Sunday, September 30, 2012

Laura Loves {September 2012}

I’ve loved a lot of things in September…but they seem to have a two general themes…dogs…and fall…

Shirlington Dog Park
Milo and I have a new favorite dog park! I heard about Shirlington Dog Park a long time ago but never got around to getting the mutt out there…but recently we tried it out and now we are addicted!

What makes this dog park so great? Two things…well really three…

1) Unlike the normal square fenced in park, Shirlington is a long park…you can’t seen one end from the other…so you basically get to go on an off leash stroll with your mutt. I think this is much nicer than just standing around while the dogs run around. You stay moving…dogs get practice meeting in more of a walk situation…and there are lots of things along the path for the dog to explore!

2012-08-20 18.23.27

2) The water! There is a creek behind the park…just outside of the fenced area…where the dogs can go down and swim! Milo was a little shy about this part at first…but he has gotten used to it…and loves going to that part of the park now! He still doesn’t realize he can actually swim…but we will work on that…

2012-09-22 13.39.37

2012-09-01 17.40.14  2012-09-22 14.01.45

The large park and the above two features lead to cool thing number 3…the DOGS! There are so many dogs constantly in and out of this park! It is never lonely…both large and small…you are likely to see one of your favorite breeds! I’ve seen multiple Newfoundlands and Great Danes at once at the park which is great for Milo in particular…he is used to being a big dog…but he doesn’t get to encounter dogs larger than him as often…

2012-08-18 12.37.52
Please note how small my (not small) 85 lb mutt looks next to this big Newfoundland! The Newfoundland came up to me to say high and poked my elbow instead of my hand!! They were so sweet!

This is a great park! If you have a dog I highly recommend Shirlington Dog Park.

Milo LOVES empty water bottles. He can’t get enough of the crinkling sound it makes as he chews it! Our family dog used to love this as well…so I know this is a common dog trait…


I have seen toys in stores before where you can insert a bottle into a cloth animal toy for dogs….kind of like a stuffed animal without stuffing. Even though I’ve been tempted, I’ve never gotten one for Milo because he is a STRONG chewer and would basically tear a cloth/stuffed toy apart in minutes…

So when we received a Crinkit from our BarkBox this month (see below)…I got really excited! A rubber toy/sleeve for empty water bottles!!!

2012-09-19 17.48.18

I quickly found an empty bottle….stuffed it in the Crinkit and let Milo have at it. He is obsessed! He can’t get enough of the thing…it makes the crinkling noise of the bottle…but he doesn’t destroy the sleeve at all! He is always playing with it and marching it around the apartment…sometimes wanting me to throw it for him…it is easily his new favorite toy! And I don’t have to worry about him hurting himself with a really chewed up bottle! If your dog loves empty water bottles and is a strong chewer…I HIGHLY recommend Crinkit!

I know it is a bit pricey though…which is what brings me to the next item on my list….

Recently, Groupon offered a deal on a subscription to BarkBox. Barkbox is basically a box of goodies for your mutt that comes once a month. It will contain 4-6 items…treats, toys, gadgets, shampoos….all sorts of dog stuff (catered to the size of your dog)! Long time readers know my love of random boxes runs deep…so with the Groupon deal I decided to get a subscription for Milo!

It might sound silly to say that Milo loved it…but he really did! Before I even opened the box…he was sniffing it…really interested.

2012-09-19 17.45.11

Turns out there was a pretzel bully stick as one of the treats which I’m sure he could smell!

2012-09-19 18.21.51

We also got a bag of organic freeze dried sweet potato treats (along with a small sample of freeze dried chicken treats), coupons to, a dental bone, a sample (between bath) wipe, annnnd the Crinkit!

2012-09-19 17.48.54

2012-09-19 17.49.14

With my Groupon deal…I only paid $10 per box….but the Crinkit is a $20 item!! (I haven’t looked yet but I doubt the freeze dried treats are too cheap either). The coupon itself is $10!

Milo was just as excited as I was opening the box. We can’t wait to see what comes next…and if it stays this good I will most likely renew my subscription.

