Friday, August 31, 2012

Laura Loves {August 2012}

I’ve been laying a bit low this month. I’ve had some fun family visits and some really laid back weekends as well. A welcome break after my busy busy July! But a laid back month doesn’t mean I haven’t found some things to love in August!

Schete Vite – Fast Drying Top Coat
Anyone who likes to do their nails knows that a fast drying top coat is important. Up until recently I was using a very thin fast dry top coat that had served me well. But after getting a few professional manicures this summer I realized my at home thin top coat wasn’t really “sealing” my nail designs and giving my nails the professional “shine” that I wanted. I also noticed that the top coat at the salon seems to dry decently fast too. There must be a better quick drying top coat out there! Well luckily I happened upon a nail art blog that mentioned the quick dry top coat Schete Vite! It’s not too cheap but you can find it the cheapest on Amazon! I quickly ordered it to try it…
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
(Photo from Amazon)
I LOVE this top coat. It is a nice thick polish that goes on smooth and really feels like it is sealing in my design or color. It doesn’t dry AS instantly as my old thin top coat, but it really doesn’t take long at all and extra minute or two is worth it (it does dry faster than regular nail polish). I was able to successfully create this tape manicure with it…and I only gave it about 15-20 minutes between the first coat (with a layer of top coat) and the tape to create the design!


It also sealed in this braided design without touchup for 2 weeks!


I have noticed with my most recent home manicure that it works the best with higher quality nail polish. My Essie polishes work amazingly with it…while some of my cheaper brands do tend to chip and peel faster. But overall I love this top coat and if you are looking for a fast drying top coat that is nice and thick and will seal in your design and give a nice shine….try Schete Vite! (But buy it on Amazon!).

Tim Helbig
I have highlighted my love for Grace Helbig (DailyGrace) a few times on this blog and I still have quite a girl crush on her…yup….I said it. However…her brother, Tim, created a channel on YouTube a few months back and has recently been posting more frequently. While his humor is a bit different and quirkier than Grace….I also find him awkwardly hysterical. Check out his recent video about trying to become ordained via the internet in order to marry two of his friends…

Letter to Hypothetically Gay Son
I came across this gem and I just had to share. This guy found a letter from a father disowning his gay son that was shared by the son on the internet. He then decided (not having any kids at the moment) to write a letter to the hypothetically gay son he may have in the future. I think it is really honest and touching. Enjoy {here}.

Game of Thrones Theme Song
I recently watched the first season of Game of Thrones. It is a pretty good show…I really enjoyed it. Great story…unpredictable…I’m hooked. But as silly as it may be…one of my favorite things about the show is the theme song. I mean, I’ve been watching it on DVD and could easily skip the theme and get on with each episode…but I never do because I love it so much! Maybe it’s just me but….have a listen…

I also really love this violin cover of it…

It’s really weird to be obsessed with a theme song but I could listen to this over and over….so good. Who’s with me?

I happened upon this new snack during a recent trip to Costco! They were giving out samples and I really liked them so I took home a variety pack! PopCorners are simply popcorn reformed into the shape of a triangle chip. They are light and airy and come in a variety of flavors including: Butter, Kettle, White Cheddar, Sea Salt, Cheesy Jalepeno, and (my personal favorite) Caramel! The variety pack that I got only included Kettle, White Cheddar, and Caramel so those are the only flavors I have tried so far. But I LOVE the Caramel and the White Cheddar is the favorite among the lunch crowd at work! That isn’t to say Kettle is bad…if you like Kettle corn you are sure to love that flavor as well!

(Photo from PopCorners’ website)
I was really surprised at how much I liked these. They aren't as bad for you as chips but sort of satisfies that particular snack craving. The flavoring on the chips is powder and so they are not greasy like chips or buttered popcorn would be. Plus it tastes like eating popcorn with no chance of the kernels getting stuck in your teeth!

Unfortunately, when I went back to Costco to grab more they were gone! (I think I remember them saying they were only going to have them for a limited time :-/)…but today I went to the PopCorners website and found out that you can buy them in bulk with free shipping! They were definitely a better deal at Costco but I don’t think these prices are TOO much worse…especially if they come straight to your door! I heard from a friend they are also available at Giant (but I have not confirmed) and I noticed there were some buying options on Amazon. The prices there aren’t too bad if you can get free shipping. But right now the flavor options are limited and they don’t sell the variety packs.

What have you been loving in August? Are you ready for the Fall? I’m personally looking forward to Fall TV!!! Be on the lookout for the return of What I’m Watching! And I’ll be back at the end of September with more things to love!!


  1. My favorite things from August...
    Visiting my daughter in Virginia
    Looking a the Blue moon rise over Manhattan! Looking forward to favorite things in September...I will be in Virgina for a long weekend.