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What I’m Watching Wednesdays {Fall 2011}

Wednesday is my busiest and days of my TV week! But due to my absolutely favorite show…it is also the night I look forward to the most! I have lots of existing shows airing on Wednesday but I also have some new series I want to test out as well. So let’s get down to business! Here is what Wednesday nights look like for my DVR…

tv wed

NOTE: I actually was only looking at premiere times when I made my calendar! I just realized that the last two shows on the schedule will normally air in the half hour segments from 8-9pm! This poses a problem for me since I already have 2 shows going on during those times…I will be testing Up All Night and Free Agents out this week since they premiere tonight…however, when I write my update post I’ll let you know if I’m still watching them and my solution for the timeslot conflict! (Most likely figuring out which ones I can watch online or on demand).

Survivor ~ Premieres 9/14 (TONIGHT!) 8:00pm – 9:00pm on CBS

I have been an on and off fan of Survivor since its second season. Since that season I can’t remember how many seasons I’ve watched but it was definitely touch and go. The past few seasons however I’ve been a loyal fan. Last season Survivor changed its game by adding a Redemption Island twist where those who get voted out get sent to compete with other “evictees” on Redemption Island and the last one standing has a chance to return to the game. I liked and disliked the Redemption Island twist for different reasons but overall I think it was good. In a game like Survivor you need change or else the game gets dull because people evidently learn the “perfect” way to play it. Last season however, even with a new twist…I think Boston Rob played an absolute PERFECT game and it was so impressive to watch. It has now become one of my favorite reality shows…seeing how people balance being a tough competitor with a social game. I think a lot of people tend to discount a good social game…but its really very important. It shifts the game of Survivor into a game of chess. You have to know when to make moves to get physically strong or socially strong people out to make it through. Hopefully this season will be exciting as well! I guess I’ll find out tonight! Here is a preview for this season!

The Middle ~ Premieres 9/21 8:00pm – 9:00pm (regularly 8 – 8:30) on ABC

Sometimes I feel bad for The Middle because it is such a strong comedy but sort of overshadowed by the amazing Modern Family…but really this show is just as worth watching! It is about a middle class family (the Hecks) dealing with middle class life in the middle of the good old USA. Patricia Heaton is amazing as the mother and narrator of this sitcom and the show picks the perfect things for her to gripe about. She has three kids, an insensitive “too cool” teenage son, an awkward younger teenage daughter, and an “interesting” socially awkward young son. I think this show would be the funniest to mothers seeing as how that’s the point of view the story is told from…but at the same time I think anyone can relate to the family dynamic and typical family issues they deal with…especially being in “the middle.” I highly recommend this show…it is one of my favorites! And as a bonus…Patricia will be reunited with her old TV hubby Ray Romano who is guest staring in the season premiere! Here is the original trailer from when it first premiered…just to give you an idea :-)…it really is a great show...

And here is the preview for Season 3:

Star Suburgatory ~ Premieres 9/28 8:30pm – 9:00pm on ABC

I was apprehensive about adding this show to the line-up  because it doesn’t look like it can stand up to being sandwiched between the awesome Middle and Modern Family…but when I saw some of the people acting in it…I decided to give it a try. This will actually be competing for this timeslot with Free Agents (see below). If they are both good enough I might have to figure out a solution to watch them both…but we shall see. This show is about a sarcastic 16 year old girl who is moving in with her single date out of the big city to the suburbs. I saw that her younger sister (I think) is played by a funny young actress who was in Weeds…and her father is played by a great actor from Six Feet Under (both great shows)…so I think I want to see how these two fare in a network sitcom. I’m not totally confident with this pick but I’m going to give it a try. We will see who wins this timeslot in my personal line-up when I give everyone an update.