Regular Subscriptions start at $17 per month…(which STILL would have been less than the Crinkit alone)…but if you use my referral link {here}…you will get $5 off your subscription! Milo and I love BarkBox so far!!

Fall TV
I think I’ve made it quite obvious that I was very excited for the premiere week of Fall TV…and it did not disappoint! How can you not love premiere week? After almost 4 months….we have a whole season of our favorite shows ahead of us! If you want to check out what I’ll be watching this season…check out my series of Fall TV posts!

Fall Foliage
Before I was old enough to know exactly when in the year my birthday was…my mom would tell me that we could start a birthday countdown as soon as the large tree across the street started to turn red! And so began my love of fall foliage!

2012-09-22 09.54.21 2012-09-22 10.13.19

I really do love this time of year…fall is my favorite season! I love cool nights with open windows…the crisp smell in the air…the foods…and of course the fall foliage! It is sad that the days are getting shorter…but I’ll trade some daylight for all the fun that comes with the fall season!

Gangnam Style
(This one is a bit off theme…but I love it nonetheless)

This song…its all over the place and I love it…makes me smile every time I hear it!

After you watch the video…enjoy SNL’s recent skit poking fun (or loving) this video!

I’ll be back at the end of October for more Laura Loves!

Friday, September 21, 2012

What I’m Watching Weekends {Fall 2012}

I don’t have nearly as much TV to watch on the weekends! Friday and Saturday are like “DVR catch up” days when I don’t have other plans. So I like to put the entire weekend together as one post…

wiwweekend  TV Key
For information on how to read the graphics above, see Monday’s post.

Empty Friday!
After a busy busy week of TV…Friday is my DVR’s night off! If I’m home on Friday I will either catch up on shows that I didn’t get to watch during the week, or I might tune in for ABC’s Shark Tank or What Would You Do? Those are both shows I have found entertaining, but not enough to have them take up DVR space…and they aren’t shows I need to watch the episodes in any particular order.

Saturday Night Live ~ NBC Sept. 15 11:30
A lot of people say SNL isn’t funny anymore…I agree that it has seen better days…but I do still like to record and watch SNL. I think it is still pretty funny. And if there is any time to pay attention to SNL…it's during an election year! The season opener was last weekend and I thought it was a pretty good episode! I liked the Gangnam Style skit…and I'm not going to lie…Gangnam Style has a bit of the same effect on my mood too haha…

I also enjoyed host Seth MacFarlane’s impression of swimmer Ryan Lochte going over Fall TV!

I enjoy SNL…although I’m wondering how they will handle the loss of Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg :-/…but with the election going on this fall…I think it will at least start off strong!

Once Upon A Time ~ ABC Sept. 30 8:00
This drama about fairytale characters trapped in the real world turned out to be my absolute favorite new drama last season! I have recommended this show to so many people and I have gotten many friends hooked…

The show comes from the writers of Lost and similarly tells each fairytale character’s story in a series of flashbacks to their old world. I think the writers of this show do an excellent job of pulling the fairy tales together into one world, making the fairy tale world have a richer back story and elaborating on the history of their characters, and also sticking to important parts of the tales that we know and love. The scenery of the fairy tale world is really good too. I thought this show had the potential to be a bit cheesy…but it really isn’t! I think it was really well done.

The exciting news about this show is that the first season is on Netflix instant watch! So you can start recording the season and but still go catch up first! I recently recommend it to my friend Shirin and she liked it so much she is already caught up and can’t wait for the new season!

There is kind of a big spoiler at the end of the first season…so I don’t really want to show you guys the promo for the second season because I don’t want to give it away!! I really really really recommend going back and watching this show from the beginning! So I’ll just show last year’s show trailer to try to get you interested…

Amazing Race ~ CBS Sept. 30 8:00
I’m sure I said this last year…but if I was giving the opportunity to participate on any reality TV show it would be The Amazing Race! How cool would it be to race around the world? Even if you don’t win a get to travel to all sorts of places and learn about different cultures! And bonus? If you DO win…you get 1 million dollars! Oh wait this year they are raising it to TWO million dollars!

So who wants to be on my team???

