Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Day of Ten Movies…

The other week, a friend kindly pointed out that a local theater was showcasing all of the short films nominated for Academy Awards this year. Now, EW doesn’t put short films on “the list,” but I thought going to this showcase would be perfect for my mission! Watching two entire categories of films is sure to increase the “Oscar Snob” status.

So I decided to go to both the Animated and Live Action showcases in one day and absolutely loved them both! There was only one problem when I came home to write about them…

Two of the best things about short films is that they get right to the point, and often have a surprise or punch line. Not always, but often. This caused a bit of writers block when it came to wanting to discuss the films because it would be so easy to spoil them. I finally decided that instead of really going into reviews of the plot I would simply list the nominees, include the link to the trailer (or more info), and then give some personal superlative awards along with my personal favorites and Oscar predictions!

Best Short Film: Animated
Dimanche/Sunday – Follows a young boy during a typical boring Sunday.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore – Follows a man who discovers a house of books that come alive and interact with him after his home is destroyed in a storm. He stays in the house and takes care of the books until he grows old and passes on the responsibility to a newbie.

La Luna – It’s a young boy’s first night with his dad and grandpa at their unusual job.

A Morning Stroll – A look at changing times as we look at a similar morning walk at the same time of day on the same street in the past, present, and future.

Wild Life – Follows an Englishman who decides to move to the Canadian frontier in the early 20th century.

Most Adult Themed
Wild Life
Most Kid Friendly (TIE)
Flying Books / La Luna
A Morning Stroll
La Luna
Most Abstract
Wild Life
Best Animation
La Luna
My Favorite (TIE)
A Morning Stroll / La Luna
Oscar Prediction
Wild Life
Best Short Film: Live Action
Pentecost – A local alter boy who made a critical mistake at a recent mass is given a chance to redeem himself.

Raju – A German couple goes to India to pick up their newly adopted son Raju. But when Raju gets lost at the local market, their short stay in India becomes more nerve wracking than they expected.

The Shore – Old childhood friends are reunited after a misunderstanding that caused them to be out of touch for 25 years.

Time Freak – The inventor of a time machine gets sidetracked from his dreams of exploring ancient times when he decides to go back and fix a few of his interactions with people that day.

Tuba Atlantic – Oskar is given 6 days to live. Before he dies he is determined to make contact with his estranged brother on the other side of the Atlantic.

Most Serious
Most Kid Friendly
Funniest (TIE)
Pentecost / Time Freak
Driest Humor
Tuba Atlantic
My Favorite*
The Shore
Oscar Prediction
Tuba Atlantic
*Not sure why but I think I liked this one the best as a whole.

To be honest it is almost impossible to pick my favorites from each of these showcases. I really enjoyed all of them for different reasons. And honestly I’m not sure at all what the Academy will pick because these races aren’t followed as much by the press. So this year’s predictions are a bit of a shot in the dark. I’m going with my gut but I think I will get better predicting these categories after I see what they pick this year.

I highly recommend going to see the short films if you get the opportunity. I am definitely going to be making this an permanent part of my Oscar Mission. I wish I could say more about each film but with how short they are it’s hard to not give too much away! I will say that as a whole I thought I would like the Animated films more because I assumed they would be more light hearted, but this year I think I liked the Live Action as a entire collection the best. I did speak to a woman in the theater who didn’t enjoy the Live Action shorts at all in one of the recent past years but liked them a lot this year. So perhaps it’s always different.

Have you seen any of the shorts this year? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments! Only 3 more days until the big show…and I still have more movies to write about!

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