premieres! I’m so ready for it all to start! Looking at the amount of shows it can seem a bit daunting…but many of those shows will be cut out of my schedule in a few weeks. I plan on doing an update later this season to tell you guys what I wound up sticking with! I hope you have enjoyed the last week of What I’m Watching…if you missed it check out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! And don’t forget to let me know what shows you will be watching (or did watch and liked/disliked) in the comments!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I’m Watching Thursdays {Fall 2011}

Thursdays are another busy day for the DVR but largely full of shows that are old favorites for me. I actually only have one new show that I was am going to try on Thursdays…but we will get into that when I talk details…here is what Thursday has in store this fall…

tv thurs

Star  Charlie's Angels ~ Premieres 9/22 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ABC

I wasn’t sure I was going to add Charlie’s Angels to my list of shows to try…but when I was making my original schedule and saw an opening…I decided to throw it in there and try it out. I think it really has the potential to be good or cheesy…but in the past few years ABC hasn’t been too shabby with programming so I’m gonna go into this thinking positive! I wasn’t around when the original Charlie’s Angels was airing…so I might actually have a better shot of liking this remake (not having any bias for the old version). I also think my TV lineup could use a little more action…and I like Mila Kunis….I think this has some potential. Let’s check out the preview:

Parks & Recreation ~ Premieres 9/22 8:30pm – 9:00pm on NBC

I’m really excited for Parks & Recreation to come back. I have loved Amy Poehler since she was on SNL and I was pleasantly surprised as Parks & Rec grew that she didn’t just play another crazy and inappropriate boss like Michael on The Office. Poehler gives her character Leslie Knope space to be a bit kooky…but she really is smart, loyal, has a big heart and good ideas and doesn’t always do the dumbest thing possible. The other characters in the show are great too…and the anarchist who is a boss in the government, Ron, has become a bit of a cult fan favorite! This season…I’m crossing my fingers for Leslie to finally have some luck in love! I’d recommend checking out Parks & Rec, especially if you assumed its just another version of The Office…while it is a bit of a mockumentary as well…it definitely has a different feel. Check out the preview for this season below!

Grey’s Anatomy ~ Premiere 9/22 9:00pm – 11:00pm (regularly 9:00pm – 10:00pm) on ABC

Grey’s Anatomy is a long time favorite for me. I have loved this show since its beginning in the spring of 2005. If you like medical dramas…this one is definitely for you but considering it’s a drama…if you haven’t watched in the past…I’d recommend starting from the beginning. I think Grey’s is starting to show its age the past season or so (it is now starting up season 8)…cast members have come and gone…storylines are getting stretched thin or going a LITTLE crazy…but being someone who has watched from the beginning…I am still a fan and will watch until it ends…but I still think it’s one worth watching (from the start)…it really is a good drama. Check out what is coming up this season:

The Office ~ Premiere 9/22 9:00pm – 9:30pm on NBC

I actually didn’t start watching The Office when it first began. I tried it out and sort of didn’t get as hooked as other people. But around season 3…I gave it another chance on DVD and saw how much it grew and improved and I have been a fan since. I have to say though that I’m back to being a bit skeptical about it this coming season. It will be hard for the show to go on without Steve Carell at the helm…he was basically the main idea behind the show…the crazy boss…so I’m not going to lie when I say the show could either be great with a new feel orrrrr not very good with a big big void when he is gone this season…I guess we shall see…but now that it has become another old favorite…I don’t see giving it up either way.

The only problem with The Office is that I’m overly booked in its timeslot…but I think I might be able to watch this online…and Project Runway will end at the midseason so it will make it back on to the DVR in no time!

Project Runway ~ Premiere…it already started!  9:00pm – 10:30pm on Lifetime

Project Runway started their season a few weeks ago but there are still PLENTY of weeks to go if you want to get in on this show! I have always enjoyed watching Project Runway mainly for watching the cool and creative things the designers come up with…especially with the weird challenges (such as making an outfit from items from a Pet Store). It really is amazing what they come up with. Over the past few seasons, Project Runway has extended its broadcast to 1.5 hours and I have to say that sort of makes it drag a bit for me. I think with this show I’m less interested in the drama and more interested in the pieces that come down the runway in the end…so I sort of wish it didn’t extend its broadcast. Extending into the 10pm timeslot, it doesn’t mess up my schedule too much. I would recommend Project Runway if you appreciate the arts…not as much for the fact of it being a reality competition. I like it for what the talented designers come up with. If that is the reason you are interested in tuning in…you definitely don’t need to watch from the beginning of the season…just jump right in!