But just as an FYI…as I note on my schedule…I record Amazing Race for 2 hours on Sundays. Even though it is only an hour and starts at 8pm…CBS airs sports on Sunday afternoons…which means it is (VERY) often delayed. It is rare though for it to be delayed more than an I usually just record for an extra hour (9-10).

Revenge ~ ABC Sept. 30 9:00
I actually didn’t start out watching this drama when it started on ABC last year. But my friend Meghan told me during the holidays that I HAD to try it out! It was actually really good! Emily Thorne has moved back to the Hamptons to seek revenge on those who framed her father for a horrific terrorist attack when she was very young (and had a different name). I think the drama is good in that there is a lot of dangerous twists and framing in the sake of revenge…wondering if she will get caught…or even what she will do! It is a good show. I plan on keeping up with season 2 this year…


Well that does it for What I’m Watching this year…phew I know my DVR will be busy busy busy but I’m sure some of the shows won’t last (either my choice or the networks)…so it will calm down after a few weeks.

I will update with a quick post later this fall for an update as to what stayed on the schedule and what I think of the new shows!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I’m Watching Thursdays {Fall 2012}

Thursday has the largest number of shows in the same timeslot…but I’m not extremely worried about these conflicts and I will explain later in the post…let’s just get to it…

WIW Thurs   TV Key
For information on how to read the graphics above, see Monday’s post.

Up All Night ~ NBC Sept. 20 8:30
This sitcom about navigating through the very beginning stages of parenthood is heading into its second season. I really liked this sitcom last year…it has funny moments as well as cute/touching moments. I think it touches on a lot of different dilemmas of being new parents. But then again I tend to enjoy Christina Applegate….and Maya Rudolph…and Will Arnett…so this show had an advantage starring all three haha. While the show returns tonight…there isn’t really any new season promo for it…so I’ll just share the main trailer from last year…

I enjoyed this show last year so I plan on keeping it around this year. Its not the best sitcom on TV but it is definitely a pretty good one.

The Office ~ NBC Sept. 20 9:00
It’s the final season of The Office. Even though it might not be as good as it used to be…I have to watch to see how it ends!

Parks & Recreation ~ NBC Sept. 20 9:30
Although it started off slowly…Parks & Recreation has become one of my other favorite sitcoms! When this show first started I thought the main character Leslie Knopes (Amy Poehler) was going to be an inappropriate and enthusiastic government manager (ie a female Michael Scott a la The Office). But really…while she was a bit over enthusiastic at first…the character has really developed a lot into something with quirks but actually relatively normal. The other characters all have their own lovable quirks as well! It’s a really good show! And this season they are filming a bit in DC! So that’s another reason to watch! (I wish I had caught some filming…I know they have done a bit by the reflecting pool of the Capitol).


Glee ~ FOX Sept. 13 9:00
Glee moved to Thursdays this season which causes a bit of conflict at 9:00 for me….but I’ll touch on that in a bit. I like Glee. I think the writing isn’t as good as it was in the beginning (in terms of plot turns not in terms of humor or incorporating music). However I really really enjoy the music performances on Glee. I know its not realistic at all…but I always enjoy the dancing and the performance of the music.

There are a lot of changes coming this season, considering a lot of the club graduated at the end of the season. So I will definitely be tuning in to see what is next for Glee (and…sing along as well)!

Grey’s Anatomy ~ ABC Sept. 27 9:00
Alright….I have a bone to pick with Grey’s Anatomy. There are some characters….who have almost died on this show…like 3 times…traumatically. If you I mean… how likely is it that one person will almost die in 1) A ferry boat crash 2) hospital shooting AND 3) a plane crash…..within an 8 year span of their life….and survive them all?!?…let alone have a bunch of their friends die in similar dramatic fashion in that time span….sigh…

I think Grey’s Anatomy is a good show…for the interesting medical situations that arise…but in terms of the tragic events happening to the doctors on a personal level….it has gone a bit too far for me…and the plane crash at the end of last season was the straw that really broke the camel’s back…

Grey’s is a loyalty watch for me…and will make it easy for me to keep up with it.

