Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What I’m Watching Tuesdays {Fall 2012}

Tuesday is one of my busiest nights of TV. I might have to eventually make some big cuts on Tuesday this year. But there are a lot of shows to talk about…so let’s get started!

What I'm Watching Tuesdays   TV Key
For information on how to read the graphics above, see Monday’s post.

Yea…crazy…let me explain my choices:

Dancing with the Stars: Results ~ ABC Sept. 25 8:00
If I’m going to watch the dancing show on Monday, I have to see who gets eliminated on Tuesday! I was debating just watching the elimination online but the conflicts on Tuesday aren’t really during the 8-9 hour so…I will be recording and watching the results show. The Dancing with the Stars Results show is pretty good though. They usually bring either really impressive professional dance companies or really impressive kid dancers on to perform. I really enjoy watching dance so this is a pretty fun results show for me.

Ben & Kate ~ FOX Sept. 25 8:30
I was thinking about passing up on this new sitcom from FOX, but two things make me feel like I should check it out: 1) Like I said above, I don’t really have a conflict during the 8-9 primetime hour anyway and 2) Entertainment Weekly listed it as one of the Top 5 Best New Shows. I decided I would give it a chance. Here is a preview of the quirky new sitcom:

Happy Endings ~ ABC Oct. 23 9:00
Happy Endings is actually one of my favorite ABC sitcoms. A group of friends in their late twenties/early thirties navigating through life. It really to me has a more modern feel on the classic Friends. It is witty, a bit fast paced, but well written and has a great cast.

Because the show is premiering a bit later this season, I couldn’t find a new promo for it so I’m posting the promo from the very first season which kind of what starts off the plot of the show…it was good from the start but to be fair I think this show has gotten even better with age!

I was a bit bummed it got moved to Tuesday this year because it is causing some conflict in my TV schedule but I am definitely not dropping it. I would encourage those who enjoy, Friends, New Girl, and Modern Family to give this sitcom a shot. Luckily it is a show that isn’t TOO hard to get into if you haven’t watched from the beginning. There could be a few past reference jokes but for the most part each episode stands on its own pretty well. Plus since it starts late you have time to do some catch up!

New Girl ~ FOX Sept. 25 (Bonus Premiere 8:00, Regular Time 9:00)
Last year…I was ready to skip out on watching New Girl. I thought it looked a little too silly for my taste. But something happened with my line up and I was able to try this show. Boy was my first impression wrong! The first episode made me think I COULD be right about the show…but then it just kept getting better and better! It quickly became one of my favorite new shows last season!

The main character Jess wasn’t as over-quirky as I thought she would be…but more importantly the rest of the cast have their own quirks and they all balance each other out. Schmidt is my absolute favorite character and actor Max Greenfield received a well deserved Emmy Nomination for the role! I’m really excited for the new season. This show won’t get dropped from my busy Tuesday.

Go On ~ NBC Premiered Aug. 8 (Pilot Sneak Peak) and Sept 11 9:00 (Regular Time)
This new NBC sitcom stars Matthew Perry as a sports newscaster who is dealing with the tragic loss of his wife. After a bit of an emotional breakdown…he is forced to try group therapy…and brings his own funny and sarcastic spin to the group and learns to help others and make new friends. Here is the promo if you missed it:

I really would like to watch Go On because I really like Matthew Perry and I enjoyed the second episode that I managed to catch on TV (I missed the original pilot but will be watching it online). However with two of my favorite shows on at 9:00, I don’t have an open spot for it on my DVR. I do plan on trying to keep up with it online. And even though it has premiered already, you can watch both the past 2 episodes {here}. But if I can’t keep up with it…or it doesn’t really impress me….I might have to drop it :-/.

Alright here is where the real race for my DVR recording begins…9:30-10!!

Don’t Trust the B* in Apt 23 ~ ABC Oct. 23 9:30
Don’t Trust the B* in Apt 23 premiered last year in the spring for a short run and it did pretty well. I didn’t have anything in its timeslot so I decided to give it a try and I liked it. Basically an innocent overachiever moves to NYC to pursue her dreams when her life falls apart and she has to bunk up with Chloe in Apt 23. Chloe is a real b****…but the two are kind of like an odd couple who learn from each other. Here is the original promo from the short season last year:

I enjoyed it on Wednesday but it wasn’t my absolute favorite show. It is pretty funny and James Van Der Beek is funny making fun of himself…but this year there are two new shows (with really good potential) that might take it off my DVR list. Luckily for me, it isn’t premiering until later in October so I can give the two following shows a chance. I will be sticking with Don’t Trust the B* if either of those shows don’t work for me. Otherwise I will probably keep up with it online on abc.go.com when I can.

The Mindy Project ~ FOX Sept. 25 9:30
This is one of my more anticipated sitcoms of the new season. I LOVE Mindy Kaling from both The Office (on which she was a writer), her movie appearances, as well as her twitter feed! So I am really excited for her new show The Mindy Project. It looks like a fun show about a young professional woman trying to figure out where her life is going next…I can’t relate to that at all! haha…

I’m excited…hopefully it is as good as I’m anticipating!

The New Normal ~ NBC Sept. 11 9:30
I’m also excited for the show The New Normal about a woman who decides to be a surrogate for a gay couple who wish to have a baby…against her VERY CONSERVATIVE mother’s beliefs…in order to make a new life for her daughter…

I think the concept of this show looks great. As Ryan Murphy production (who creates hits like Glee) I think this show has a lot of potential and I like the possible story lines. I missed the pilot episode and I need to catch up. If you need to as well you can find both past episodes {here}!

Private Practice ~ ABC Sept. 25 10:00
I mentioned this last year…but Private Practice is a bit of a loyalty watch for me. I used to like it a lot more…then the drama went a bit nutty I think. I still find some of the medical situations they deal with very interesting…but on the personal drama of it…I feel like every character has gotten together with every other character….and it seems crazy that they would all still be so close after that. I will be watching Private Practice at 10…but I don’t think it’s a MUST WATCH that I’d be so fast to recommend to anyone…especially this many seasons in.

On the other hand…

Parenthood ~ NBC Sept. 11 10:00
I mentioned last year how Parenthood is one of my favorite dramas…and that is still the case! I love this show! I would really recommend this show to anyone who was a fan of Brothers & Sisters, or even maybe Modern Family. It isn’t a comedy like Modern Family…but this heartwarming family drama has a funny side. It isn’t as dramatic as Brothers & Sisters but it does have that close family vibe.

Parenthood really tries to show all sorts of family situations…particularly focusing on issues dealing with parenting. It is a really great show…and the good news is…the entire series is currently available on instant watch on Netflix!! So record the current season but catch up quickly on Netflix!! If you also just missed the beginning of the current season…you can watch this season’s full episodes on NBC.com {here}.

Phew! Tuesday will be quite a busy night for my DVR! Hopefully my time slot choices (especially for the 9:30 – 10pm slot) becomes more clear as the season starts. I will be sure to update what I stuck with later in the fall! What will you be watching on Tuesdays??? I’ll be back tomorrow to share what I’ll be watching on Wednesdays!

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