Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Was Taken By Your Smile…

“…as we drifted by Sea Isle” ~ Bud Nugent, On The Way To Cape May

This past weekend I was lucky enough to hang with a lot of my extended family in Sea Isle City, NJ. That’s right…the Jersey Shore! We had a blast!

On Saturday I was ready to head to NJ with the two most important things packed…food and a special gift for a brand new baby cousin!

IMG_20120713_005144  IMG_20120714_011513

The weekend was full of kiddos…a how in the world is she already 6 year-old who did an awesome job on her first crabbing trip!

2012-07-15 14.48.45  2012-07-15 15.33.30

2012-07-15 15.37.13

A 20 month-old who was constantly on the move…worming away from her mom with a smirk, “reading” out loud to herself (possibly the cutest thing ever), or testing the lower kitchen cabinets for baby proofing…

2012-07-16 11.51.24 IMG_20120714_211153 IMG_20120714_211016

Until we managed to contain her in her brand new beach cart hammock stroller…


DISCLAIMER: No baby was tortured in order to get this picture! She LOVED that thing! She assumed her own lounge position and waved as we rolled her around the room. She even asked for her bottle! (I think she was so comfy she was ready to take a nap in there! DISCLAIMER 2: We didn’t let her…)

And last but certainly not least…the newest addition to the family!! The 6 month-old baby cousin who was the weekend king of laughing, eating, and most of all…

2012-07-16 12.39.12…napping!

I didn’t even realize I didn’t get a picture of this funny happy baby awake until I was back in DC! I was having too much fun hangin’ with him! So just for good measure…here is a great example of his happy/laughing face courtesy of his Mom’s Facebook page!


We had a blast eating, pranking, laughing, crabbing, and relaxing in Sea Isle! I wish I could have spent more than just the weekend!

I also just realized I never took pictures of actually hanging out on the beach! So I’ll leave you with some bonus pictures of some of the family crabbing on the bay!

2012-07-15 12.38.15 2012-07-15 14.42.59 2012-07-15 14.51.01



  1. Had such a great time, wish I could have stayed all week!

  2. Just got home from my time visiting with the family. I rained a lot, but that's okay, we were there to see the family, and that is what we did.