Project Runway ~ Lifetime - Premiered in July – 9:00
I really like seeing what the designers come up with on Project Runway. Unfortunately I no longer get Lifetime…but I am still able to keep up with Project Runway with full episodes online! I don’t really mind watching Project Runway online because I care more about the end of the episode and seeing the pieces of clothing more than the drama of the reality TV. But I think the designers they bring on are really talented and I think it is cool how differently they each interpret the same challenge. If you want to watch Project Runway you can find full episodes {here}.

Elementary ~ CBS Sept 27 10:00
I’m not sure if this new Sherlock Holmes drama will last in my schedule…I can’t really tell from the previews if I will like it or not. But I am intrigued by the twist that Watson is a woman….and that it co-stars Lucy Liu. I like her…and she hasn’t been in anything for a little while. (I kind of wonder sometimes if someone I like doesn’t do a project for a little while if I trust that they had a lot of faith in the script to make them come back haha). But really the show intrigues me so I will give it a chance. But I could also see myself kind of shrugging it off. What do you think of this new take on this new Sherlock Holmes drama?

So…yea I have a lot of shows that air during the 9-10pm hour of prime time…but at the same time one of them I HAVE to watch online…and the other…well I’ll just probably be keeping up with it every once in a while. The DVR won’t be as stressed out on Thursdays as it might first appear!

What will you be watching on Thursday?? I’ll be back tomorrow for one last post about what I’m watching on the weekends! Smile

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I’m Watching Wednesdays {Fall 2012}

Wednesday nights won’t be as busy as Tuesdays, but I do have one potential conflict…although I’m not sure either show will last….hey maybe one of the good Tuesday shows will move to Wednesday if that happens! But I’ll get to those shows in a second. Let’s take a look at what Wednesday will look like for me…

For information on how to read the graphics above, see Monday’s post.

Survivor ~ CBS Sept. 19 8:00
Survivor is one of my annual staples. I really think the social chess game that people play with each other to win this game is quite fascinating. It is also a show that looks very nice in HD (with all the shots of the wildlife haha). This year on Survivor, they are bringing back 3 people who had to leave the game via injury the last time they played…going all the way back to the second season of Survivor (my first and favorite) Australia! I’m excited for these players who were forced to quit for medical reasons come back and give it another try…

I have generally been a bit tired of CBS bringing people back on their reality shows (mixing in with new folks) but I feel like this is a bit different considering these people had to leave their prior seasons prematurely. Survivor starts this Wednesday!! I’m very excited!

The Middle ~ ABC Sept. 26 8:00
I’m sure I mentioned this last year but The Middle is one of my absolute favorite sitcoms on TV right now. It unfortunately gets overshadowed by Modern Family, but this show about an oddball (but very normal) middle class family in middle America is really hysterical. Sue, the dorky and usually invisible but extremely optimistic middle child is my favorite character! Eden Sher is really fantastic in the role. The rest of the cast is great too but I think Patricia Heaton is the other stand out! I think the best overall trailer if you haven’t ever seen the show is the one I showed in last year’s post. The promo for this year is pretty short and sweet…

If you haven’t watched The Middle before, I would highly recommend it. It is a show that is pretty easy to watch without having seen the first 3 seasons…but those seasons are great if you get the chance to catch up! The season premiere is a special full hour episode!!! I really can’t wait for the return of the Hecks!!

The next two shows….well I’m not all that confident they will really survive in the schedule. I will have an open time slot at 8:30pm on Wednesday nights (with Happy Endings moving to busy Tuesdays :-/)….and these two shows…well they look like they might be really tacky/cheesy…but they also could have some potential….I’ll explain....

