Monday, October 10, 2011

Taste of DC!

This weekend I got to experience the Taste of DC! I’d say it’s a little chalky and crunchy…ya know…with all the old stone buildings and monuments…..bah da CHING!……….no?……Anyway…

Obviously I didn’t literally taste DC…but this weekend I attended the event Taste of DC with my friend Megan! While I met Megan in college…she isn’t TECHNICALLY a “college friend”…she is the twin of my college roommate Laura. I got to know Megan throughout college because she would visit us and I’d hang a bit with her when hanging out with Laura at home!

Megan recently moved to the area for a new job so we met up for Taste of DC! Basically a bunch of DC restaurants set up shop downtown along 5 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue. Then people buy a set of tickets and trade a certain amount of tickets at various booths for either a taste of something or a maybe a few more tickets for an entrée. They also sell alcohol tickets and have a beer and wine tasting area. I LOVE trying different DC restaurants so this event was right up my alley!

When Megan and I got there we quickly realized how popular this event was. Even though it goes on for hours and over 3 days…the place was PACKED! It took us a little while to get our food and drink tickets but then we set out to find some food!

We also learned pretty quickly that our plans of getting a beer and then wandering around the evnet to figure out what to eat wasn’t going to work…the alcohol was limited to a fenced area…in which there was no food being sold…soooo next time we will first grab food to maybe bring into the beer area!

Once we tasted a few beers, we found the tent for Mai Thai and their menu sounded great. Megan got Thai BBQ Chicken and I got the Panang Curry Chicken…then we had a bit of each. I have to say both of these entrées were sooooo good! Her chicken was amazingly moist and flavorful. My entrée had a great curry sauce that made both the chicken and rice delicious.


Then I spotted people walking around with tots…and I couldn’t resist! I found the tent that was selling them and of course I can’t remember the name…I think it was called Smothered Tots. I tried the tots with chilli and cheese….and they were pretty darn good. I have to say I think the tots from Sticky Rice are still my favorite…but these held their own. I’d be interested to see what other options for tot toppings this place has on their menu.

As I got my tots, Megan grabbed some yummy Jamaican and then we headed back to try some more beer. After another beer in the beer tent…we headed to the other side of the festival. We spotted a tent for Wicked Waffle. This place was so cool! They were making a grilled cheese sandwich by making half a waffle and melting cheese and tomato in the middle…its hard to describe but maybe this picture will help…


In the above picture, the waffle with cheese and tomato (and I think bacon?) would be taken out of the maker and folded in half (Basically they would make the waffle “bread” without ever closing the waffle maker). This place also had the biggest jars of Nutella I have ever seen on their table…which could only mean one thing…Nutella waffles!!


Megan…being in LOVE with Nutella…ordered and enjoyed a Nutella waffle! I also had a bite and I have to say…the Nutella tasted really REALLY good on the light, crispy, and warm waffle. It was yummy!!

We walked around a little more and passed the tent for Co Co Sala. I really wanted to try their mac and cheese that was topped with chocolate covered bacon! But unfortunately they were all out :-/. I settled for a taste another place’s basic mac and cheese (and again I don’t remember the name)…Megan got a small lobster roll from the same place…both items were good but I’d say they were probably just as memorable as the name of the place Winking smile.

On our way for dessert we found the Geico tent and played a game similar to Plinko! (We were thinking of you Laura!!!)…Megan won they mystery prize (a reusable shopping bag) and I won a Geico water bottle!


We then headed over to grab dessert (as if we weren’t stuffed enough already) of Nutella crapes (we both thought the Nutella waffle was better) and a mini red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles!

We had a great time at Taste of DC! I have to say though I think next time I will try to go twice and maybe spread out my tickets over a few days. There are so many restaurants to try and I was so stuffed it was hard to try everything I wanted. It was also sooooo crowded that sometimes you waited a long time to get food. Or sometimes you want to try something and the line is too long to wait. I think when they do it again I might try to go at two different meal times or on two different days. I’d also advise anyone going to get food first before beer and bring the food INTO the beer tasting area because you can’t do the opposite (although with the crowds in the beer tent it may be hard to eat)…its just too bad that its hard to have a beer and your food at the same time.

Other than the crowds and being so stuffed so fast…I really had fun at Taste of DC! And it was great to hang out with Megan! I’d definitely go again!

Any other DC folks check out Taste of DC? What restaurants did you try/like/dislike? What did you think of the event?


  1. Leslie you would have loved it! We will have to plan ahead next time I hear about it! :-)