Private Practice ~ Premiere ~ 9/29 10:00pm – 11:00pm on ABC

Private Practice is a spinoff from Grey’s Anatomy. It is another medical drama but not in the context of a hospital…in the context of a practice of physicians with various specialties. The premise was following Addison Shepard…the ex-wife of one of the main characters on Grey’s Anatomy…as she leaves Seattle Grace Hospital (on Grey’s) to find herself with some old medical school friends and decides to join their practice in California. It has grown to become about the entire cast as opposed to just watching Addison…but that character is the reason I got into it. Private Practice is definitely not as good as Grey’s…and I sort of find it crazy how mix and match the cast is with who is hooking up with who…sort of unrealistic and annoying…but some of the storylines have me hooked…and I really think its fun when Grey’s and Private Practice do “crossovers” so the characters go back and forth between the shows for various issues.

I actually wouldn’t necessarily recommend Private Practice…it’s not that it’s bad…its alright…but if you haven’t gotten into it already I’m not sure its worth going back to watch the past seasons to catch up…there are definitely series that are more worthy of your time. But its not a bad show if you are watching it…I’m personally interested to see where it winds up…and they do bring in interesting cases and issues with patients so that is always entertaining. Here is a preview for the upcoming season:

After much debate…this season I’m skipping out on the new sitcom Whitney on NBC. Besides the fact that I don’t really have room during its timeslot (9:30pm – 10:00 pm)…I saw Whitney host a New Years thing this past year on TV and she really just rubbed me the wrong way. I was considering giving her another chance if I could find room in my lineup…but I don’t. If anyone decides to watch it let me know how it is! If it is really good maybe I’ll give it a chance online.

What will you be watching on Thursdays? Have you stuck with Grey’s or Private Practice? Any thoughts on this season of Project Runway? Let me know in the comments! Tomorrow I’ll be highlighting what I’ll be watching over the weekends (in which Sunday is the biggest day)! And if you missed it be sure to check out what I plan on watching Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I’m Watching Wednesdays {Fall 2011}

Wednesday is my busiest and days of my TV week! But due to my absolutely favorite show…it is also the night I look forward to the most! I have lots of existing shows airing on Wednesday but I also have some new series I want to test out as well. So let’s get down to business! Here is what Wednesday nights look like for my DVR…

tv wed

NOTE: I actually was only looking at premiere times when I made my calendar! I just realized that the last two shows on the schedule will normally air in the half hour segments from 8-9pm! This poses a problem for me since I already have 2 shows going on during those times…I will be testing Up All Night and Free Agents out this week since they premiere tonight…however, when I write my update post I’ll let you know if I’m still watching them and my solution for the timeslot conflict! (Most likely figuring out which ones I can watch online or on demand).

Survivor ~ Premieres 9/14 (TONIGHT!) 8:00pm – 9:00pm on CBS

I have been an on and off fan of Survivor since its second season. Since that season I can’t remember how many seasons I’ve watched but it was definitely touch and go. The past few seasons however I’ve been a loyal fan. Last season Survivor changed its game by adding a Redemption Island twist where those who get voted out get sent to compete with other “evictees” on Redemption Island and the last one standing has a chance to return to the game. I liked and disliked the Redemption Island twist for different reasons but overall I think it was good. In a game like Survivor you need change or else the game gets dull because people evidently learn the “perfect” way to play it. Last season however, even with a new twist…I think Boston Rob played an absolute PERFECT game and it was so impressive to watch. It has now become one of my favorite reality shows…seeing how people balance being a tough competitor with a social game. I think a lot of people tend to discount a good social game…but its really very important. It shifts the game of Survivor into a game of chess. You have to know when to make moves to get physically strong or socially strong people out to make it through. Hopefully this season will be exciting as well! I guess I’ll find out tonight! Here is a preview for this season!