The only reason that The Neighbors made it ON the DVR and the Guys With Kids is in the “Extra” row in my schedule above is because of The Middle’s 1 hour premiere episode. The premiere night, I will be watching The Middle at 8:30 and The Neighbors will be on at 9:00pm for that week it a chance to be conflict free on my DVR. I will watch the premiere of Guys with Kids online…but if I don’t like either show…neither will remain on my schedule…

The Neighbors ~ ABC Sept. 26 9:00 (Oct. 3 8:30 regular time slot)
In short…this new show about a family moving to the suburbs with alien neighbors looks like it could have its funny moments…but based on the trailer below I’m really skeptical…

It may have a few funny cracks but the show looks like it could get cheesy. But ABC has been putting out sitcoms that I have been enjoying over the past few seasons so I’m going to give this one a chance. We will see if it sticks around…

Guys With Kids ~ NBC Sept. 26 8:30
The promo for Guys with Kids also looks like it could get really cheesy really fast…

I mean….who takes their baby to a bar??? And again with the laugh tracks! I mentioned on Monday that they are not my favorite thing in modern comedies….BUT….it is from funnyman producer Jimmy Fallon…and seems to have a few potential laughs in the trailer…so it will get a chance from me…but it will have to impress me big time to remain in my lineup…

Modern Family ~ ABC Sept 26 9:00
Who doesn’t LOVE Modern Family?!?! It is the highlight of my week…

If you aren’t watching this show…you should be! I am counting the days until Season 4!

Suburgatory ~ ABC Oct. 17 9:30
I really thought I wouldn’t keep Suburgatory on my schedule after it premiered last year. It is about a girl and her dad who move from the city to the suburbs…where she feels extremely trapped. During the first few episodes…I thought the portrayal of suburban life was kind of odd…and didn’t really relate to my experience. But there are some pretty funny actors/characters on the show…including a few old SNL favorites…and the main character Tess keeps me interested in her story…it did pick up after a week or so.
There is no new season trailer yet…so here is the main trailer if you want to get the gist of the show’s plot…

Would I call it my favorite sitcom? No…there are plenty ahead of it…but with an open time slot it has grown on me and is entertaining…so I’ll keep it on my schedule.

Chicago Fire ~ NBC Oct. 10 10:00
Ya know…the TV drama department is over saturated with Cop/Criminal/Law and Medical dramas….I kind of find and idea of a Firehouse drama refreshing….it could be a good to see what different types of situations they deal with or what types of characters they come up with for the firemen/women or even their significant others and families…

I think this could be a really good and different show…and I have nothing else recording at 10…so Chicago Fire will get a chance from me…

What will you be watching Wednesday nights??? I’ll be back tomorrow a BUSY Thursday night lineup!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What I’m Watching Tuesdays {Fall 2012}

Tuesday is one of my busiest nights of TV. I might have to eventually make some big cuts on Tuesday this year. But there are a lot of shows to talk about…so let’s get started!

What I'm Watching Tuesdays   TV Key
For information on how to read the graphics above, see Monday’s post.

Yea…crazy…let me explain my choices:

Dancing with the Stars: Results ~ ABC Sept. 25 8:00
If I’m going to watch the dancing show on Monday, I have to see who gets eliminated on Tuesday! I was debating just watching the elimination online but the conflicts on Tuesday aren’t really during the 8-9 hour so…I will be recording and watching the results show. The Dancing with the Stars Results show is pretty good though. They usually bring either really impressive professional dance companies or really impressive kid dancers on to perform. I really enjoy watching dance so this is a pretty fun results show for me.

Ben & Kate ~ FOX Sept. 25 8:30
I was thinking about passing up on this new sitcom from FOX, but two things make me feel like I should check it out: 1) Like I said above, I don’t really have a conflict during the 8-9 primetime hour anyway and 2) Entertainment Weekly listed it as one of the Top 5 Best New Shows. I decided I would give it a chance. Here is a preview of the quirky new sitcom:

Happy Endings ~ ABC Oct. 23 9:00
Happy Endings is actually one of my favorite ABC sitcoms. A group of friends in their late twenties/early thirties navigating through life. It really to me has a more modern feel on the classic Friends. It is witty, a bit fast paced, but well written and has a great cast.

Because the show is premiering a bit later this season, I couldn’t find a new promo for it so I’m posting the promo from the very first season which kind of what starts off the plot of the show…it was good from the start but to be fair I think this show has gotten even better with age!

