Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Introducing - What I’m Watching {Fall 2011}

I am soooooo excited that the Fall TV season is upon us! It’s one of my favorite times of year. Even though I have some shows that I love to watch in the summer…when those shows wind down I realize how much I really miss my regular season television. It is so refreshing when the new season of TV starts and I not only say hello to old favorites but try out some new shows too!

The beginning of the season is always the craziest time for me in terms of what is on TV…some shows have switched time slots, some are gone for good (RIP Brothers & Sisters), and then there are all the new series to test out. Because the fall represents the biggest change in my TV schedule (and my DVR can only tape 2 things at one time), it is really important for me to prep before the season starts. Each year I make myself a calendar on Google Calendar just to be able to merge all the lineups from all the different channels so I can figure out where my priorities lie and what new series I can afford to try.

Now, before you go thinking I’m totally crazy (I know…its too late for that):

  1. I don’t have to keep this calendar for the whole year…its really just for initial planning purposes. Some shows premiere different weeks so catching the shows when they start is important. Its also easier to make minor adjustments for new midseason shows…but with all the shows starting in the beginning of the season…the calendar REALLY helps.
  2. While there are a lot of shows on my calendar in the beginning of the season…many of the new shows don’t last very long in my lineup. I will usually try SOMETHING in a free timeslot in the first week or so…however if things are overlapping time slots they REALLY have to interest me to get me to try them. Also, if a show doesn’t keep my interest after the first one or two episodes…it is OUT. That might seem harsh but with the amount of shows that I am already loyal too…I don’t really have room for shows that don’t keep me interested. I also find it WAY easier to drop a show when it isn’t for me at first than if it is one that I once Iiked that is sort of going downhill. Best example…I think Desperate Housewives has gone majorly crazy in the past few years…but because I liked it in the beginning…I still watch. So I need to throw shows away when I know it’s the easiest for me to do it.

Sooooo after looking at the various network websites and studying my Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview issue…Here is a sneak peak at my Fall TV 2011 calendar:

TV Schedule

A yellow star indicates a new show I’ll try out this season, a red star represents a new show that will start later in the season (October or November)…and no star indicates one of my regular shows that I’ll continue to watch from last year!

Obviously this all looks like a LOT…so much that you can’t even read some of the show names in this calendar view! I really would love to talk about what I plan on watching this year…but clearly one post will not be sufficient to discuss all of these shows. So my plan is to write one post for each day Monday – Thursday and one combo post for Friday through Sunday (since not much is on over the weekend besides Sunday). I hope to give some insight on shows that I already know and some reasoning as to why I want to try the new ones. I’ll probably even note why I’m not going to watch some of the other new shows.

Starting next Monday (9/12) I will start my daily profiles of what is on. I will have the posts up in the morning because some shows are actually starting that week and I’d like to profile what I’m watching before it actually airs. A few weeks into the season I will update everyone on which shows I actually wind up sticking with!

I am really excited to write about some of my favorite shows and I hope you all share what you plan on watching this TV season! So let me know what you plan on watching this season and be sure to check out What I’m Watching on Monday!!!!


  1. Excited for DWTS...and maybe Modern Family, okay and The Office, Parks and Rec....but I think that's it. What I am really looking forward to is your blog "Oscar Snob 2012" ... I hope you have seen "The Help" already.

  2. @Dad -- I haven't seen "The Help" yet but it's definitely one I'd like to see...the Oscar Snob Mission will start once EW comes out with their top 25 list in early January...I sort of can't wait for it either! Its fun! I am excited for all of the shows you a few more the way you guys should really rent Parenthood! I think you might really like that show!