The Middle ~ Premieres 9/21 8:00pm – 9:00pm (regularly 8 – 8:30) on ABC

Sometimes I feel bad for The Middle because it is such a strong comedy but sort of overshadowed by the amazing Modern Family…but really this show is just as worth watching! It is about a middle class family (the Hecks) dealing with middle class life in the middle of the good old USA. Patricia Heaton is amazing as the mother and narrator of this sitcom and the show picks the perfect things for her to gripe about. She has three kids, an insensitive “too cool” teenage son, an awkward younger teenage daughter, and an “interesting” socially awkward young son. I think this show would be the funniest to mothers seeing as how that’s the point of view the story is told from…but at the same time I think anyone can relate to the family dynamic and typical family issues they deal with…especially being in “the middle.” I highly recommend this show…it is one of my favorites! And as a bonus…Patricia will be reunited with her old TV hubby Ray Romano who is guest staring in the season premiere! Here is the original trailer from when it first premiered…just to give you an idea :-)…it really is a great show...

And here is the preview for Season 3:

Star Suburgatory ~ Premieres 9/28 8:30pm – 9:00pm on ABC

I was apprehensive about adding this show to the line-up  because it doesn’t look like it can stand up to being sandwiched between the awesome Middle and Modern Family…but when I saw some of the people acting in it…I decided to give it a try. This will actually be competing for this timeslot with Free Agents (see below). If they are both good enough I might have to figure out a solution to watch them both…but we shall see. This show is about a sarcastic 16 year old girl who is moving in with her single date out of the big city to the suburbs. I saw that her younger sister (I think) is played by a funny young actress who was in Weeds…and her father is played by a great actor from Six Feet Under (both great shows)…so I think I want to see how these two fare in a network sitcom. I’m not totally confident with this pick but I’m going to give it a try. We will see who wins this timeslot in my personal line-up when I give everyone an update.

Modern Family ~ Premieres 9/21 9:00pm – 10:00pm (regularly 9 – 9:30) on ABC

Modern Family is 100% my favorite show on TV. The actors, the writing, everything is just amazing. It’s a sitcom about a close knit extended family. The father Jay (Ed O’Neal) is married to a hot younger (but good hearted) Latina woman Gloria who has a sensitive and very mature preteen son Manny. Jay’s son Mitchell is gay and has been with his partner Cameron for 5 years. They adopted Lily when the show began…they are now considering adoption again. Jay’s daughter (and Mitchell’s sister) is semi control freak named Clare who is married to the “cool dad” Phil. They have three kids who are between upper elementary though high school. Here is the family picture for Season 3.


The awesome thing about this sitcom…while there are a couple of overarching storylines…you can pretty much pick it up at anytime and find it funny. The only reason I would recommend watching the beginning is so you don’t miss out on the last two seasons of awesomeness! This show dominates at the Emmy’s…in fact this year the ENTIRE adult cast is nominated for best supporting actor or actress in a comedy! The writing is so great…there is a witty comment here, joke there, and everything is always perfect! They don’t even always go for the obvious easy joke which makes it even better. The humor is exactly my style. But in fact I haven’t come across one person who has watched and doesn’t enjoy this show. I can’t say enough about it…and I can’t wait for it to return! Here is a preview that sort of highlights the past!

Happy Endings ~ Premieres 9/28 9:30pm – 10:00pm on ABC

I didn’t watch Happy Endings until I caught up with it online at the end of the season and I’m really glad I did. I sort of feel like this show fills the void of Friends. It’s a group of six friends who are going through various phases of relationships. Two of them are dating around (one gay and one straight)…two are married to each other…and two have just recently broken up…on the alter. The premise of the show is how the group is dealing with the harsh breakup since they are all mutual friends. But the sitcom gets better from there. I won’t say it stacks up with the likes of Modern Family…but I think it is pretty good so I’m going to try to keep up with it this season.

Star Up All Night ~ Premieres 9/14 (TONIGHT!) 10:00pm – 10:30pm (regularly 8 – 8:30) on NBC

Up All Night is the sitcom I think I’m looking forward to the most…mainly because I really like Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph. I think it really has a lot of potential to be a great sitcom about what its like to make the transition into early parenthood. Normally though it will be airing at 8pm which is a timeslot I already have double booked. Since it is starting this week…I’m going to give it a shot but it will really need to impress me to stay in the line up. The thing is I think if any of the new sitcoms can impress me…its this one…check out the preview.

