Sunday, September 30, 2012

Laura Loves {September 2012}

I’ve loved a lot of things in September…but they seem to have a two general themes…dogs…and fall…

Shirlington Dog Park
Milo and I have a new favorite dog park! I heard about Shirlington Dog Park a long time ago but never got around to getting the mutt out there…but recently we tried it out and now we are addicted!

What makes this dog park so great? Two things…well really three…

1) Unlike the normal square fenced in park, Shirlington is a long park…you can’t seen one end from the other…so you basically get to go on an off leash stroll with your mutt. I think this is much nicer than just standing around while the dogs run around. You stay moving…dogs get practice meeting in more of a walk situation…and there are lots of things along the path for the dog to explore!

2012-08-20 18.23.27

2) The water! There is a creek behind the park…just outside of the fenced area…where the dogs can go down and swim! Milo was a little shy about this part at first…but he has gotten used to it…and loves going to that part of the park now! He still doesn’t realize he can actually swim…but we will work on that…

2012-09-22 13.39.37

2012-09-01 17.40.14  2012-09-22 14.01.45

The large park and the above two features lead to cool thing number 3…the DOGS! There are so many dogs constantly in and out of this park! It is never lonely…both large and small…you are likely to see one of your favorite breeds! I’ve seen multiple Newfoundlands and Great Danes at once at the park which is great for Milo in particular…he is used to being a big dog…but he doesn’t get to encounter dogs larger than him as often…

2012-08-18 12.37.52
Please note how small my (not small) 85 lb mutt looks next to this big Newfoundland! The Newfoundland came up to me to say high and poked my elbow instead of my hand!! They were so sweet!

This is a great park! If you have a dog I highly recommend Shirlington Dog Park.

Milo LOVES empty water bottles. He can’t get enough of the crinkling sound it makes as he chews it! Our family dog used to love this as well…so I know this is a common dog trait…


I have seen toys in stores before where you can insert a bottle into a cloth animal toy for dogs….kind of like a stuffed animal without stuffing. Even though I’ve been tempted, I’ve never gotten one for Milo because he is a STRONG chewer and would basically tear a cloth/stuffed toy apart in minutes…

So when we received a Crinkit from our BarkBox this month (see below)…I got really excited! A rubber toy/sleeve for empty water bottles!!!

2012-09-19 17.48.18

I quickly found an empty bottle….stuffed it in the Crinkit and let Milo have at it. He is obsessed! He can’t get enough of the thing…it makes the crinkling noise of the bottle…but he doesn’t destroy the sleeve at all! He is always playing with it and marching it around the apartment…sometimes wanting me to throw it for him…it is easily his new favorite toy! And I don’t have to worry about him hurting himself with a really chewed up bottle! If your dog loves empty water bottles and is a strong chewer…I HIGHLY recommend Crinkit!

I know it is a bit pricey though…which is what brings me to the next item on my list….

Recently, Groupon offered a deal on a subscription to BarkBox. Barkbox is basically a box of goodies for your mutt that comes once a month. It will contain 4-6 items…treats, toys, gadgets, shampoos….all sorts of dog stuff (catered to the size of your dog)! Long time readers know my love of random boxes runs deep…so with the Groupon deal I decided to get a subscription for Milo!

It might sound silly to say that Milo loved it…but he really did! Before I even opened the box…he was sniffing it…really interested.

2012-09-19 17.45.11

Turns out there was a pretzel bully stick as one of the treats which I’m sure he could smell!

2012-09-19 18.21.51

We also got a bag of organic freeze dried sweet potato treats (along with a small sample of freeze dried chicken treats), coupons to, a dental bone, a sample (between bath) wipe, annnnd the Crinkit!

2012-09-19 17.48.54

2012-09-19 17.49.14

With my Groupon deal…I only paid $10 per box….but the Crinkit is a $20 item!! (I haven’t looked yet but I doubt the freeze dried treats are too cheap either). The coupon itself is $10!

Milo was just as excited as I was opening the box. We can’t wait to see what comes next…and if it stays this good I will most likely renew my subscription.

Regular Subscriptions start at $17 per month…(which STILL would have been less than the Crinkit alone)…but if you use my referral link {here}…you will get $5 off your subscription! Milo and I love BarkBox so far!!

Fall TV
I think I’ve made it quite obvious that I was very excited for the premiere week of Fall TV…and it did not disappoint! How can you not love premiere week? After almost 4 months….we have a whole season of our favorite shows ahead of us! If you want to check out what I’ll be watching this season…check out my series of Fall TV posts!

Fall Foliage
Before I was old enough to know exactly when in the year my birthday was…my mom would tell me that we could start a birthday countdown as soon as the large tree across the street started to turn red! And so began my love of fall foliage!

2012-09-22 09.54.21 2012-09-22 10.13.19

I really do love this time of year…fall is my favorite season! I love cool nights with open windows…the crisp smell in the air…the foods…and of course the fall foliage! It is sad that the days are getting shorter…but I’ll trade some daylight for all the fun that comes with the fall season!

Gangnam Style
(This one is a bit off theme…but I love it nonetheless)

This song…its all over the place and I love it…makes me smile every time I hear it!

After you watch the video…enjoy SNL’s recent skit poking fun (or loving) this video!

I’ll be back at the end of October for more Laura Loves!

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  1. Love the BarkBox idea! Do they also have a "MeowMail" for cats?