Friday, November 18, 2011

What I’m Watching Fall 2011 {Official Rundown}

I have had a busy busy busy few weeks! Pumpkin carving, birthday fun, and some Savannah nuptuals have kept me away from my blog…but more on those things in another post! I wanted to FINALLY give my offical rundown of what I ended up watching (and not watching) this fall! Since this is a whole week at once I’ll try to be quick with my thoughts!

The Sing-Off (NBC) – I actually haven’t been too loyal to The Sing Off…I DVR it and then I “watch” it while I do chores…aka I love the music and they are all really talented…but I enjoy listening more than paying a lot of attention.

Dancing with the Stars (ABC) – I mainly watch Dancing on Mondays. I really enjoy the choreography and watching the stars get better. The season is already ending this coming week! I think I want either J.R. Martinez or Rob Kardiashian to win!

Glee (FOX) – Glee has been alright this season. The first season is still the best but a few numbers have been awesome like this past week’s mashup of Adele (the music & dancing is one of my main reasons for watching this show Winking smile). I think this is my favorite performance from the season so far…

Dancing Results (ABC) – I have to see who is getting the boot! Plus they usually bring on some impressive professional dancers from different genres which I love!

Parenthood (NBC) – Still one of my favorite shows of the week…that’s all I really have to say about that…

New Girl (FOX) – I know I said I wasn’t going to watch this show but then I discovered that my cable company offers a LOT of prime time shows On Demand so I decided to give it a shot. It is not my favorite sitcom…the main character as suspected is a little over silly for me…but not nearly as bad as I thought they were going to make her. And I was glad to see that the guys are all quirky in their own ways too. I like the show more than I thought I would…so it will stick around.

Survivor (CBS) – I enjoy Survivor…although lately its become a bit predictable…it has been a decent season so far with no one dominant tribe (until recently) and some usual crazy people to watch haha…

Up All Night (NBC) – As expected this is a cute sitcom about first time parents. Christina Applegate is great as is Will Arnett…its cute and funny. One of the better new sitcoms in my opinion…but not as good as my Wednesday night on ABC Winking smile.

The Middle (ABC) – This sitcom is absolutely one of my favorites…it unfortunately gets a bit overshadowed by Modern Family but if you aren’t watching this show it really is worth checking out!

Suburgotory (ABC) – I have mixed feelings about this show. I think it can be funny, especially the main girl and the dad…but at the same time the picture of suburbia that they are portraying is not one I can relate to…especially since they are specifically speaking of NYC suburbs….ones that I sort of grew up in…its not really relatable to me…but I’m watching it for now.

Modern Family (ABC) – Hands down my favorite sitcom…and this season has not disappointed! It is a must watch for me…

Happy Endings (ABC) – This is another well written ABC sitcom…always good for a laugh and I highly recommend it. Sort of a new version of Friends without the laugh track.

Project Runway (Lifetime) – This show started mid summer and recently ended (a relief to my Thursday nights). I like watching Runway mainly to see what the designers come up with at the end of the show…

Parks & Recreation (NBC) – This show just gets funnier and funnier. I love Amy Poehler and each character is so unique. This show isn’t getting cut from my watch list any time soon.

The Office (NBC) – I like the office…and it has had some great episodes already this season (which I was skeptical about since Steve Carell left). But it has been pretty entertaining this season.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – With this show it’s basically a loyalty thing. I mean there have been some good episodes and stuff but some of the storylines are getting a little crazy. I usually have a few of these to catch up with on the DVR…similar with…

Private Practice (ABC) – see above….same deal…crazy storylines…but I guess that’s what makes these dramas “dramatic”…

Nothing! If I don’t have plans with friends Fridays are usually when I play catch up with the DVR or On Demand.

SNL (NBC) – Ya know…I still enjoy SNL…but I usually watch it via DVR so I can fast forward through the many commercial breaks (understandable for a live show) annnnd sometimes the music artists…

Amazing Race (CBS) – I love this reality show…it is the one I think I’d love to be on…anyone want to audition with me? Who wouldn’t love a free trip around the world doing cool stuff along the way?!?

Once Upon A Time (ABC) – This show started late in the season but I have to say I really love it! I was skeptical about this show because it seemed like it could easily get really cheesy…ya know with all the fairy tails. But it is actually really interesting. It is written by the same people who wrote Lost…and the way the real world and fairy tale world are connected is really well done but has tons of mysteries…aka it is easy to tell haha. I HIGHLY recommend this show. I don’t want to give too much away…but hurry go and catch up with this show on!! (As of this post all episodes aired so far are still up…but that could change very soon!!!)

Pan Am (ABC) – This is not the best new drama of the season…but I really have been enjoying this show. I love the wardrobe and different situations they find themselves while passing through various cities. And watching a show set in the past is sort of refreshing. Last week’s episode was a little weak…but generally I think they have been pretty good…

Sister Wives (TLC) – I really love this show…I find it fascinating to learn about their polygamist lifestyle and just see the issues they deal with as a family.

Long Island Medium (TLC) – This show had a very very very brief season on TLC as most of those shows do at first and unfortunately it is already over…but I thought it was really interesting. I wasn’t planning on watching but found it coming on after Sister Wives. This woman constantly channels people who have “passed on” and typically will read people in her daily life. What she does is impressive (whether it’s real or fake…she is at least talented at being convincing). I am definitely a skeptic but…only because of my own logic…I can’t really see what she is doing to pick up on some of the specific things she does…it’s really very interesting.

Ringer (CW) – The pilot of this show was not so great…bad special effects and sort of a weird storyline. I don’t think the acting was all that stellar either. I thought about giving it a second chance…but the first episode was not good enough and I had other things I really wanted to watch. It got picked up for an entire season though so…maybe it did get better…but it didn’t really impress me so it got dropped.

Grimm (NBC) – This show had potential with me but it wound up being too gross. Its action is really suspenseful and stuff but ugh the creatures that they make people turn into are so weird (and not always fairy tale monsters like I thought they were supposed to be). Plus the storylines are a little silly I think. I gave it a few episodes but I think I’m calling it quits on this one. I could see how some might like it but….its just not for me.

Whitney (NBC) – This is a little bit of a lie b/c if there is nothing else that I want to watch and there are new episodes of Whitney On Demand I will turn it on. But I’m not the biggest fan of the show. The show has some serious haters out there but NBC seems to love it ordering a full season. I sort of can’t stand the laugh track and sometimes the jokes fall a bit flat for my taste. Sometimes its funny but…its not a show I get excited about watching…I have seen most of the episodes but because I don’t put a ton of effort into keeping up with it I will count it as dropped…

Desperate Housewives (ABC) – I didn’t think I was going to drop this show but with CBS usually running late with football I had a conflict with recording and figured I would catch up with Desperate online or On Demand….but I don’t really feel like it. I sort of dislike where some of the characters are now and all the crazy storylines…I really would love to see how it ends since I watched most of the seasons but watching it isn’t exciting to me anymore….so even with the loyalty I thought I had to watch it….it’s fading for me…and I’ve missed my opportunity to catch up with most episodes so….I guess it’s officially dropped.

Well there you have it! The official list of what I’m watching for the Fall 2011 TV Season…Do you watch any of these shows? Have any new or old favorites or recommendations? Which shows are you disappointed with? Let me know in the comments! I hear a lot of people like Revenge but I never even thought to give that a try and don’t have a ton of time to catch up…it might be one that I catch up with on DVD next year.

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