Friday, September 30, 2011

Laura Loves {September 2011}

I must say I have had a pretty awesome September! I’ve gotten way more settled into my apartment, had a great housewarming party, and even got to visit my graduate school to do a presentation at my old department! The only downside of this month has been the crazy amount of rain! I am hoping that October brings sunny fall weather similar to last year…but before we say a final goodbye to rainy but awesome September…lets go over some of the things I’ve loved this month!

While I was doing some last minute shopping for my housewarming party, I found a gorgous bouquet of white lilies! I got the bunch for my apartment and it made the place smell so wonderful for the party! I fell in love with lilies a few years back and I have actually had my eye out for a nice bunch for my new place and was so happy to find them! So this month I just needed to mention that I love lilies! :-)


Seasame Street Does "G"lee
Sesame Street usually keeps up with pop culture and I often enjoy the skits they do with celebrities. But this latest video really got me! They did a spoof on Glee! If you have ever seen Glee…this sketch is pretty spot on haha I love it! Enjoy!

Weird Fountain
I’m not really sure how I feel about this fountain in terms of “Laura Loves” but it has me sort of fascinated…and I love that at least. Apparently this fountain can tell when someone approaches it for a drink and will slowly reach down and pour the person water…weird right? Watch the video and let me know what you think!

Samsung Charging Station
While I was waiting for my flight this past week I came across a few of these fancy new charging stations scattered around the terminal by the gates. I actually had been considering charging my phone for a bit before my flight since I got there with some time and my battery has been just slightly less than stellar after having gone for a swim earlier this month (honestly I’m really thrilled it survived)…

This charging station is pretty awesome….it has a total of 6 power outlets, 2 USB outlets, and 4 micro USB outlets…a total of 12 outlets all for charging devices. It also has a touch screen where you can check the local weather, news highlights, and even play a few games while you wait for your device to charge. It even has a table that goes around along with a little mini shelf near the micro USB outlets for phones to rest.

I’m someone who usually looks for an outlet in the airport I thought this station was so cool! I have been in some airports where outlets are few and far between…and even when you do see one…it has to have an opening! I’m not ashamed to admit that I have sat in the hall near the bathroom in order to use my laptop during a long layover…

Samsung Mobile Has Installed New Charging Stations At Washington Airport

I hope to see these stations in more airports…so I can be sure to find a seat further away from the bathroom and still use my laptop…

Geographer Hudson

I have been reading the blog Blue Eyed Bride for a while now. Rebecca showed me her blog when she threw a crazy perfectly organized Green Eggs & Ham party for her then 1 year old Hudson! It’s fun to follow her since she lives in SC where I went to grad school and roots for the Gamecocks! I often recognize the places she talks about in her blog!

Hudson is now 2 years (and almost 4 months) and he is VERY impressive at US Geography! She put a video up on her blog {here} of Hudson completing the Melissa & Doug USA Map puzzle…and I can’t tell you how impressed I am. I must have watched this video 3 or 4 times at LEAST. Hudson is able to locate and name states from a pile of puzzle pieces and then put them accurately into a puzzle that is recommended for a child double his age! He isn’t perfect at it but his skills are beyond impressive (plus and when he mixes things up it’s just plain cute)! I love it!

I was thinking of embedding the video here but I thought it would be better to send you over to her blog to read her post and watch the video. Here is the link again! Go watch!

Well that is all I have this month for Laura Loves! You can check out past months {here}…and be sure to tune in at the end of (a hopefully sunny) October for more Laura Loves!

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