Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I’ve Been Up To…

Soooo I’ve probably seemed a bit MIA recently (besides some regular features) and there are a few reasons for that. A big reason is that I have so many ideas about what I want to post about that I’m not quite sure where to start! So I thought I’d do a post that’s sort of a mix of things that have been going on in life and perhaps some ideas I have for this little piece of the internet!

  1. This past month I moved into a new apartment! This past year at my old place has been kind of hectic with roommates in and out for various reasons…family emergencies…new jobs…etc….it was seriously time for my own place and not to need to depend on having a roommate. Luckily…early in the summer…I found the PERFECT place in Alexandria! It has everything I wanted and then some! I have been here just about a month and I feel like I’m FINALLY done unpacking/reorganizing. All that is really left is to hang things on the walls! Soooo looks like a housewarming party will be in the works for this month! Maybe I’ll even give the blog world a tour soon too!
  2. I have been seriously craving chocolate chip cookies lately….soooo I made some tonight! YUM!
  3. With September comes one of my favorite times of year! The beginning of the TV season! I’m thinking I will do a series of blog features that highlight what I’ll be watching/testing out this fall! Be on the lookout for that to start next Monday (9/12)!!
  4. September also brings the beginning of fall…my absolute favorite season! I love love love the fall! The colors, the smell, the temperature, the holidays and the food!! I can’t wait to head to the farm to pick my pumpkin!! I will really miss the summer but I am ready for fall!! (I’m just not quite ready for it to get dark earlier :-/).
  5. I have talked a few times about my love for the FitBit! But between the heat of summer, vacations, and moving…I haven’t quite been as strict on the plan has I had been earlier in the year. The good news is, because of how aware it made me of my calorie intake and because I still wear it each day to pay attention to how much I move…I have been able to keep the weight I lost earlier in the year off!!…I just haven’t lost a ton more. So in order to hold myself accountable for getting back in the swing of things with my Fitbit…look for a series of posts soon!
  6. Those posts I speak of in #5 MAY have to wait until after November…I am in my friend Paul’s wedding and just had my dress fitted…it wouldn’t do my wallet any favors if my measurements change too much before then…I’m already having the dress taken in a bit!! And that’s on top of ordering the size smaller than they had recommended!! Woohoo!
  7. This weekend I managed to change my license, car plates, car insurance, renters insurance, and register to vote! All within 30 days of moving! I feel like such a grown up!
  8. Speaking of the DMV…in an effort to have enough information to get everything done with one trip…I actually had too much information! In fact…they made me re-fill out a form because it had too much (but accurate) information. I even had a document notarized that I didn’t wind up needing! It was definitely a different experience than usual for a trip to the DMV…but I’m glad I was able to get everything done in one trip!
  9. There are a few blogs I know that do a “Wordless Wednesday” post…I’m considering something similar…I could use some practice in using less words haha…
  10. Speaking of blog features…I think I’m going to make Monday Memories a casual feature…I still have lots of memories to share…and over the summer I’ve proven to myself that I can keep up with a weekly feature…but it started becoming almost EVERY post…and I think being free of the weekly commitment would make me feel better about it. Like I said…I still plan on doing Monday Memories posts…but just more on a casual basis.
  11. The show Bachelor Pad…makes me feel dumber as I watch…but I can’t stop watching…I’m rooting against Vienna/Kasey…I’m rooting for Ella/Kirk….and I wish Holly and Michael’s relationship would work out…sigh…
  12. I splurged on these sunglasses this weekend (the blue ones)…because I lusted over them earlier this summer and haven’t stopped thinking about them…annnd they were 60% off this weekend. Still more than I usually spend on sunglasses…but I’m really excited about them!
  13. I need to thank my friend Liz for being my personal stylist this week! She and I had a girls evening of dinner, shopping, and ice cream last week and she inspired me to try something new with pencil skirts that I never really thought I could pull off! Thanks Liz!! :-)
  14. Milo and I had a fun dinner/playdate this weekend with Brenna & Ryan’s dogs Chloe and Bailey! (Brenna is a coworker who took awesome pictures of Milo and I last fall!) Milo had a ton of fun meeting some new dog buddies and running around their new yard! He slept very well that night too! Thanks for having us over guys! Hopefully we can do it again sometime!
  15. To end this big list of random thoughts…I’ll leave you with the song I’ve been jamming to this past week, “Moves Like Jaggar” by Maroon5…enjoy!


  1. 1. Would LOOOOOVE to see pics!
    3. Need to sit down with a pencil, paper, and my TV preview of EW to figure out what I'm going to be watching :) Can't wait to hear about you!
    12. What a Vera girl you're turning into!
    16. Should have been about BB!

  2. @Meghan -- haha I should have written about BB I suppose! We need to discuss! And I think you will like my TV week posts!! Please tell me what you plan on watching! haha