Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Quick Archiving…

Today…I received this in the mail...


Do you see what I see?!?!? No…I’m not referring to the lovely picture of George. (Hint…it’s the article written across the top!)

That’s right! The 25 Movies list has arrived at my door and so it is time to get started on Mission: Oscar Snob 2012!!! I will be writing an official beginning post to put up later today…but first I decided that I should archive my Oscar Snob list/page from last year (as the new list will be replacing it on the page above).

So here it is…my farewell to Mission: Oscar Snob 2011…I managed to see 18 of the 25 before Oscar Night! And made a lot of correct predictions! Not too bad!

Last winter I attempted to watch as many movies listed on EW’s 25 Movies You Need to See Before Oscar Night before the big show on February 27th. This page is where readers could track my status. The movies that are crossed off have been seen. I will try to list dates if I can. Movies I have blogged about will include a link to the post!
EW's 25 Movies You Need to See Before Oscar Night
Mission Oscar Snob 2011 was completed once the Oscars aired....but I wound up being pretty sucessful with 19 out of 25 movies watched and most of my Oscar picks turned out correct! Mission Oscar Snob 2012 will start up around January!

NOTE: I will most likely do this more immediately after the Oscar Results this year (although I like to keep the page up there)…it would be nice if the archiving is closer to the rest of the posts!


  1. Why are some titles crossed out in Red and some in regular black? Also, I have Waiting for Superman on DVD if you ever want to see it.

    1. The red means there is a link (when you click it) to the post where I wrote about my thoughts on that movie. The ones that I didn't write a post about don't have a link so they don't show up red. Some of the movies that I had seen already I didn't write about during the mission.