Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Laura Loves {April 2013}

April has been jam packed for me. I think I have officially over-committed myself. First softball started up and since most of the games in the spring fell on Wednesday I decided to re-join my Tuesday night Skee Ball team. Then there was a deal to join a Thursday night bocce league so I figured…I like bocce…my Thursdays are open…why not? And then I learned that a local adult soccer league happens to play on Monday nights. Well wouldn’t ya know Mondays are open too! I have been meaning to get back into soccer…it’s a sign!

So my weekly schedule for the next month or two is a bit tight…which leaves little time for blogging (and getting the second half of my China pictures posted!) But I’m here JUST in the nick of time for Laura Loves!

Ellen meets Ellen
One of my new favorite SNL cast members is Kate McKinnon. She has been on the show for just about a year now and I think she is a great fit. One of my favorite things she does on SNL is her impersonation of Ellen. Well Ellen had her on the show the other day (for an interview first but then out in character) and here is how it went. Enjoy!

Little Love Stories
A few weeks ago a favorite blog of mine linked to this page of 60 short little love stories and I thought they were so cute I had to share. Here is the link! I dare you not to smile!

Duo Flame
A few weeks ago I came across this video on Facebook. These two dancers from Ukraine (known as Duo Flame?) have some seriously impressive acrobatic moves and tricks. Even though it is apparent this video is made in a few takes, their stunts are crazy! Yea yea….I know her dance shorts could be a bit longer…but this routine was too good not to share!

Dove – Real Beauty Sketches
I thought this piece by Dove was really interesting. They had a professional sketch artist do two drawings of one individual they couldn’t see. The first sketch is the person describing themselves. The second is another person describing them to the artist. The results of the two sketches really tell you something about self perception. I also really like that Dove incorporates this type of thing in their advertising and brand.

Creepy Things Kids Say
To end on a humorous but also creepy note, my friend Brenna shared this link on Facebook that I thought was really funny and interesting at the same time. This is a reddit thread of the creepiest things parents have heard their kids say. Here is the link! Just crazy dreams? Do they just have big imaginations? Super coincidences? I had so many questions after reading this!

That’s all I have for April!

Yay! It’s May! Summer is just around the corner! Smile