Sunday, March 31, 2013

Laura Loves {March 2013 – China Edition}

Considering I spent almost half of March in China…this post has a bit of a theme!

The tour company we found our trip to China through was Honestly the deal we got was incredible. The tour guides were fantastic, the hotels were wonderful, the food was really good, and the itinerary was packed! We had a great time and felt like we got soooo much for our money! If you ever see a great deal through I would recommend them!


We stopped at Olympic Park, saw the Pandas, The Summer Palace, The Houtong, The Forbidden City, and The Great Wall!





We got to see the Terra Cotta Warriors and check out the city wall and night life in center city Xi’an!




We saw beautiful gardens, had a boat ride on one of the many stretches of canals and local markets, and saw the inner workings of a silk factory!




We took a boat ride on the West Lake and saw the beautiful green tea farms!




Stopped at the Shanghai Museum, old China Town, walked along the Bund and East Nanjing Road, took a ferry on the river, and saw the lights of Shanghai from above at the SWFC Observatory!





Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Unexpected Adventure!

Guys…I’ve been holding back on some big news. Many of you might remember my birthday post where I mentioned that I thought the upcoming year would be pretty relaxed with no personal big news/events. Well I could not have been more wrong. Let’s just say 2013 has started off with an unexpected bang! On Monday…yes the day after tomorrow…a friend and I will be on this plane…



About a month ago, my friend came across an awesome deal on a two week tour of Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai (and some smaller cities in the Shanghai area). I haven’t indulged my inner travel addict in quite some time and this deal was just too good to pass up…so we went for it! My last day of work was Friday so I am officially on vacation! My first day spent packing and and doing some final prep!

Milo will be enjoying a nice two week trip to his vacation home in New Jersey!

I am not sure if I will be able to update the blog (both with how busy the itinerary will be or what kind of internet connections I will have access to) but I will try to if I can! I’m very excited to get a new stamp in the passport and experience a totally different part of the world.

Ok and I’m also kind of excited that our flight path goes north near the North Pole…it will be dark…but kind of fun to say we didn’t simply fly east or west!

I will try to update soon!