I was a bit bummed it got moved to Tuesday this year because it is causing some conflict in my TV schedule but I am definitely not dropping it. I would encourage those who enjoy, Friends, New Girl, and Modern Family to give this sitcom a shot. Luckily it is a show that isn’t TOO hard to get into if you haven’t watched from the beginning. There could be a few past reference jokes but for the most part each episode stands on its own pretty well. Plus since it starts late you have time to do some catch up!

New Girl ~ FOX Sept. 25 (Bonus Premiere 8:00, Regular Time 9:00)
Last year…I was ready to skip out on watching New Girl. I thought it looked a little too silly for my taste. But something happened with my line up and I was able to try this show. Boy was my first impression wrong! The first episode made me think I COULD be right about the show…but then it just kept getting better and better! It quickly became one of my favorite new shows last season!

The main character Jess wasn’t as over-quirky as I thought she would be…but more importantly the rest of the cast have their own quirks and they all balance each other out. Schmidt is my absolute favorite character and actor Max Greenfield received a well deserved Emmy Nomination for the role! I’m really excited for the new season. This show won’t get dropped from my busy Tuesday.

Go On ~ NBC Premiered Aug. 8 (Pilot Sneak Peak) and Sept 11 9:00 (Regular Time)
This new NBC sitcom stars Matthew Perry as a sports newscaster who is dealing with the tragic loss of his wife. After a bit of an emotional breakdown…he is forced to try group therapy…and brings his own funny and sarcastic spin to the group and learns to help others and make new friends. Here is the promo if you missed it:

I really would like to watch Go On because I really like Matthew Perry and I enjoyed the second episode that I managed to catch on TV (I missed the original pilot but will be watching it online). However with two of my favorite shows on at 9:00, I don’t have an open spot for it on my DVR. I do plan on trying to keep up with it online. And even though it has premiered already, you can watch both the past 2 episodes {here}. But if I can’t keep up with it…or it doesn’t really impress me….I might have to drop it :-/.

Alright here is where the real race for my DVR recording begins…9:30-10!!

Don’t Trust the B* in Apt 23 ~ ABC Oct. 23 9:30
Don’t Trust the B* in Apt 23 premiered last year in the spring for a short run and it did pretty well. I didn’t have anything in its timeslot so I decided to give it a try and I liked it. Basically an innocent overachiever moves to NYC to pursue her dreams when her life falls apart and she has to bunk up with Chloe in Apt 23. Chloe is a real b****…but the two are kind of like an odd couple who learn from each other. Here is the original promo from the short season last year:

I enjoyed it on Wednesday but it wasn’t my absolute favorite show. It is pretty funny and James Van Der Beek is funny making fun of himself…but this year there are two new shows (with really good potential) that might take it off my DVR list. Luckily for me, it isn’t premiering until later in October so I can give the two following shows a chance. I will be sticking with Don’t Trust the B* if either of those shows don’t work for me. Otherwise I will probably keep up with it online on when I can.

The Mindy Project ~ FOX Sept. 25 9:30
This is one of my more anticipated sitcoms of the new season. I LOVE Mindy Kaling from both The Office (on which she was a writer), her movie appearances, as well as her twitter feed! So I am really excited for her new show The Mindy Project. It looks like a fun show about a young professional woman trying to figure out where her life is going next…I can’t relate to that at all! haha…

I’m excited…hopefully it is as good as I’m anticipating!

The New Normal ~ NBC Sept. 11 9:30
I’m also excited for the show The New Normal about a woman who decides to be a surrogate for a gay couple who wish to have a baby…against her VERY CONSERVATIVE mother’s beliefs…in order to make a new life for her daughter…

I think the concept of this show looks great. As Ryan Murphy production (who creates hits like Glee) I think this show has a lot of potential and I like the possible story lines. I missed the pilot episode and I need to catch up. If you need to as well you can find both past episodes {here}!

Private Practice ~ ABC Sept. 25 10:00
I mentioned this last year…but Private Practice is a bit of a loyalty watch for me. I used to like it a lot more…then the drama went a bit nutty I think. I still find some of the medical situations they deal with very interesting…but on the personal drama of it…I feel like every character has gotten together with every other character….and it seems crazy that they would all still be so close after that. I will be watching Private Practice at 10…but I don’t think it’s a MUST WATCH that I’d be so fast to recommend to anyone…especially this many seasons in.

