Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Photo A Day {Part 1}

I honestly hope to share more on this blog soon than just Photo A Day posts but these are fast and easy and I like the summary of my pictures weekly. The next two weeks are going to be much less hectic than the last month has been so hopefully more variety will be on its way to the blog soon! In the meantime, here are my photos from the first week of April! If you are interested in joining the challenge, you can find the daily photo themes {here}!

April 1: Your Reflection
If you look closely you can see its actually a double reflection. For some reason its much easier to see on my phone…it’s a bit dark on the computer.

April 2: Color
Colorful shirt I wore that day.

April 3: Mail

April 4: Someone Who Makes You Happy
This photo was taken a few days before…but it was a cute picture of the mutt that makes me happy!

April 5: Tiny

April 6: Lunch
All that was left after I forgot to take a picture of my lunch…whoops!

In other photo a day news, Instagram finally released an app for Andriod on April 5th! I downloaded it April 6th and decided to use it for that daily picture (notice the filter and the border). I really like the Instagram filter/border choices but at the same time I like the freedom to tweek certain things myself like I can in PicSay (the photo editing application that I had been using). It can be nice to have you own control over tint, contrast, exposure, temperature, etc. which Istagram doesn’t give you. But at the same time, the filters on Instagram can be hard to recreate. So I anticipate going back and forth between the two for my daily photos. You can follow me on Instagram {LAFink23}, but the easiest way to see my photos each day (no matter what the program) is to just follow me on Twitter!

And don’t forget you can see my whole April album {here} in Google+!

Did you join in the photo a day fun for April? Try Instagram for the first time on Android? Have another favorite photo editing Andriod app to recommend? Let me know below!

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