Sunday, December 4, 2011

My First Christmas Tree!

Every Christmas, my sisters and I would receive at least one ornament in our stocking which somehow related to what we either did or something we really liked during that year.

The year I was first able to vote in a presidential election (2004)…


The year I moved to DC, I began getting the White House Christmas Ornament (2009 & 2010)…

image (1)   image (3)

The first year we went skiing (1992)…

image (2)

The year I made my confirmation (1999)…

image (4)

Last year on Christmas morning, I opened up a nice new ornament storage box and Mom told me that this year I’d be taking my ornaments back to DC. The whole point of getting an ornament each year was to build up a collection for when we were older…and it was time that I decorate my own tree.

I wasn’t sure that I’d get a tree as of last year…but this fall the time came around to start thinking about it.

I had always been a real tree kind of girl. To me, a real cut tree at Christmas is the best, particularly because of the smell…and the feel of the needles…and even just the excitement of going out to pick the perfect tree.

The problem was that it wasn’t practical to get myself a real tree to decorate this year. I won’t be in DC for the holiday and the entire whole week afterward. It doesn’t really make sense for me to have a real tree drying out. I also didn’t want to have to figure out how to dispose of it living in a high rise. So a real Christmas tree was kind of out of the question.

BUT I had always told myself I’d never have a fake tree…

Then….the Target Black Friday 2-day sale happened…and I saw they had a pre-lit 6.5 foot tree on sale for $30…and I started to re-think.

A fake tree probably works the best for me over the next few years. I am storing my ornaments…so I should display them. I can have the tree up for most of the season since it won’t be drying out. I don’t have to worry about it while I’m gone for the holiday for the same reason.

Sooooo I bought it…and this year I have my very first Christmas Tree! I set it up when I got back to DC from Thanksgiving!

image (5)

I’m really pleased with my decision to get a fake tree this year! Not only has it put me in the Christmas spirit here in DC…but it has motivated me to do my wrapping sooner! The tree looked so empty without gifts under it that I find myself wrapping as I buy now! In the past my family and I would all grab different parts of the house to wrap our gifts on Christmas Eve…I’m excited to not worry about mass wrapping anymore!

It really feels nice to have a tree in my own apartment. It feels more like the season is also here in DC (as opposed to just when I go home to NJ) and inspires me to do more of my shopping. When I get home from work I can’t wait to light up my tree….I can kind of relate a little more to this lady (although she is talking about a real tree…):

But the only downfall is the smell…I really miss the smell of a real tree…but this candle has really helped…


So much that I’ve already burnt it out (its been a week?) I really need to stock up on these…

I’ve decided that I can be a girl who has a fake tree….but maybe my new internal deal with myself will be that when I have a family…I will never have a fake tree Winking smile

Where do you fall in this debate? Real or fake? Or no tree at all? (Like me the past few years). Let me know in the comments! And YAY for the start of the holiday season!

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  1. Tree looks great! Can't wait to see another photo of it closer to Christmas so wee can see more presents under the tree!!! Maybe you could high light other ornaments in your next blog post!