Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Laura Loves {February 2012}

Happy Leap Year!! For various reasons (a TV show and work conversations included) I have found myself wondering lately how I would feel if my birthday was on February 29th. I can’t decide if I would be bummed that my actual date is rarely on the calendar, or just weirded out by it (when should I celebrate?)…or if I would think it was really unique and cool? Not sure…

I feel like I should do something special with this extra day though right? Actually I can’t make special plans…I’ll be in ceramics class tonight…oh well there’s always next leap year…

Anyway February 29th means it’s time for Laura Loves! And despite my obsessive movie watching I did find some other things (besides movies) to love this month!

Beautiful Day at the Dog Park
I love this dogs eye view of the dog part in this video by Kelsey Wynns…especially some of the great dog expressions captured in slow motion! You can find the original page for this video {here}.

Ya know what? I really am loving President Obama lately. I may or may not mean that politically (ohhhh mysterious….although most people who know me know where I stand on him politically)…but lately he has been really laid back and relaxed (in a good way) compared to past Presidents. For example:

He loves to sing…

I mean…really loves to sing…

And he can enjoy a good marshmellow gun…

I love it! Things like this make me smile!

Reese’s Minis

Hershey’s recently came out with a new candy in my personal favorite Reese’s brand called Reese’s Minis which are unwrapped mini peanut butter cups! I was lucky enough to get a package of these from my sisters for Valentine’s Day! I have to say I LOVED them! Sometimes when Hershey’s changes the size of the peanut butter cup, the peanut butter to chocolate ratio changes and so does the flavoring. But I must say that I thought the ratio was PERFECT in these mini cups! And I also have to admit that the serving size of 11 pieces is a pretty realistic one. Even though you might be tempted to eat the whole bag of them…once you have about 10 or so…I found it starts becoming too rich of a snack and I want to put them down! I loved them! If you are a Reese’s fan I highly suggest you try them!

They would also be awesome for topping ice cream, or making cookies….oh man I’m going to have to get myself another bag!

 I tend to be a procrastinator…but something that consistently falls through the cracks with me is finding doctors. Living in DC is the first time since I left for college that I’ve lived in a place where that doesn’t feel “temporary” and it is dawning on me that I need to get on top of finding some regular doctors. Don’t worry I’m not sick…but that is exactly why I never remember to do it…I rarely feel the need to go. Seriously…power house immune system right here…I’ve used less than 3 days of sick leave at work since I started 2.5 years ago.

For me the story goes….”Oh I should find a <insert specialty> doctor…let me look up a few on my insurance website…eh I don’t want to make that call in the cube farm where everyone can hear”…or “I can’t step away from my desk to do it right now”…or “How do I even know if this doctor is good? I don’t have enough information at the moment”…or “Shoot it’s now 7pm and their office isn’t open to make an appointment.” Annnnnnd then I forget.

Well this problem is no more because this past weekend my friend Danielle showed me the iPhone/Android app and website ZocDoc! This thing is AWESOME. You can search for doctors in any specialty that take your insurance and are located in your area. Of course you can do that on your insurance website too but here is where it gets better…You can also see pictures and reviews for all the doctors right there when you search…AND you can also see all available appointment times and schedule your appointment through the website or on your smartphone! No more excuses. If I can’t call at my desk I can just look up an available appointment time on ZocDoc and claim it! Oh and did I mention that the app is FREE?

I love it….it gets rid of ALL my procrastination excuses with doctor hunting…it couldn’t be easier…I highly recommend giving it a try!

Girl Scout Cookies
 My annual Girl Scout cookie order was delivered this month! I love Girl Scout cookies…they are a bit expensive but I think it goes to a great cause. I like supporting the Girl Scouts because I was one myself. My favorite cookies are Thin Mints, Tagalongs (aka Peanut Butter Patties), and Samoas (aka Carmel Delights). It is taking a lot of will power to enjoy them in moderation!

Signs of Spring
It may only be February but the sun is staying up later, the air is getting (a bit) warmer, and we are all set to spring the clocks forward in only 2 weeks! We are almost out of the dark days people! And the trees around my apartment complex agree!

2012-02-25 16.46.18

That’s all I have for Laura Loves this month! (Full disclosure: I actually had even more stuff to share but six “things” was already more than usual so I’m done hogging all of your attention!) Check back at the end of March for more!


  1. Keep us posted on the BLOOM TIME for the Cherry Trees in Washington.

  2. Love the Dog Park video!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. LOVE the Dog Park video!!!

    Thanks for sharing.