Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony Watch Party!

I’m not sure when it started…but for as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with the Olympics. During the two weeks of the Olympics, it is basically all I watch. So of course as soon as I found out the date for the Opening Ceremonies, I knew I wanted to have a watch party!

As soon as I shared my plans with my friend Sarah, she found a few fun Olympic themed ideas and so we decided to prepare and host together! Here are a few of the Olympic themed things we had at our party…

For decorations, we went with a combined Olympic & USA theme. I found some star glitter to have on the tables and Sarah found the perfect 3D paper torch to hang in the living room!

2012-07-28 20.10.10  2012-07-28 22.01.38

We hung red white and blue streamers in the dining room and my big American Flag (along with a few fake medals) in the living room…

2012-07-27 18.45.44  2012-07-28 22.01.02

We were the most proud of our construction paper Olympic Rings! We had large ones behind the couch…

big rings 1

…and then managed to cut a smaller set for above the TV!

small rings1

But there was one minor décor foux pas. I was so excited when I happened upon these seemingly perfect plastic cups for beverages at the supermarket…

2012-07-28 20.11.58

…but I was bummed when I opened the package to find that the cups were stamped with a LARGE indication of where they were manufactured. The cups were clearly not as patriotic as I had intended.

2012-07-28 20.12.11

Olympic Bingo
I thought it would be fun to have a game to play as we watched the ceremony. Obvious choice? BINGO!

2012-07-28 20.08.00  2012-07-28 20.09.17

I found a lot of ideas for the bingo cards from these awesome cards by Meghan from Another Crafty Day (In Paradise). She was even nice enough to send me a few cards that she made! I wanted to add a few of my own squares so I mixed some of our ideas and formatted my own cards!

Special Cocktails
Inspired by this picture…we decided to create a special Olympic Ring drink. We found Life Savors as close to Olympic colors as possible and added some sparkling moscato! It was yummy!

481021_673610607268_778915905_n  2012-07-27 20.32.15(Glasses Photo Credit: Sarah)

They were really good! The Life Savors actually flavor the moscato a bit. But if you let it sit too long the flavor can be a bit much so…drink up!

Of course we had to take advantage of the left over 4th of July Budweiser cans to stick with the theme!

2012-07-23 20.23.17  bud

Olympic Ring Colored Food
We had 3 sets of Olympic Ring colored snacks! First up…peanut butter M&Ms!

2012-07-27 19.08.06

Then we had vegies and blue colored ranch dip…

2012-07-27 19.07.43

And blue tortilla chips and various dips!

2012-07-27 19.07.53

But we were most proud of the themed dessert! Using red velvet cake…

580890_673610382718_495111433_n(Photo Credit: Sarah)

and cream cheese icing…

306750_673610407668_1419477838_n(Photo Credit: Sarah)
(ummm…how CUTE is Sarah’s apron?!?)

and ice cream cones…

2012-07-26 20.13.41(our favorite was the leaky cone that baked out the bottom in the middle of the dark pan)

we made Olympic Torch cupcakes!!!

Torches1  torches
(Right Photo Credit: Sarah)
(Inspiration from Cake Central and Crafty Parent)

We had a fun time at the party and enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies! I thought The Queen “jumping” out of a helicopter was funny. But my favorite thing was the fireworks! The raining rings were absolutely beautiful and the firework show at the end was just spectacular!

And now I will spend the next two weeks planted on my couch as I obsessively watch as much of the Olympic Games as I possibly can. And yes the irony that the largest athletic event in the world can cause me to be so lazy is not lost on me. But like I said…I’m obsessed!

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  1. What a bunch of cool the Olympic rings and the cupcakes...fantastic! I am sending my R.S.V.P. for you next OLYMPIC party, I want to be there!