Modern Family ~ Premieres 9/21 9:00pm – 10:00pm (regularly 9 – 9:30) on ABC

Modern Family is 100% my favorite show on TV. The actors, the writing, everything is just amazing. It’s a sitcom about a close knit extended family. The father Jay (Ed O’Neal) is married to a hot younger (but good hearted) Latina woman Gloria who has a sensitive and very mature preteen son Manny. Jay’s son Mitchell is gay and has been with his partner Cameron for 5 years. They adopted Lily when the show began…they are now considering adoption again. Jay’s daughter (and Mitchell’s sister) is semi control freak named Clare who is married to the “cool dad” Phil. They have three kids who are between upper elementary though high school. Here is the family picture for Season 3.


The awesome thing about this sitcom…while there are a couple of overarching storylines…you can pretty much pick it up at anytime and find it funny. The only reason I would recommend watching the beginning is so you don’t miss out on the last two seasons of awesomeness! This show dominates at the Emmy’s…in fact this year the ENTIRE adult cast is nominated for best supporting actor or actress in a comedy! The writing is so great…there is a witty comment here, joke there, and everything is always perfect! They don’t even always go for the obvious easy joke which makes it even better. The humor is exactly my style. But in fact I haven’t come across one person who has watched and doesn’t enjoy this show. I can’t say enough about it…and I can’t wait for it to return! Here is a preview that sort of highlights the past!

Happy Endings ~ Premieres 9/28 9:30pm – 10:00pm on ABC

I didn’t watch Happy Endings until I caught up with it online at the end of the season and I’m really glad I did. I sort of feel like this show fills the void of Friends. It’s a group of six friends who are going through various phases of relationships. Two of them are dating around (one gay and one straight)…two are married to each other…and two have just recently broken up…on the alter. The premise of the show is how the group is dealing with the harsh breakup since they are all mutual friends. But the sitcom gets better from there. I won’t say it stacks up with the likes of Modern Family…but I think it is pretty good so I’m going to try to keep up with it this season.

Star Up All Night ~ Premieres 9/14 (TONIGHT!) 10:00pm – 10:30pm (regularly 8 – 8:30) on NBC

Up All Night is the sitcom I think I’m looking forward to the most…mainly because I really like Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph. I think it really has a lot of potential to be a great sitcom about what its like to make the transition into early parenthood. Normally though it will be airing at 8pm which is a timeslot I already have double booked. Since it is starting this week…I’m going to give it a shot but it will really need to impress me to stay in the line up. The thing is I think if any of the new sitcoms can impress me…its this one…check out the preview.

I may just need to see which shows I can watch On Demand or online to make this work…hmm

Star Free Agents ~ Premieres 9/14 (TONIGHT!) 10:30pm – 11:00pm (regularly 8:30 – 9) on NBC

I actually hadn’t heard much about Free Agents until my Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview issue. It is a sitcom about two coworkers who hook up and then have to figure out what they should do about it. They both genuinely like each other but are nervous about having an office romance and all the complications that come along with that. Sounds like my kind of show! This show will normally air at 8:30pm so it will be in competition with Suburgatory for the timeslot. Like I said above…I’ll definitely let you know which show wins out during my update in a few weeks. (I think based on the previews I’m leaning toward this one).

One big talked about show that I’ll be skipping out on is The X Factor. I know its Simon’s big return to judging a singing competition…but I have so much TV already happening on Wednesday nights…I’m not sure I have room for it. Plus I’m not the biggest Idol fan…and I know this is supposed to be slightly different but…seems too similar to me…so I wasn’t really motivated to make room for it. I’m sure I’ll be hearing if it is really good…so we will see what happens…but I honestly love my Wednesday shows…so I can’t see making too many adjustments to try to squeeze it in.

What are you going to be watching on Wednesdays? Are you as excited about Modern Family as me?!?! Will you be checking out Up All Night tonight?? Let me know in the comments! I’ll be back tomorrow with what I’ll be watching on Thursdays! (If you missed it…here is what I’m watching Mondays & Tuesdays!)

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