Monday, January 30, 2012

Help the Extremely Close Ides of Moneyball

I have been slow to blog this month but January has been busy busy busy!! But among all the stuff going on I was still able to watch a few more movies for Mission: Oscar Snob 2012! Don’t forget you can also keep track of my progress {here}.

Before I get to the reviews, Oscar Nominations were announced! Check them out {here}!

Moneyball Poster

Last weekend I rented Moneyball in a Sunday full of watching movies. It was a very interesting film about how the Oakland A’s tried an alternative method to recruiting players to try to compete with other teams with MUCH higher payrolls. As a Yankee fan, I have to admit that this film made me feel a tad bit guilty. But I thought the film did a really good job of showing how they tried to do something that could really change baseball…particularly because its true. Brad Pitt was really good in the film as was Jonah Hill. I have to admit to finding it a bit slow at times, but it was definitely enjoyable and I’d recommend it…especially for baseball fans. StarStarStar

The Help Poster

I watched The Help the same day…and I have to say I really loved it! This story about a young writer in a southern town who chooses to write a book from the point of view of “the help” or the housekeepers who where largely discriminated against. I thought the film was really great. The actors, particularly Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer were wonderful. There were funny parts, heartbreaking parts, and heartwarming parts. I really loved the sweeter parts of the movie where “the help” were treated kindly and how they wanted to share those stories too. I just really liked it a lot and already want to watch it again! I highly recommend this film! It’s the first one that gets 5 stars from me!! StarStarStarStarStar

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close Poster

Last weekend I got to go with my family to see Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close on opening night! This movie has really gotten a lot of mixed reviews, and its Oscar nomination for Best Picture has stirred up a lot of “how is that even possible?!?” chatter. I have to say that I don’t feel that way at all about this film. I really liked this movie a lot. It was the interesting story of a boy who seems to have something similar to autism deal with the loss of his father on 9/11. You see how he needs to deal with the loss and make sense of this tragedy and understand the guilt he feels from the events of that day. Because the movie is told from his perspective, it’s a unique and perhaps a slightly confusing view…but I think it was very moving and interesting. I felt this was a great film and I would recommend it highly. Were there flaws? Yes…but I saw more flaws in Hugo (which the critics LOVED)…and I felt this was a much more interesting perspective of a story to tell. This is a great movie and deserves it’s nomination. StarStarStarStar

The Ides of March Poster

This weekend I rented The Ides of March. I knew it was a political story and even though I have some of my own political views, a movie about politics didn’t seem very exciting to me. When the movie first started I thought I was right…the beginning moves a little slow just because it has to set the political scene. You have to learn the situation and the important people etc…there is a lot of political strategy talk that I expected from the film. But once the events of the movie really start to unfold…I found it to be VERY interesting. It seemed to be a real statement about politics. How strongly people can believe in a candidate, how hard it is to hide certain actions, how easy it can be to hide other scandals, what is really right and wrong in politics, how much of a game it really is, the effect it all can have on people. Ryan Gosling was great. George Clooney was good in the film but his more important roles I think were as director and writer (The movie is nominated for Adapted Screenplay and I think that is well deserved). It was a really interesting movie and I’d recommend it. StarStarStarStar

Since Oscar Nominations came out I have updated my progress page to point out movies that have received no nominations. These movies will automatically become lower priority in the mission. I would also like to note that the movie Drive only got one nomination for a minor category (Sound Editing) so I don’t think that one will be a high priority either. Similarly as an update, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was nominated for 3 Oscars but only minor categories, so as originally planned I will most likely not see that movie since I haven’t seen any of the previous films.

The Oscars are only 28 days away! The mission is going strong! Have you seen any of the movies I’ve seen so far? What did you think? What do you think of the Oscar nominations? I was personally surprised that 50/50 and Young Adult didn’t get any nominations for writing. And although I wasn’t surprised…I once again felt like Hugo was a bit overrated getting the most nominations. Did anything surprise you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I saw two of the four you reviewed this week. I saw both on their opening day at a fork and screen movie theater, so I am wondering who is the snob here. LOL
    I liked both The Help and Extremely to, but Extremely is my five star movie and The Help, only four stars.
    Glad to see the reviews on Moneyball and Ides of March, because both are on my must see list.
    Can't wait to see what you see next!