I may just need to see which shows I can watch On Demand or online to make this work…hmm

Star Free Agents ~ Premieres 9/14 (TONIGHT!) 10:30pm – 11:00pm (regularly 8:30 – 9) on NBC

I actually hadn’t heard much about Free Agents until my Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview issue. It is a sitcom about two coworkers who hook up and then have to figure out what they should do about it. They both genuinely like each other but are nervous about having an office romance and all the complications that come along with that. Sounds like my kind of show! This show will normally air at 8:30pm so it will be in competition with Suburgatory for the timeslot. Like I said above…I’ll definitely let you know which show wins out during my update in a few weeks. (I think based on the previews I’m leaning toward this one).

One big talked about show that I’ll be skipping out on is The X Factor. I know its Simon’s big return to judging a singing competition…but I have so much TV already happening on Wednesday nights…I’m not sure I have room for it. Plus I’m not the biggest Idol fan…and I know this is supposed to be slightly different but…seems too similar to me…so I wasn’t really motivated to make room for it. I’m sure I’ll be hearing if it is really good…so we will see what happens…but I honestly love my Wednesday shows…so I can’t see making too many adjustments to try to squeeze it in.

What are you going to be watching on Wednesdays? Are you as excited about Modern Family as me?!?! Will you be checking out Up All Night tonight?? Let me know in the comments! I’ll be back tomorrow with what I’ll be watching on Thursdays! (If you missed it…here is what I’m watching Mondays & Tuesdays!)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I’m Watching Tuesdays {Fall 2011}

It’s Tuesday!!! My Tuesday TV Schedule is a bit busier for the DVR than Monday…and some of the shows even premiere tonight!!! So lets get right to it! Here is what my Tuesday show lineup looks like!

tv tues

Glee ~ Premieres 9/20 at 8:00pm - 9:00pm on FOX

I was a tad late joining the Glee train but I have been a fan now since the second half of the first season. I really love Glee mainly for the music. I have to say I really love their covers. Being a person who participated in the school musical, chorus, and show choir…I really enjoy and appreciate the performances. I think that in terms of storyline…it can get a bit crazy for me. I think the first season was good and I like the issues they dealt with. The second season (story wise not music wise) went downhill. But I really really love the music and watching them perform. The cast are really amazing singers and dancers and I know it from seeing them live! So I can’t wait to see what music they have in store for this coming season! (I’m also excited for the witty one liners from Britney, Emma, and of course Sue!)

Dancing with the Stars Results ~ Premieres 9/20 9:00pm -10:00pm on ABC

The main performance show of Dancing with the Stars is on Monday nights so I talk more about that on the post from yesterday…but I am also looking forward to the results show of DWTS. Of course this is the “drama” night were one celeb gets kicked off the show but I actually really look forward to the performances they have the results night. They often bring stars of dance from different genres, have musical guests, and even sometimes have a kids ballroom competition which is soooo impressive! Last season they showcased kids who are beyond talented dancers while at the same time overcoming hardships…it was really touching and it was wonderful to watch those kids get such a great opportunity. So I’m excited for my second weekly dose of dancing!

Star Ringer ~ Premieres 9/13 (TONIGHT) 9:00pm -10:00pm The CW

Ringer is a brand new series this fall. I am actually a bit apprehensive about it. I haven’t watched a show on The CW since it was the WB! (sigh….Dawson’s Creek)…and I also sometimes haven’t been the biggest fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar (although I can’t fully put my finger on why)…but I am really intrigued by this new series. A woman who has a bit of a rough life happens upon a situation where she thinks her identical twin is dead. Assuming the grass is greener…she takes the opportunity to get out of her life and take over her sister’s life…but is she really dead??? AND…is the grass even greener in the first place??? The potential places for this story to go between possibly getting caught impersonating her sister…how she gets out of her old life…what really happened to the twin…I think I really could enjoy this show. Plus SMG plays both sisters so that is always fun to see if they do that well. To top that off…SMG has been away from TV for so long…something must have been good in the script to draw her back in (I know that’s the hook the network is playing and…ya know what…it’s working!) I could see myself either loving or quickly dropping this show though…but I will be checking out Ringer tonight…will you??