On the other hand…

Parenthood ~ NBC Sept. 11 10:00
I mentioned last year how Parenthood is one of my favorite dramas…and that is still the case! I love this show! I would really recommend this show to anyone who was a fan of Brothers & Sisters, or even maybe Modern Family. It isn’t a comedy like Modern Family…but this heartwarming family drama has a funny side. It isn’t as dramatic as Brothers & Sisters but it does have that close family vibe.

Parenthood really tries to show all sorts of family situations…particularly focusing on issues dealing with parenting. It is a really great show…and the good news is…the entire series is currently available on instant watch on Netflix!! So record the current season but catch up quickly on Netflix!! If you also just missed the beginning of the current season…you can watch this season’s full episodes on {here}.

Phew! Tuesday will be quite a busy night for my DVR! Hopefully my time slot choices (especially for the 9:30 – 10pm slot) becomes more clear as the season starts. I will be sure to update what I stuck with later in the fall! What will you be watching on Tuesdays??? I’ll be back tomorrow to share what I’ll be watching on Wednesdays!

Monday, September 17, 2012

What I’m Watching Mondays {Fall 2012}

Welcome to a week long series where I profile What I’m Watching this Fall TV season! Mondays last year were pretty slow but I think they have a chance to be a BIT busier this year. Here is how Mondays look at the moment:

What I'm Watching Mondays  TV Key

A few things I want to mention about my TV schedule images this year. My DVR has 2 available tuners to record and watch shows. That is why I have an A & B column. Once I have too many shows at one time, I will put them in the “Extra” row and I will detail how I plan on following the show (most likely via full episodes available online). The colors indicate both what network the show is on as well as if it is a new series this year.

So let’s break Monday down:

Dancing with the Stars: All Stars ~ ABC Sept. 24 8:00
Last Fall I watched Dancing with the Stars because I enjoy watching good dancing and Monday was pretty empty anyway. In the Spring for some reason I just couldn’t get into it. But I think I will be watching again this Fall as they are bringing back a lot of favorite celebrities from the past.

To be honest…I’m pretty excited about who they picked for the show. The level of dance should start off high right off the bat. And there are only a couple of stars that I wasn’t a huge fan of from past seasons. I think I’ll be rooting the most for Melissa Rycroft, Shawn Johnson, and Apollo Ohno…but I like a lot of the rest of them too! You can see all the teams {here}. Who will you root for?

Partners ~ CBS Sept. 24 8:30
Partners is a new CBS sitcom about two best friends, one gay and one straight, but they are very close and almost partners in life. Here is a preview from CBS:

I think this show looks like it has a lot of potential being from the creators of Will & Grace. I like the idea behind the friendship story as well. I’m just a little skeptical just because I tend to find CBS’s style of sitcom a bit cheesy. A lot of them (including this one) use laugh tracks which feels a bit out dated to me. But there are a few good shows that use laugh tracks (such as How I Met Your Mother) so this could still be alright. Monday’s are pretty slow for me so this show will get a chance. We will see if it sticks around.

Mob Doctor ~ FOX Sept. 17 9:00
I think this new (medical? crime? combo?) drama from FOX looks interesting. A medical resident owes it big to the Chicago Mob. What will she do when the Mob wants her to off an enemy patient?? What about her oath as a doctor?

Sometimes these type of shows get too bloody or actiony for me. But I think her dilemma sounds interesting. With a pretty empty Monday…I’ll try it out.

What are you watching Mondays? I’ll be back tomorrow with what I’m watching Tuesdays!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

It’s Time for Fall TV!!!

In my two years subscribing to Entertainment Weekly, I have quickly fallen in love with it! And one of my favorite issues of the year came to my door last week!!

Magazine Cover (Sep 21, 2012)

The Fall TV Preview issue is key to setting my DVR for the new Fall TV season! I have a few shows that I enjoy during the summer but I can’t wait for fall TV to come back!

This year shows seem to be premiering during different weeks of September. A full September premiere calendar can be found on {here}. But the main premiere week happens after the Emmy’s next Sunday(September 23rd).

