Saturday, July 7, 2012

Live, Laugh, Laura is now on Facebook!

Well I did it…it’s done…I’ve hopped on yet another bandwagon. For those counting…it is probably the third big trend I have joined in on in the past few years…coming in third after 1) blogging in general and 2) obsessive Instagramming. So…because all the cool kids are doing it…

Live, Laugh, Laura! now has a Facebook page!

I have debated making a page for the blog for some time now. At first, with a small number of subscribers on the blog itself I figured it really wasn’t big enough to have its own Facebook page. Over the last year, however, I have noticed that a lot of my readers follow the blog using my Facebook links. I started thinking it might be a good idea for those people to be able to subscribe to those specific updates in general…and it would be nice to not bother other friends who don’t really feel like hearing about the blog all the time! Sometimes I feel like I’m spamming with all those links!

But what really made my decision was actually during my unannounced June hiatus. My mom sent me a lovely note from a reader (who she knows better than I do). She followed my blog via Facebook links and was wondering where I had been and if everything was alright! I realized I have more readers to update than I thought…especially some people I may not know well who might not regularly see my posts in their news feed.

I realized that a blog Facebook page has a lot of benefits.

  1. Those who prefer to follow my blog on Facebook can do so by “liking” the page.
  2. Those who may not be my friend on Facebook can follow blog updates.
  3. Friends who don’t want to be bugged with my blog updates have won’t see links on my personal page all the time (in other words…no more spamming from me!).
  4. I can post quick updates on Facebook to blog followers when I can’t post for a while.
  5. Readers can interact more with the blog on Facebook with more than just post comments. They can post to the timeline, can tag the blog in their own posts, and can more easily re-share links with their own friends too!

With so many benefits…I had to go for it! So if you enjoy following Live, Laugh, Laura! via Facebook, then head on over to the page and “like” it to be sure you get updates! This is going to be the last post I share on my personal Facebook page! Oh and leave a note on the new timeline saying hi :-)!!!

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