Parenthood ~ Premieres 9/13 (TONIGHT) 10:00pm - 11:00pm on NBC

Parenthood was hands down one of my favorite shows the past two seasons. This show has an amazing cast and really deals with a lot of various parenting issues from dealing with your teenage daughter who is unmotivated but talented, to helping your son deal with an absentee father, to how to handle your child finding out that they have Asperger's Syndrome and all the other difficulties that come with that diagnosis. I think it’s a great show with real heart. While there are a few storylines that have gone a bit off the deep end…for the most part I think its trying to show all sorts of issues that come with parenthood in the parent/child and co-parent relationships. It’s sort of the perfect drama complement to the comedy of Modern Family. And to top it off it comes from Ron Howard!! I HIGHLY recommend this show…so much that I’ll give you the old preview from before it even aired…(to be honest I sort of recommend you start from the beginning on DVD)…

In fact these scenes were filmed with a different actress as the mother dealing with her teen daughter…unfortunately Maura Tierney (ER) got breast cancer and needed to get treatment so Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) took over the role. Lauren does an amazing job with the role (I think they would have both been great though). If you have been enjoying Parenthood or you just feel like diving right in…here is the trailer for Season 3 (including a catch-up from last season)…I can’t wait for it to start TONIGHT!!! (SPOILER ALERT…if you want to start from the beginning DON’T WATCH!!)

I decided to pass on the new Tuesday sitcom New Girl. While I really like the main actress (Zooey Deschanel) I can’t really get into the concept. I think the type of kooky girl she is playing will be slightly over the top annoying instead of funny. If anyone decides to watch it and it really is funny let me know! It premieres 9/20 at 9:00 - 9:30pm on FOX.

So what do you plan on watching on Tuesdays this fall? Are you going to be watching Parenthood or Ringer tonight? Let me know! And be sure to check in tomorrow for what I’m watching Wednesday! It’s one of my favorite nights!

Monday, September 12, 2011

What I’m Watching Mondays {Fall 2011}

Happy Monday!! Today kicks off my weeklong series of posts dedicated to previewing what I will be watching as the Fall 2011 TV season gets underway! Monday is actually usually a pretty slow night for me but I do actually have an addition to my Monday lineup this year! Here is what my TV schedule looks like on Monday nights!

tv monday

Dancing With The Stars ~ Premieres 9/19 at 8:00pm-10:00pm on ABC

I got into Dancing with the Stars a few years back. I actually resisted watching this show in the early seasons. But a few years ago, after falling in love with the summer show So You Think You Can Dance and missing watching some dancing in the fall, I decided to give this a try. Plus my parents really love the show and it is fun to talk to them about it! I understand those who think its kind of a silly show…but I really like the routines that the talented professionals put together and its also pretty entertaining to watch the celebrities improve over the weeks...I usually find myself rooting for a celebrity I didn’t expect to like at first or maybe even one who I didn’t know before the show.

I also really like how they highlight really talented dancers during the results show. They always have dancers performing during a musical guest, they have young dancers come to showcase their talents, and they have “stars of dance” in various genres perform each week. I find dance entertaining so I find this show entertaining…but I can understand why people might not enjoy it.

I have to say this seasons cast of DWTS I personally think is pretty decent. I know some of the more conservative audience are a bit upset about Chaz Bono dancing saying this should be a family show…and all I have to say to that is…unless you tell your child that Chaz Bono is transgendered, I’m pretty sure there really is no reason any young child would assume otherwise. I also think it is a good life lesson to be respectful of people and treat them like regular people. However you feel about what Chaz decided for himself…it doesn’t effect anyone else…so let’s respect his decision and just let him dance! (Ok that is all I have to say about that!)

Here are this season’s cast for Dancing With The Stars:
(Not sure the video works for those who use Google Reader…you may have to click through)

And one of my favorites Daily Grace reviews the cast…

This year I *think* I’m going to be rooting for Hope Solo…but a lot of times I need to see the first few episodes of the show before I really pick someone to root for. In shows like this I usually just find myself naturally rooting for someone…so I will let everyone know who I’m rooting for when I update about the shows I’m sticking with in a few weeks!

The Sing Off! ~ Premieres 9/19 at 8:00pm-10:00pm on NBC

While this show isn’t a new series for me, it is new to the regular season TV schedule. Normally this The Sing Off is aired during the winter midseason break. This year they are having a full fall season.

