Monday, December 31, 2012

Laura Loves {December 2012}

Corgis Jumping
This is really random…but I was recently reminded about how funny it is to watch Corgi’s leap…specifically into water...a friend had never seen it before and I had to share…and now I feel like I need to share with all of you…

The video won’t allow embedding but I promise you won’t be sorry if you search YouTube for “Corgi Flop”…or just follow this link.

Milo & The Snow
We didn’t get a lot of snow last winter so I wasn’t able to share…but Milo LOVES snow! Over my break at home it has snowed twice already! Every time you tell Milo that it is snowing he gets really excited and starts whining to go outside and play.

He also loves to follow the shovel and get the snow tossed on him…unfortunately I didn’t get more of this on video because my phone died after the first toss…but it’s funny…

Mirror Mirror
This week I was relaxing with my parents and sister Linda and we were browsing Netflix for a fun movie to watch. We came across Mirror Mirror…you know…the OTHER less dark (maybe a bit silly looking) Snow White movie that came out last year. It was a bit overshadowed by Snow White and the Huntsman…and it also didn’t do so great review wise…

We decided to watch it and I have to say…we all really really liked it! It has a few cheesy moments but it is visually stunning and is a great twist on the classic tale. The story doesn’t follow the original fairy tale exactly…but we all really liked what they did with it. It even has a fun Bollywood-ish dance number at the end of the credits! (The director is from India)…I think the film was really underrated and I’d highly recommend it if you are looking for something fun to watch! Here is the trailer!

Redskins Football
So this year…I decided I would make an effort to watch football. I wanted to pay more attention to South Carolina football…and I wanted to follow a pro football team. The local teams by me (that I would always be able to watch on TV) were the Ravens and the Redskins…so I made an effort to watch their games in the beginning of the season…

I soon realized I didn’t need to make an effort…I was addicted…to Redskins football. I know half of my family (who are Giants fans) cringe when I say this…but I really have discovered a natural tug to root for the Redskins!

I’m so excited for the season they had! I love both our key rookies Alfred Morris and RGIII! I love how the team thought they were out of the season at 3-6 and now have won 7 in a row to make it to win the NFC East and get into the playoffs!! I’m really loving rooting for them and get so excited to watch every week! I have so much more to say about it but...I should probably save it for another post. NFL playoffs start next week!! Go Redskins!! (HTTR!!!) Smile.

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