Friday, September 21, 2012

What I’m Watching Weekends {Fall 2012}

I don’t have nearly as much TV to watch on the weekends! Friday and Saturday are like “DVR catch up” days when I don’t have other plans. So I like to put the entire weekend together as one post…

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Empty Friday!
After a busy busy week of TV…Friday is my DVR’s night off! If I’m home on Friday I will either catch up on shows that I didn’t get to watch during the week, or I might tune in for ABC’s Shark Tank or What Would You Do? Those are both shows I have found entertaining, but not enough to have them take up DVR space…and they aren’t shows I need to watch the episodes in any particular order.

Saturday Night Live ~ NBC Sept. 15 11:30
A lot of people say SNL isn’t funny anymore…I agree that it has seen better days…but I do still like to record and watch SNL. I think it is still pretty funny. And if there is any time to pay attention to SNL…it's during an election year! The season opener was last weekend and I thought it was a pretty good episode! I liked the Gangnam Style skit…and I'm not going to lie…Gangnam Style has a bit of the same effect on my mood too haha…

I also enjoyed host Seth MacFarlane’s impression of swimmer Ryan Lochte going over Fall TV!

I enjoy SNL…although I’m wondering how they will handle the loss of Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg :-/…but with the election going on this fall…I think it will at least start off strong!

Once Upon A Time ~ ABC Sept. 30 8:00
This drama about fairytale characters trapped in the real world turned out to be my absolute favorite new drama last season! I have recommended this show to so many people and I have gotten many friends hooked…

The show comes from the writers of Lost and similarly tells each fairytale character’s story in a series of flashbacks to their old world. I think the writers of this show do an excellent job of pulling the fairy tales together into one world, making the fairy tale world have a richer back story and elaborating on the history of their characters, and also sticking to important parts of the tales that we know and love. The scenery of the fairy tale world is really good too. I thought this show had the potential to be a bit cheesy…but it really isn’t! I think it was really well done.

The exciting news about this show is that the first season is on Netflix instant watch! So you can start recording the season and but still go catch up first! I recently recommend it to my friend Shirin and she liked it so much she is already caught up and can’t wait for the new season!

There is kind of a big spoiler at the end of the first season…so I don’t really want to show you guys the promo for the second season because I don’t want to give it away!! I really really really recommend going back and watching this show from the beginning! So I’ll just show last year’s show trailer to try to get you interested…

Amazing Race ~ CBS Sept. 30 8:00
I’m sure I said this last year…but if I was giving the opportunity to participate on any reality TV show it would be The Amazing Race! How cool would it be to race around the world? Even if you don’t win a get to travel to all sorts of places and learn about different cultures! And bonus? If you DO win…you get 1 million dollars! Oh wait this year they are raising it to TWO million dollars!

So who wants to be on my team???

But just as an FYI…as I note on my schedule…I record Amazing Race for 2 hours on Sundays. Even though it is only an hour and starts at 8pm…CBS airs sports on Sunday afternoons…which means it is (VERY) often delayed. It is rare though for it to be delayed more than an I usually just record for an extra hour (9-10).

Revenge ~ ABC Sept. 30 9:00
I actually didn’t start out watching this drama when it started on ABC last year. But my friend Meghan told me during the holidays that I HAD to try it out! It was actually really good! Emily Thorne has moved back to the Hamptons to seek revenge on those who framed her father for a horrific terrorist attack when she was very young (and had a different name). I think the drama is good in that there is a lot of dangerous twists and framing in the sake of revenge…wondering if she will get caught…or even what she will do! It is a good show. I plan on keeping up with season 2 this year…


Well that does it for What I’m Watching this year…phew I know my DVR will be busy busy busy but I’m sure some of the shows won’t last (either my choice or the networks)…so it will calm down after a few weeks.

I will update with a quick post later this fall for an update as to what stayed on the schedule and what I think of the new shows!

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