The Sing Off is basically real life Glee…but a bit more intense…everything is sung a cappella! I am so impressed by good a cappella groups…the way they can make the percussion sounds on top of singing every melody and harmony. Sometimes its hard to believe there are no instruments. I find it so impressive and fun to watch so I decided I want to tune in for the fall season. I actually don’t know much about the groups performing…but I can’t wait to watch! Here is a preview:

Since each of these shows are 2 hour blocks, I don’t really have much room to add shows to the Monday night schedule. There really isn’t anything in the 10pm timeslot that I’m interested in. I thought about watching the new sitcom 2 Broke Girls…but it seems like it could cross the comedy border into being too cheesy for my personal tastes. On the other hand, EW picked it as one of their Top 5 new series…if anyone tries it out and finds they like it feel free to comment! It premieres September 19th at 9:30pm-10:00pm on CBS.

What shows will you be watching Mondays? Do you know who you are rooting for on DWTS? Let me know in the comments! And come back tomorrow to find out What I’m Watching Tuesdays!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Ago…

Ten years ago today I was a junior in high school getting settled into my second week of classes at a small high school in central New Jersey.

Ten years ago today I was 16 years old 2 months away from my drivers license.

Ten years ago today it was my parents 18th wedding anniversary.

Ten years ago today shortly into first period pre-calculus they announced that everyone should report back to our homerooms until further notice.

Ten years ago today my homeroom teacher let us know that an accident had happened at the World Trade Center and was trying to find out more information.

Ten years ago today my teacher was allowed to confirm that a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers…my entire class (including my teacher) thought it must be a horrible mistake made by a small six seater plane or helicopter…that was the only thing we could realistically believe.

Ten years ago today my teacher told us that it was actually a commercial airliner.

Ten years ago today my teacher shared that a second plane had hit…and we all knew something terrible was happening…the first was definitely no accident…

Ten years ago today we found out the Pentagon had also been hit…

Ten years ago today they told us that they had downed all air traffic all over the country…unheard of…

Ten years ago today my teacher informed us that one of the towers had collapsed…and once again everyone (including my teacher) thought that it couldn’t be true…only a few of the floors must have fallen…

Ten years ago today we found out that in fact…the entire building fell...not long followed by the second…and I still truly believed I would go home and see 2 “half towers” sitting there destroyed…as if the top half had fallen over….I was wrong.

Ten years ago today they called all students who had parents who worked in NYC to come down to the front office…we were only 45 minutes away…

Ten years ago today they sent us all home early…I turned on the news and I saw how wrong all my mental images were about was all even worse…I stared in disbelief…and I cried.

Ten years ago today…I could not stop watching as the footage replayed over and over and over.

Ten years ago today my mom came home from working at the middle school where they had to be way more sensitive about telling the students what was going on…especially when so many had parents working in the city…

Ten years ago today a father in town who had chaperoned one of our HS trips that last spring never came home from his job as a NY Port Authority Police Officer…9 years and 11 months from today…the family called off the search and accept what must have happened.

Nine years and 11 months from today…I secretly hoped he would wake up out of a coma as an unidentified rescued person in a hospital…I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be never even knowing where he wound up to be able to say goodbye…

Ten years ago tomorrow…we could smell it in the air…

Ten years ago tomorrow…they played the The National Anthem and America the Beautiful over the loud speaker at school and had a moment of silence all at the time the first plane hit…and I could not hold back my tears…I was not the only one…and I was not embarrassed…there was no teasing going on at school that day…

Ten years ago…I couldn’t listen to the song Proud To Be An American without crying…

Ten years ago today…still feels like yesterday…

I will never forget what happened, where I was, or the thoughts that ran thought my head on September 11, 2001. The following years continuing through college I would always go to the vigils and each passing year it got a little easier…even though every year the disbelief that it has been <this many> years gets worse. But this year…being sort of a big anniversary…it seems just a little bit harder.

I have happened upon two specials on TV this year so far about that day. Hearing people say my exact thoughts brought me right back there…its been a hard thing to watch…but just like that day…I can’t turn it off. Video footage still has me frozen on the channel…just like that day I still find my hand creeping over my slightly open mouth and my head slightly shaking “no”…tears included.

