Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

This year in addition to my lovely Christmas tree at home….I grew a special “Magic Tree” for my desk at work! It was so cool! It started out as just green cardboard…then I spread out the leaves, stuck it in the base, and poured the “magic water” in the bottom…within about two hours it started growing crystals….and by the end of the workday the crystals looked all poofy! By the next day all the water had dried out of the bottom and the crystals were fully grown…I put the star on top and some glitter on the tree! It was such a cute little Christmas tree to look at! And entertaining to watch grow! I hope to do something similar next year…you can find it here if you are intrigued!


Meanwhile my actual tree at home was looking pretty full! My presents even had to extend around the back….I have a mystery big box for my parents this year Winking smile

2012-12-21 22.23.46

I thought I’d be rushing all of these gifts home and fighting the traffic after work on Christmas Eve! But lucky for me…the government decided last minute on Friday to give us the entire day off on Monday…which meant I could get home 2 days earlier! So I loaded up all my presents….and headed to New Jersey to start my Christmas vacation early!

2012-12-22 10.49.54

I was relieved that I fit it all in the car! Milo was not very excited to be sharing the back seat with the big box (he usually gets the back seat of the car all to himself to stretch out)….he managed.

Our tree at home looks beautiful! And now that all my gifts are home, and my sisters’ gifts have arrived…there are too many presents to even fit underneath! But the best part is getting to be all together on Christmas morning again this year! We are having a very very very blessed Christmas here and I hope everyone else’s holiday season (no matter what holiday(s) you celebrate) is just as full of joy and love!


  1. Can't wait to open that BIG Box!!!! Hope you enjoy the gifts I got for you! XOX

  2. Let's not forget to take a photo of my new 7 and a half foot tree with all the gifts...before we unwrap them!