Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Photo A Day {Part 3}

The weather this week has been BEAUTIFUL here in DC! I’m talking temperatures in the mid to high 70s…my favorite! The flowers all over my complex are blooming and Milo and I are loving it! Bring on the spring!

Despite losing one hour (YAY for “Springing Forward!”) and having lots of plans this past week, I’ve done pretty well keeping up with the photo a day challenge from Fat Mum Slim….here are my photos from this past week!

Day 10: Loud

Day 11: Someone I Talked To Today

Day 12: Fork

Day 13: A Sign
March13a  March13b
I couldn’t decide (because of the warning on the sign) if the second edit of the photo in negative form felt more appropriate…

Day 14: Clouds
There was not one cloud in the sky that day….of course

Day 15: Car

Day 16: Sunglasses
Annnnd of course this was the cloudiest day of the week…the only day I wasn’t really wearing my sunglasses and therefore realized at night and had to take the picture inside :-/…

Don’t forget you can keep up with my photos daily by following me on twitter! You can also see my whole collection of March photos {here}!

I’ll be posting this coming week’s photos next Saturday! In the meantime…here is a bonus St. Patty’s Day photo for ya!

imageThis  was my candy bowl at work this past month….I didn’t realize that I had bought two candies with similar wrappers…when I switched my bowl from Valentine’s Day to St. Patrick’s Day…I found I had accidentally but appropriately created a Pot O’ Gold!!

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