When I was young we’d always bring visitors for a day in NYC and the Twin Towers were a staple of the skyline and they were usually always one of our stops. Dad always pointed them out when we were driving north on the Turnpike. It’s how I grew up identifying the NYC skyline.


To this day it still seems very weird that the towers aren’t there. It’s amazing how precious pictures like this have become…



My sister was watching a special on YouTube…and amazingly among the thousands of missing person fliers at ground zero…the one with the father from my town was in a close up…brought me back to those weeks of hoping he’d turn up in a hospital…how the town came around the family…and how today our new middle school gym is named after him.


My friend pointed out this map from the New York Times…and I think its fascinating to look at…if you feel so inclined…contribute.

I am be watching the the TV specials airing this morning. I am most likely going to watch the one that starts at 8:46am and goes until 10:48am. I plan on taping either NBC or CBS as well. That will be my way of reflecting on the events…as is this post. Then I will be moving forward with my day as planned. I am hopeful that the next ten years will again grow easier…but I anticipate it getting just a little bit harder again in 2021…

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Introducing - What I’m Watching {Fall 2011}

I am soooooo excited that the Fall TV season is upon us! It’s one of my favorite times of year. Even though I have some shows that I love to watch in the summer…when those shows wind down I realize how much I really miss my regular season television. It is so refreshing when the new season of TV starts and I not only say hello to old favorites but try out some new shows too!

The beginning of the season is always the craziest time for me in terms of what is on TV…some shows have switched time slots, some are gone for good (RIP Brothers & Sisters), and then there are all the new series to test out. Because the fall represents the biggest change in my TV schedule (and my DVR can only tape 2 things at one time), it is really important for me to prep before the season starts. Each year I make myself a calendar on Google Calendar just to be able to merge all the lineups from all the different channels so I can figure out where my priorities lie and what new series I can afford to try.

Now, before you go thinking I’m totally crazy (I know…its too late for that):

  1. I don’t have to keep this calendar for the whole year…its really just for initial planning purposes. Some shows premiere different weeks so catching the shows when they start is important. Its also easier to make minor adjustments for new midseason shows…but with all the shows starting in the beginning of the season…the calendar REALLY helps.
  2. While there are a lot of shows on my calendar in the beginning of the season…many of the new shows don’t last very long in my lineup. I will usually try SOMETHING in a free timeslot in the first week or so…however if things are overlapping time slots they REALLY have to interest me to get me to try them. Also, if a show doesn’t keep my interest after the first one or two episodes…it is OUT. That might seem harsh but with the amount of shows that I am already loyal too…I don’t really have room for shows that don’t keep me interested. I also find it WAY easier to drop a show when it isn’t for me at first than if it is one that I once Iiked that is sort of going downhill. Best example…I think Desperate Housewives has gone majorly crazy in the past few years…but because I liked it in the beginning…I still watch. So I need to throw shows away when I know it’s the easiest for me to do it.

Sooooo after looking at the various network websites and studying my Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview issue…Here is a sneak peak at my Fall TV 2011 calendar:

TV Schedule

A yellow star indicates a new show I’ll try out this season, a red star represents a new show that will start later in the season (October or November)…and no star indicates one of my regular shows that I’ll continue to watch from last year!

Obviously this all looks like a LOT…so much that you can’t even read some of the show names in this calendar view! I really would love to talk about what I plan on watching this year…but clearly one post will not be sufficient to discuss all of these shows. So my plan is to write one post for each day Monday – Thursday and one combo post for Friday through Sunday (since not much is on over the weekend besides Sunday). I hope to give some insight on shows that I already know and some reasoning as to why I want to try the new ones. I’ll probably even note why I’m not going to watch some of the other new shows.

Starting next Monday (9/12) I will start my daily profiles of what is on. I will have the posts up in the morning because some shows are actually starting that week and I’d like to profile what I’m watching before it actually airs. A few weeks into the season I will update everyone on which shows I actually wind up sticking with!

I am really excited to write about some of my favorite shows and I hope you all share what you plan on watching this TV season! So let me know what you plan on watching this season and be sure to check out What I’m Watching on Monday!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I’ve Been Up To…

Soooo I’ve probably seemed a bit MIA recently (besides some regular features) and there are a few reasons for that. A big reason is that I have so many ideas about what I want to post about that I’m not quite sure where to start! So I thought I’d do a post that’s sort of a mix of things that have been going on in life and perhaps some ideas I have for this little piece of the internet!

