Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Photo A Day {Part 2}

I am in serious need to write a post that contains more than just photos…but I just need to figure out what recap from the last few months to write up first! In the meantime, here are this week’s photos from the April Photo A Day Challenge. If you have been following me on Twitter…I haven’t been so great about posting these photos in time…but I am taking them!

April 7: Shadow

April 8: Inside Your Wallet

April 9: Younger You
One of my favorite pictures of myself from the good old soccer days…circa 1999…I was about 15…

April 10: Cold
Nice cold glass of milk and Linden’s Cookies….perfect evening snack!

April 11: Where You Ate Breakfast
I don’t normally eat breakfast (bad I know)…so I treated myself to McDonalds Breakfast for the sake of this picture (bad I know)….eaten at my desk at work…

April 12: Stairs

April 13: Something You Found
Tonight I found a present I bought myself at my door when I got home from work!!! I’m sure I’ll be writing about it soon!

Ok…sooooo my goal for this week is to write a blog post that isn’t about daily photos…..but if you like my pictures, you can see the entire April collection {here} and the entire March collection {here}.

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  1. I see that on April 10th and 11th you had a healthy glass of milk and a tall glass of Orange Juice. Very good! Now I want to know what was in the box at the front door!!!