This week, starting Monday, I will be bringing back “What I’m Watching” to discuss what shows I have on my Fall TV lineup! With all the new shows….there always looks to be A LOT on my schedule…here is a hint at my current TV Schedule working document…

Initial TV Schedule

I know it really looks like a lot (and its not even complete yet!). But usually a lot of the new shows don’t survive for me. I enjoy a lot of series…so I’m usually pretty picky about what I watch…so we will see how these new shows do…

What do you plan on watching this fall? Let me know in the comments each day this week as I let you know what I’m watching!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Credit Card "Benefits" {Rants}

When I started this blog almost two years ago I had thought a rant every once in awhile would be fun...not rants about friends or anything....just about silly events that I encounter. I have had a few things occur over that time that I thought it would be fun to rant about but I didn't really get around to it...

Well...this morning something happened that is totally worth a rant...and I'm ready....


I have to note that I am fully aware of how credit card companies work and how it is beneficial to them for customers to carry a balance. However, I'm sure they don't try to make this too obvious...usually.

This morning I received an automated phone call saying that there was an important message from my credit card company. There was no issue with my account but I was eligible for an interest rate reduction and if I was interested I should confirm that I would like to talk to a customer service representative.

Thinking this might be a scam, but not wanting to pass up on a lower interest rate, I decided I'd just hear what the rep had to say. I was prepared for some sort of catch...

Rep:  "Good morning ma'am. You are eligible for a permanent interest rate reduction on your Bank of America Credit Card. We are offering you 6% interest as long as you continue to make your payments on time."
[Wow! Great interest rate for my longest standing line of credit! They must be rewarding me for being a long time and good customer! I just have to continue to make on time payments on my $0 balance card? No problem! I'm sure there is a catch somewhere...]

Rep: "Our records indicate that you have a $3000 balance on the card."
[WHAT????? Who stole my card? I have NO balance on this card...he must mean credit limit?]

Me: "Oh no no no...I have no balance on this card."

Rep: "Oh...then my records are showing you have a combined $3000 balance on your other cards..."
[Ummmmmmm no.]

Me: "No I don't have nearly that balance on my other credit cards. There must be some sort of mistake. Do you have the correct customer? Do you know my name?"

Rep: "Yes we have the correct name here."
[Ummmmmmm prove it!]

Me: "Well those are not my balances...what name do you have? Who do you think you called?"

Representative gives me the name of a person. As suspected, I have no idea who this person is or why my number is attached to the account.

Me: "No you have the wrong person." (I give my name).
[Maybe I am still eligible...hey this is a great rate.]

Rep: "I am sorry ma'am. I think our system made a mistake with the phone number."

Me: "Well am I still eligible for this interest rate reduction?"
[Probably not...but hey they screwed up...maybe they will offer it to me anyway.]

Rep: "Yes ma'am you could be eligible but unfortunately you don't have a large enough balance on your card."

Me: "Oh I see, so I don't owe you enough money to qualify for a lower interest it."
[Thanks for rewarding me for being a long time customer with on time payments and a $0 to low balance...I appreciate it!]

Rep: "Unfortunately ma'am. God willing, next time you will have a large enough balance to get a lower interest rate."
[HAHAHAHA GOD WILLING I will put myself into enough credit card debt??? line of the phone call!]

Me: "Uhhh no. I would never HOPE to have that high of a balance on a credit card. Thank you." (I hung up.)

Like I said before, I understand that credit card companies would love for customers to carry a balance so they can get more in interest. So it makes sense that they would attempt to show me that there is a "benefit" to holding a balance. (I put benefit in quotes because obviously paying no interest on $0 balance or higher interest on a much lower balance is much better than driving up your balance to get a lower interest rate....I have a degree in is in no way a benefit).

But with his spin on it was almost insulting..."God willing you will have a large enough balance next time..." hahahaha wow.

And also....wouldn't a lower interest rate encourage a customer who carries no balance to spend more on that particular card??? Just saying....


This conversation with them this morning was just too good not to share! Anyone else ever have something like this happen? An insulting spin? Silly credit card scam? Let's rant in the comments! I'd love to hear it!