  1. This past month I moved into a new apartment! This past year at my old place has been kind of hectic with roommates in and out for various reasons…family emergencies…new jobs…etc….it was seriously time for my own place and not to need to depend on having a roommate. Luckily…early in the summer…I found the PERFECT place in Alexandria! It has everything I wanted and then some! I have been here just about a month and I feel like I’m FINALLY done unpacking/reorganizing. All that is really left is to hang things on the walls! Soooo looks like a housewarming party will be in the works for this month! Maybe I’ll even give the blog world a tour soon too!
  2. I have been seriously craving chocolate chip cookies lately….soooo I made some tonight! YUM!
  3. With September comes one of my favorite times of year! The beginning of the TV season! I’m thinking I will do a series of blog features that highlight what I’ll be watching/testing out this fall! Be on the lookout for that to start next Monday (9/12)!!
  4. September also brings the beginning of fall…my absolute favorite season! I love love love the fall! The colors, the smell, the temperature, the holidays and the food!! I can’t wait to head to the farm to pick my pumpkin!! I will really miss the summer but I am ready for fall!! (I’m just not quite ready for it to get dark earlier :-/).
  5. I have talked a few times about my love for the FitBit! But between the heat of summer, vacations, and moving…I haven’t quite been as strict on the plan has I had been earlier in the year. The good news is, because of how aware it made me of my calorie intake and because I still wear it each day to pay attention to how much I move…I have been able to keep the weight I lost earlier in the year off!!…I just haven’t lost a ton more. So in order to hold myself accountable for getting back in the swing of things with my Fitbit…look for a series of posts soon!
  6. Those posts I speak of in #5 MAY have to wait until after November…I am in my friend Paul’s wedding and just had my dress fitted…it wouldn’t do my wallet any favors if my measurements change too much before then…I’m already having the dress taken in a bit!! And that’s on top of ordering the size smaller than they had recommended!! Woohoo!
  7. This weekend I managed to change my license, car plates, car insurance, renters insurance, and register to vote! All within 30 days of moving! I feel like such a grown up!
  8. Speaking of the DMV…in an effort to have enough information to get everything done with one trip…I actually had too much information! In fact…they made me re-fill out a form because it had too much (but accurate) information. I even had a document notarized that I didn’t wind up needing! It was definitely a different experience than usual for a trip to the DMV…but I’m glad I was able to get everything done in one trip!
  9. There are a few blogs I know that do a “Wordless Wednesday” post…I’m considering something similar…I could use some practice in using less words haha…
  10. Speaking of blog features…I think I’m going to make Monday Memories a casual feature…I still have lots of memories to share…and over the summer I’ve proven to myself that I can keep up with a weekly feature…but it started becoming almost EVERY post…and I think being free of the weekly commitment would make me feel better about it. Like I said…I still plan on doing Monday Memories posts…but just more on a casual basis.
  11. The show Bachelor Pad…makes me feel dumber as I watch…but I can’t stop watching…I’m rooting against Vienna/Kasey…I’m rooting for Ella/Kirk….and I wish Holly and Michael’s relationship would work out…sigh…
  12. I splurged on these sunglasses this weekend (the blue ones)…because I lusted over them earlier this summer and haven’t stopped thinking about them…annnd they were 60% off this weekend. Still more than I usually spend on sunglasses…but I’m really excited about them!
  13. I need to thank my friend Liz for being my personal stylist this week! She and I had a girls evening of dinner, shopping, and ice cream last week and she inspired me to try something new with pencil skirts that I never really thought I could pull off! Thanks Liz!! :-)
  14. Milo and I had a fun dinner/playdate this weekend with Brenna & Ryan’s dogs Chloe and Bailey! (Brenna is a coworker who took awesome pictures of Milo and I last fall!) Milo had a ton of fun meeting some new dog buddies and running around their new yard! He slept very well that night too! Thanks for having us over guys! Hopefully we can do it again sometime!
  15. To end this big list of random thoughts…I’ll leave you with the song I’ve been jamming to this past week, “Moves Like Jaggar” by Maroon5…enjoy!