Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Photo A Day {Week 1}

As I said last week…I kind of let myself go for the April PhotoADay Challenge. I was busy I guess with a trip home for a wedding and lots plans with friends. I also wasn’t feeling very inspired by the daily prompts. In my last post I shared what I thought was the final April picture with you…but I had forgotten that I did take one more…

April 16: Flower

But we are now on to May…with a whole new set of photo prompts from FatMumSlim! So I’m trying to get back into it! I do really enjoy trying to find a picture in each day! Here is hoping I can keep up for May…here is what I have taken so far…

May 1: Peace
My word association with “peace” (although I know its wishful thinking).

May 2: Skyline
It was kind of a grey day for a skyline shot….

May 3: Something You Wore Today
The last day for wearing my latest marbled nails…they were wearing off fast…

May 4: Fun!
My idea of a fun night! Just look at the girl on the box!

If you want to follow my pictures daily you can follow me on Twitter. I am using Instagram (@LAFink23) on some days so you can follow me there as well…but I sometimes use a different phone picture editing application so the best way to see the picture each day is Twitter. You will also find the entire May collection of photos in my album on Google+ {here}. Google+ is also where you can find past months collections as well (March & April).

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